Frank Pearce Confirms Blizzard’s Next-Gen MMO Codenamed Titan

During an interview with Frank Pearce, Destructoid managed to squeeze out a highly sought answer. Frank Pearce confirmed the Next-Gen MMO currently developed by Blizzard Entertainment is codenamed “Titan”.

The Executive Vice President of Product Development and Cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment admits, now that the cat’s out of the bag, they want the best developers out there to know about this upcoming Next-Gen MMO and to apply for a job with Blizzard.

“The media is not supposed to know anything about [Titan]. It’s our next-gen MMO, and we’ve only started talking about it in a limited fashion because we wanted to leverage the fact that we’re working on something like that for the purpose of recruiting, getting some of the best talent in the industry on that project.” — said Frank Pearce.

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  • I think you’re looking too much into it.

    He just referred to his project as titan, because it’s being referenced by fans as titan. It’s not like he said “yeah, our project, which is named titan”. He said “yeah, that titan, it’s our project”.

    And even if I’m wrong and it’s just its codename, past have shown us codenames mean nothing at all (South Seas and Hydra anyone? those ended up being WotLK and Diablo 3).

  • Story of my life. When I give my personal opinion (/smack: you’re looking too much into it).

    This time I didn’t even offer my personal opinion. I limited myself to the facts on what happened with Destructoid, showed the video embed, and quoted Frank Pearce. Still, I got (/smack: you’re looking too much into it).

    Frank Pearce: “The media is not supposed to know anything about [Titan]”


  • You don’t understand me. What I say is that he said: the media isn’t supposed to know about “titan”, which means, for me, that the media isn’t supposed to know about what they call titan.

  • Eldorian

    Actually I don’t see how Dragon is looking too much into this. There’s some stuff out there that pretty much point to Titan being the new MMO (and yes, Titan is more than likely the internal codename for it). Frank Pearce is just confirming that.

    The media wasn’t supposed to know about it… but well, a certain exec lost their job because now they do…

  • Some fans might not know what we are talking about, and while I ain’t going to provide links or go too in-depth, for a lot of fans who have been reading certain sites, this is big news because in a sense this video interview might be interpreted, somewhat, as a confirmation of something that many were still skeptic about in reference to the leak.

    There has been a lot of rumors in the past weeks. I read at big sites such as 1UP, Gamespot, and others that an employee in China was fired, as Eldorian says.

    The leak has spread in large proportion throughout the net. Thus, why Destructoid asked Frank Pearce about Titan, and why this confirmation makes some wonder if the release schedule is relevant somehow.

  • I’m not speaking of Medievaldragon only, pretty much every site is posting this same news. That you is a “many people” you, not a “single person” you. Disadvantages of English :P.

    The “China employee was fired” thing is just a rumor, a rumor posted by the same guys that posted the images in the first place. All the other sites, as far as I know, copy pasted news from the same site, making it pretty untrustworthy.

    What I mean is that the phrase “you’re not supposed to know about titan” means nothing at all. Frank just told us we’re not supposed to know about that thing. He called it titan because the interviewers asked for titan, and because it’s the current “fan-nickname” for the project, not because it’s real in any way.

    I really doubt titan is the project’s name or codename. Thus, why you all are looking too much into it.

    As for the list, I’m a firm believer that it’s a stupid fake, for this series of reasons:

    -Blizzard has a plan of 2 games per year, confirmed at shareholders’ conference.

    -StarCraft II expansions were heavily hinted (even implying they spoke too much) to come with 18 months between each game, that is, 2011 Christmas for X1 and 2013 Summer for X2.

    -Diablo 3 releasing the same quarter as StarCraft 2 makes no sense at all, a company with this low levels of titles doesn’t risk between people choosing over. Also, beta test periods would overlap, and there’s a single team for the servers.

    -The only site reporting people being fired for this leak is the same site that the leak originated from, which also doesn’t give any source to anything whatsoever, making the truth of it be dubious.

    -The chart uses that funny green color that it’s used at MMO-Champion boards… coincidences? I don’t think so.

    I look a lot into Blizzard (sometimes more than any site staff, including you [10k edits at wowpedia help a lot, too]) and this list reeks of fake from kilometers over.

    As usual, it’s just people bragging about their shinny privileged information that they themselves made up.

    You just have to wait some months. If I’m right with my personal predictions regarding Diablo 3, we would have a release for this Summer, with the BETA starting this February. It’s my personal prediction, so don’t take it as a fact.

  • HlfElfDrgnInfstdToss

    Lon, the codename Titan has been tossed around long before the ‘chart’ was ‘leaked’. I don’t believe the leak itself was real, but I do believe Titan is the codename. But if it isn’t, its really not a big deal. Its just a completely irrelevant codename. No need to make a fuss.