Graham McNeill @ Bristol, UK on July 18

Graham McNeill will appear at the Games Workshop Cribbs Causeway in Bristol on Saturday the 18th of July. It may be a good chance to get your copy of StarCraft: I, Mengsk signed by the author.  He will be there from 1pm – 3pm.  You may contact the store on 0117 959 2520 for more details. Check out a google map here. Submit your photos to publish them on the front page. Let us know if you have planned to go in advance.

I met Graham McNeill in New York a month ago, and took some video of his signing during the Book Expo America. After the break, you can watch three videos of his signing there at the Javits Center. If you attended that signing, you might have shown up in the video.

Games Workshop – Cribbs Causeway
Location Avon
Town Cribbs Causeway – North Bristol

Street Address/Directions Unit 129
Upper Level
The Mall
BS34 5UP

StarCraft: Frontline Vol. 3 On sale

StarCraft: Frontline Vol. 3 by Tokyopop is now on sale at a bookstore near you and online.  The most interesting of the four stories no doubt is War-Torn, as well as its artwork and style, by Hector Sevilla—which is the best I have seen in a while.

War-Torn deals with the son of Dominion senator Corbin Phash who is a telepath. He is doing his utmost to hide his son from the Dominion to rid him from the Ghost Program’s rigurous training.  This child telepath will appear in the upcoming StarCraft Ghost: Academy. View the preview images of each chapter here.


Revel in the brutal, menacing and sublime world of StarCraft in this collection of world-expanding adventures….

In “War-Torn, “Senator Corbin Phash used his power and influence to hide his young son Colin’s psionic abilities from the Dominion, but their secret has finally been exposed!

In “Do No Harm,” the sadistic “Butcher of Korhal,” Dr. Burgess, gets his bloody hands on Muadun, a recently captured protoss high templar and goes dissecting for clues on how to mass-produce horrifying protoss-terran soldiers…

In “Last Call,” a lounge singer on the backwater mining post of Meteor Station finds herself at the center of diplomatic intrigue…

And in “Twilight Archon,” the griving head instructor of a protoss templar school discovers what she’ll have to sacrifice just to be whole again.

StarCraft: The Dark Templar, Twilight On Sale Now

The StarCraft: The Dark Templar, Twilight by Christie Golden is now on sale at a bookstore near you and online.  I read this book 3 weeks earlier. It is awesome.

After the seeming defeat of the dark archon Ulrezaj on the protoss homeworld of Aiur, Jake and Rosemary become separated as they flee through the newly repaired warp gate. Rosemary finds herself with the other refugee protoss on Shakuras, while Jake is catapulted elsewhere. But Jake does not have long to live: their enemies are regrouping, and Zamara’s essence must be separated from Jake’s mind before time runs out.

Jake knows he must survive long enough for Zamara to pass on her vital secret. But which faction—Valerian, zerg, or the recovered and increasingly powerful Ulrezaj—will find them first? His only hope rests with the powerful and legendary Zeratul, but as Jake is about to learn…even a dark templar can have a crisis of faith.

These are the key topics you will learn after reading this book: (Instead of straight spoiling, I reveal the plots to look forward to)


1. We learn the present Hierarchy structure of the Protoss in Shakuras which consists of six members representing each of the Khala and Dark Templar tribes.  Their interaction and rivalries when taking decisions.

2. Zeratul, Hierarch Artanis and Executor Selendis take active roles in certain moments of the plot.

3. We learn what Zeratul has been doing all this time after he killed Matriarch Razsagal and where.

4. Zeratul tells what he saw in the uncharted world and what Duran did there.

5. Zamara finally reveals what dire secret she has sacrificed everything to deliver to the Protoss—the truth about the Protoss, Zerg and the Xel’Naga are finally revealed.  As consequence we learn exactly what the hybrid are and are not.

6. The culmination of what happened with the Xel’Naga temples in the book StarCraft: Shadows of the Xel’Naga, and StarCraft: The Dark Templar, book one: First Born comes to a half-conclusion—leaving a cliffhanger of where Zeratul is headed to off-panel.  Next time we see him will be in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty with his Tidings of Doom and we will get the answer of what happened off-panel after the book.

7. Valerian Mengsk will do something we never saw coming at the end of the book, and rises many questions about his role in StarCraft II.

8. The origin and past of the once young dark templar Ulrezaj is revealed, and how he learned to become the most powerful Dark Archon in history.

9. The Khala protoss have preservers to conserve the memories of all the protoss that have ever lived.  The Dark Templar cut off their appendages to become individual and rejected the Khala. So … how do they substitute the preservers?  Find out in TWILIGHT.

10. Adun’s true history is revealed. The lies are shredded away.  Did Adun really die?  Did Tassadar?  Where has Adun been all along if he didn’t die? Will he return in StarCraft II? Find out in TWILIGHT.  It is a shocking revelation that is going to thrill all true StarCraft lore fans.

11. The fate of Ulrezaj comes to a conclusion … or has it?

You better get this book asap. It’s HOT.  Consider it a StarCraft II single player prologue.


We must go, Rosemary.

Rosemary Dahl’s head whipped up at Zamara’s voice speaking in her brain. She didn’t think she’d ever get truly comfortable with such a method of communication, but after the last several minutes, when she and the protoss inside Jake’s mind had worked together to repair the damaged warp gate, she was getting used to it. She fired one last time at the zerg, swarming far too close for comfort, even though their target was elsewhere, and let her gaze linger for just a second on the glowing darkness that was lumbering toward them.

They’d come here because of Zamara, the…spirit, Rosemary guessed was the best word, of a dead protoss preserver who housed every memory every protoss had ever had. And among those memories was something so important that Zamara had been determined to find a way to continue on after death—to share those memories with one Jacob Jefferson Ramsey, archaeologist, who was now possibly going to die because of those memories. Zamara had brought them here to locate a fragment of an extremely pure and powerful crystal, thinking to save Jake’s life with it.

All well and good, but they hadn’t counted on a lot of things. They hadn’t counted on finding two separate and determined protoss factions practically at war with one another. They hadn’t counted on Valerian Mengsk, son of Emperor Arcturus Mengsk and Rosemary’s employer-turned-hunter, tracking them here. They hadn’t counted on confronting Rosemary’s former lover Ethan Stewart, seemingly raised from the dead and horrifically modified by someone he referred to as the “queen,” leading a pack of zerg. And for sure they hadn’t counted on discovering that one of the protoss factions—the Forged—was being controlled by a monstrosity called a dark archon.

An entity comprised of seven of the deadliest assassins in the history of the dark templar, his name was Ulrezaj. Dark archons were an abomination to the Aiur protoss, and Rosemary had her own deeply personal grudge against the thing out there. The misguided followers of the monstrous being had dredged up the very worst parts of her, the parts she had thought she’d shed long ago. They had captured her and smeared some kind of drug they called “Sundrop” on her skin, and she’d toppled immediately back into the dark pit of addiction. Her eyes narrowed even now as she recalled what the drug had done to her.

She tore her mind from the memory and focused on the pleasant image in front of her. Attacked on three sides, he was stumbling now, the oh-so-mighty Ulrezaj, and her heart leaped to see it. More than anything she could recall wanting—well, wanting with a clear head at any rate—she wanted to see Ulrezaj die, fall beneath the chittering living carpet of zerg, the powerful onslaught of Valerian Mengsk’s Dominion vessels, and the stubborn attack of what few protoss remained on Aiur.

I sympathize with your desire, but the gate will soon close.

Gotcha, Zamara.

Rosemary whirled and headed for the gate at top speed. Right before she plunged into its swirling, misty center, she called over her shoulder, “Jake, come on!”

Beside her ran the last few protoss to escape Aiur. Those who stayed behind would die. She knew it, and they knew it, and they were content with their choice. As for the gate, Rosemary wasn’t sure what to expect. The ground seemed solid beneath her running feet the entire way, but darkness descended almost instantly. Rosemary clutched her rifle and slowed, unsure if she was through yet or not. The consistency of the earth seemed to change, become less firm, more like sand than hard-packed earth. It was still dark, but there was some source of light, dispersed and faint, like starlight. She could just start to make out the shapes of the protoss around her and—


The order that slammed into her brain was so intense that Rosemary gasped and stumbled, falling into one of the protoss who had also come to a stopbeside her. He caught her quickly and steadied her.

Information flooded her brain, a cacophony of mental shouting and explanations, and she bit back a gasp of pain. The protoss next to her squeezed her arm reassuringly. Good God, was this how it was all the time? Until this moment Rosemary hadn’t fully appreciated how much Zamara had shielded her—

”—from Aiur. There is one other who is still coming—“

—images of battle, of death, of Ulrezaj, of dead protoss lying in the chambers beneath the protoss homeland—

”—zerg and a dark archon—“

”—Sundrop, a despicable drug—“


Rosemary winced at the horror emanating from the protoss who surrounded the little band of refugees; she knew now that they were surrounded here, wherever “here” on Shakuras was.

“What were you thinking? Zerg? You’ll lead them here! Redirect, redirect and then shut it down!” Rosemary shoved her way through the press of protoss surrounding her; they were too tall and she couldn’t see these new protoss who were—

Clarity struck her like an armored fist as she suddenly made sense of the jumble of words and images with which her poor human, non-psionic brain was being bombarded. They were going to close the gate.

Which would leave Jake stranded on Aiur.

“No!” she shrieked. Rosemary lunged for the nearest protoss, seizing his arm. His head whipped around and he stared at her, and she got a hint of just how alien she must appear to these beings. Unlike the refugees who had just raced through the warp gate, these protoss were fit, healthy, and armed to the teeth—well, they would have been if they’d had any teeth. The templar she’d dared lay hands on freed himself easily and backhanded her, training his weapon on her as she fell hard on soft sand. The wind knocked out of her, she gasped inelegantly like a fish, staring up at a purple sky that was not quite day and not quite night, still instinctively and foolishly trying to form words when intellectually she knew that thoughts would do as well or better.

Bless them, the other protoss rallied. The one who’d caught her before—Vartanil, she thought his name was—now gently helped her to her feet, while the others shot streams of information to the guards of the warp gate.

“You must open the gates, if only briefly!” Vartanil was saying. “There is a terran male named Jacob Jefferson Ramsey still on Aiur. He houses within him one of the last preservers.”

The guard who’d struck Rosemary gazed coldly at Vartanil. “The hardships you have endured over the last four years must have damaged your mind, Vartanil.”

Rosemary wondered as breath finally came back to her how the guard had known Vartanil’s name. Oh yeah—that instant thought stuff. And even as that realization hit, she found that she knew the guards’ names as well. This bully, his skin dark gray and his face angular and dotted here and there with sharp, small hornlike protrusions, was Razturul. The other was Turavis.

“He’s right,” Rosemary said, “and it’s a hell of a long story. Zamara will tell you, but first you need to open this damned gate!”

She was astonished at how upset she was at the thought of Jake being stranded in Aiur. Or being taken by Valerian or Ethan or reduced to a little cloud of atoms by Ulrezaj. He didn’t deserve to wind up that way, not after all he’d been through. And whatever little mysteries Zamara had locked in her dead-butyet-still-living consciousness were obviously very important to the protoss.

Razturul’s eyes, glowing in the dim light of a twilight evening, narrowed as he regarded her. “It is true that you all tell the same story,” he acknowledged, obviously reluctantly.

“Yes, Razturul, but none of them can enter the Khala, so we cannot verify their claims in a place where there can be no deception,” said Turavis. His face was smoother than the bully’s, and his nerve cords, neatly pulled back and tied, hung down to his waist.

Razturul pointed at Vartanil. “This one claims that the protoss you have brought with you, terran, have been subjected to a drug called Sundrop.” His eyes widened slightly as, unbidden, Rosemary recollected the abject shame and self-loathing she’d endured while in the throes of that wretched drug. “Ah, you, too, claim to have been addicted.”

“No claim about it,” Rosemary muttered. She fought back her anger and fear. “Please,” she said, a word she did not often use. “My friend and the preserver he houses are in terrible danger. Just open the gate for a second.”

“It is too late,” Turavis said, compassion lacing his words. “But if it is any consolation, your friend has been redirected to another gate.”

Rosemary looked at him, uncomprehending.

“The warp gates are xel’naga technology, and they can be found on many worlds,” Turavis continued. “Any warp gate can open onto any other active gate. When we saw that there was a risk of invasion—by zerg, or the Dominion, or this dark archon—we redirected anyone who was already within the boundaries of the gate to another one. Jacob will have walked through the gate thinking to arrive on Shakuras, as you have, but instead will find himself in another place entirely.”

Rosemary gaped at him. “Oh, great. Can you tell which one?”

Razturul shook his head. “No. While it is not entirely random, there are still many possibilities. The redirection is designed so that if it is an enemy, they will not be sent anywhere that they could do harm to our people, but if it is one of our own, they will be able to survive.”

“Well, yeah, but in case you haven’t noticed, bud, I’m not a protoss. What about toxic atmospheres? What about predators? What about food? We humans can’t live on sunlight like you guys can.”

“You said he is with a preserver,” Razturul said, casting a slightly disapproving glance at Vartanil. “If this is true, then she will be able to program the gate to take them somewhere else, if where they are is inhospitable. Do not worry about him, Rosemary Dahl. I would think you should be more worried about yourself.”

“What—hey look, Pointy-face,” Rosemary snarled, drawing herself up to her full diminutive height. “Right about now my buddy is figuring out that he’s somewhere that’s not Shakuras, where he needs to be to get the preserver out of his head and save his damn life, and that he is someplace else all by himself with no clue about how to reach anybody who can help him. I think it highly appropriate that I worry about him, and oh, by the way, are you threatening me?”

Rosemary found herself surrounded by templar, both kinds, all with those weird energy blades pointed at her.

“It was not a threat; it was a warning,” Razturul said smoothly. “Come with us, Rosemary Dahl. We have no wish to hurt you, but you must be confined and interrogated.”

Her eyes widened slightly at the last word. She knew what that was code for where the Dominion was concerned, and she’d rather die right now, speared on a glowing blade of mental energy made physical, than be subjected to the impersonal and deliberate brain dismemberment that—

—images of a room, spartan but not devoid of comforts, and answering questions filled her mind.

“Oh,” she said, relaxing slightly. “That’s a bit better.”

She got a hint of something that might have been “barbaric.”

“My friends,” she said, gesturing to the protoss who had accompanied her. “What will happen to them?”

Turavis turned to regard the protoss who had escaped the carnage that was now the surface of Aiur. “They are brothers, to be welcomed home,” he said. “We will help them recover from the grip of this…Sundrop…and question them as well. Once they have shared their information, we would joyfully have them rejoin protoss society.”

She couldn’t help it. The thought, and what’s going to happen to me? was formed and was read.

“That remains to be seen,” said Turavis. “It will depend on what the executor decides.”

As Rosemary and the little group of refugees trudged through soft blue sand to a gleaming vessel that awaited them, Rosemary thought darkly that “executor” sounded a bit too much like “executioner” for her liking.


StarCraft: Frontline Vol. 4 – Chris Metzen’s Jim Raynor Story

TOKYOPOP layout artist and resident WoW expert Michael Paolilli talks about his excitement for the StarCraft II Beta and the book that will help keep you from going crazy while you wait: StarCraft: Frontline Vol. 3.

The new edition of StarCraft: Frontline Vol. 3 is coming out on July 14th just in time to appease all you StarCraft lovers while you wait for the Beta to start. You can see a preview of the new volume on our web site—just click here. The new volume features some of the new units exclusive to StarCraft 2, such as reapers and twilight archons. StarCraft: Frontline Vol.3 also has the next chapter in the story of young Colin Phash, which continues in StarCraft: Frontline Volume 4, and culminates in our new series StarCraft: Ghost Academy, which will be released January 2010.

On the game front, with the release of the new third installment of the StarCraft 2 Battle Report last week, we were able to see a glimpse of even more new units, abilities and a brand new 2v2 map. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can see it here on the official StarCraft 2 web site. With the Beta for StarCraft 2 drawing ever closer, StarCraft fans all over the world (myself included) can barely wait for the invites to go out so we can log into the new battle net and play the game!

Also keep your eyes peeled for StarCraft: Frontline Vol.4 (hitting shelves September 9, 2009), which features an exclusive Jim Raynor back story written by Blizzard Entertainment’s Senior Vice President and head of Creative Development, Chris Metzen. That story leads directly into the new game StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty. The book will also feature stories about a reaper squad, dark templar and the ghost academy. Look below as well for is a sneak peek at part of the cover for StarCraft: Frontline Vol. 4.

So stay tuned for more information about the books and information about the game once the beta kicks off.

Until then, be sure to pick up the first 3 volumes of StarCraft: Frontline to satisfy those StarCraft cravings!

Michael Paolilli
Production Artist & Creative Consultant for Blizzard titles

StarCraft: The Dark Templar, Twilight Interview Update

Last week, I traveled to Huntington, New York to meet Christie Golden at the Book Revue.  I have to thank Blizzard Entertainment and Simon & Schuster, Inc for approving this interview in such a short notice. I finished editing the video interview with Christie Golden and sent it to both companies to make sure all that is asked and said there is ok by them.  There’s some thrilling and teasing stuff revealed by Christie. The video interview lasts roughly 10 minutes.

StarCraft: The Dark Templar, Twilight is the last book in the trilogy, which sets the backstory leading to the single-player mode from StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty RTS game.  It lays bare the naked past of Dark Archon Ulrezaj and we get to see flashbacks of Tassadar through the Protoss Preserver’s memories. TWILIGHT will be on bookstores this upcoming June 30th.  I was given a copy of the book in advance at the Book Revue, and plan to write a review—which of course won’t be shown until then.  Expect the video interview pretty soon on our front page.

Concerning the Tokyopop live chat with five writers and the editor, it is still in process to be approved by Blizzard.  Be patient. This upcoming live chat will be about StarCraft: Frontline. In advance I wish to let fans know that you should ask about the stories within the manga, and to avoid asking these writers about the RTS game.  They do not represent Blizzard Entertainment and the StarCraft II Team. That said, you can explore with the writers each of the stories present in Volume 1 and 2.  And ask about the upcoming Volume 3 on sale July 1. I purchased the first two volumes, and I am excited with some of the stories, and wish to learn more either in upcoming volumes or in-game.

First copy of Twilight signed by Christie Golden

E3 2009: Blizzard accepts Guinness World Record Awards

Mike Morhaime (CEO) and Paul Sams (COO) accepted the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition award for World of Warcraft as the most popular MMORPG with 11.6 million subscribers; and for StarCraft, the best selling strategy game for PC with over 9.5 million copies sold worldwide.

Elsewhere in E3, Gaz and Matt had the opportunity to meet up with some of the people who have made massive, record-breaking contributions to videogaming, and who have featured in Gamer

Last Chance – Fansites BlizzCon Tickets Giveaways

The Blizzcon Tickets are sold out.  However, you still have a chance at winning a Free ticket to attend Blizzcon via Fansites Giveways courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.  Blizzard is very supportive to all the fansites under their flag. So take this very exciting opportunity.  Beneath are all the fansites whose giveaway is still active.  Participate in all of them to increase your chances at winning one. However, if you got two be honest and let them know. Good luck and see you at BlizzCon.



Last Chance – Fansites BlizzCon Tickets Giveaways

The Blizzcon Tickets are sold out.  However, you still have a chance at winning a Free ticket to attend Blizzcon via Fansites Giveways courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.  Blizzard is very supportive to all the fansites under their flag. So take this very exciting opportunity.  Beneath are all the fansites whose giveaway is still active.  Participate in all of them to increase your chances at winning one. However, if you got two be honest and let them know. Good luck and see you at BlizzCon.



Glynnis Talken: 2009 Cherry Festival – Beaumont CA

Glynnis Talken (Sarah McKerrigan) will be at The 91st Annual Cherry Festival in the City of Beaumont, California this Friday, June 5th.  It is located between Stewart Park on 9th and Orange Streets Beaumont, CA 92223.  For event info call (951) 769-8524.  Bring your StarCraft stuff to be signed or her own medieval romance books and say hi.  Send us video or photos of your encounter.

She is going there mostly to support her husband (boo) Richard Campbell, vocalist/bass player of America who is playing at the event. However, she is welcoming fans and willing to sign books and stuff. The event starts from 5pm till midnight.

Parking details may be found at the event flyer (PDF)

Aaron Rosenberg coming to Border Books – Ramsey New Jersey

Aaron Rosenberg (StarCraft: Queen of Blades writer) will be a guest-speaker at the Science Fiction Association of Bergen City on Saturday, June 13th at 7pm EST. His speech starts at 8pm, so you will have time to talk to him earlier.

Aaron will talk about his first steps as a professional writer, and his current projects.  If you live in the area, he is more than willing to talk to you, and sign your books. Send us video or photos of your meeting.—(Map)

Borders Books
Interstate Shopping Center
235 Route 17 South
Ramsey, NJ 07446

(201) 760-1967

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