Jace Hall Season 3 Teaser Leaks Starcraft II Beta Screen

Bashiok recently encouraged fans to watch the Jace Hall Webshow on January 29th for a feature with the Diablo III team. Fans watched the Season 3 Teaser featured at IGN and surprise-surprise. At minute 2:16 (720i) you will see a short frame with Jace Hall, Dustin Browder and the Starcraft II team toasting with beer bottles — and while that’s cool on its own, the background shows a large projection of Battle.net interface with the words:


I don’t know about you, but I am gonna camp that Activision Blizzard Fourth Quarter 2009 Earnings Conference Call to find out if Mike Morhaime says the sweet words: the official Starcraft II Beta date.

Thanks, quantum and LordofAscension

Update: 26th Jan 2010
The Twitter feed express Blizzard’s well wishes for Jace:

Blizzard Quote:
The Jace Hall Show Season 3 Teaser looks beautiful! Come back soon Jace, we miss you!
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  • el Greco

    Hahaaaa : )  That preview was crazy.  I’ve watched episodes from the Jace Hall Show in the past and always found them very entertaining.  This upcoming season looks absolutely hilarious and very, very interesting (Blizzard team toasting beers with a WELCOME TO STARCRAFT II BETA projection in the background!!? I definitely can’t wait to see what that’s all about!)

    And yeah, the new Battle.net interface looks absolutely delicious raspberry