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StarCraft Campaign Strategy and Videos

This archive collects all the StarCraft: Remastered Campaign missions including the original StarCraft and the Brood War expansion. You will find a full transcript of what characters said in-game, gameplay videos, the StarCraft cinematics, over 1000 images, and the build order strategy to complete the objectives.

The videos were recorded for Blizzplanet by one of the US-West Top 10 ladder players: Bull)WapooID. He had never played the campaign, so he did what he would do in the ladder, reacting to what he encountered in the campaign. He has an average of 200-240 APM.

Full StarCraft: Remastered YouTube video playlist here.

Episode 1: Rebel Yell (TERRAN CAMPAIGN)
1. Boot Camp2. Wasteland3. Backwater Station4. Desperate Alliance
5. The Jacobs Installation6. Revolution7. Norad II8. The Trump Card
9. The Big Push10. New Gettysburg11. The Hammer Falls12. Cinematic: The Inauguration
Episode 2: Overmind (ZERG CAMPAIGN)
1. Among The Ruins2. Egression3. New Terran Dominion4. Agent of the Swarm
5. The Amerigo6. The Dark Templar7. The Culling8. Eye for an Eye
9. The Invasion of Aiur10. Full Circle11. Cinematic: The Invasion of Aiur
Episode 3: The Fall (PROTOSS CAMPAIGN)
1. First Strike2. Into the Flames3. Higher Ground4. The Hunt for Tassadar
5. Choosing Sides6. Into the Darkness7. Homeland8. The Trial of Tassadar
9. Shadow Hunters10. Eye of the Storm11. Cinematic: The Death of the Overmind
Episode 4: The Stand (PROTOSS CAMPAIGN)
1. Escape from Aiur2. Dunes of Shakuras3. Legacy of the Xel'Naga4. The Quest for Uraj
5. The Battle of Braxis6. Return to Char7. The Insurgent8. Countdown
9. Cinematic: Fury of the Xel'Naga
Episode 5: The Iron Fist (TERRAN CAMPAIGN)
1. First Strike2. Dylarian Shipyard3. Ruins of Tarsonis4. Assault on Korhal
5b. Emperor's Fall (Birds of War)6. Emperor's Flight7. Patriot's Blood8. To Chain the Beast
9. Cinematic: UED Victory Report
Episode 6: The Queen of Blades (ZERG CAMPAIGN)
1. Vile Disruption2. Reign of Fire3. The Kel-Morian Combine4. The Liberation of Korhal
5. True Colors6. Fury of the Swarm7. Drawing of the Web8. To Slay the Beast
9. The ReckoningX Secret Mission: Dark Origin10. Omega11. Cinematic: The Ascension

The Hammer Falls | StarCraft: Remastered (Terran Campaign #11)

Adjutant: The fleet has lost contact with the ground forces at New Gettysburg. General Mengsk has ordered the immediate disengagement of the Korhal fleet from the Tarsonian system. Protoss and Zerg forces continue to battle across the core continent of Tarsonis. Receiving incoming transmission:

Raynor: I can’t believe he actually left her down there! I’m gone, and you’d better come with me. There’s no tellin’ who Arcturus’ll screw over next.

Adjutant: Receiving incoming transmission:

Mengsk: Gentlemen, you’ve done very well, but remember that we’ve still got a job to do. The seeds of a new Empire have been sewn, and if we hope to reap–

Raynor: Aw, to hell with you!

Mengsk: You’re making a terrible mistake. Don’t even think to cross me. I’ve sacrificed too much to let this fall apart.

Raynor: You mean like you sacrificed Kerrigan?

Mengsk: You’ll regret that. You don’t seem to realize my situation here. I will not be stopped. Not by you, or the Confederates, or the Protoss or anyone! I will rule this sector or see it burnt to ashes around me. If you try to get in my —

Adjutant: The fleet is prepped and ready, Commander. Awaiting orders.

Raynor: The hell with him. We’re gone.

Adjutant: It appears that General Duke has successfully activated Tarsonis’ primary defensive weapon, the Ion Cannon. The Cannon must be shut down if any escape attempt is to be made.

The Trump Card | StarCraft: Remastered (Terran Campaign #8)

Adjuntant: Commander, our position has been discovered. As of two hours ago, a large Confederate strike force arrived on Antiga Prime and established a base camp within our defensive perimeter. Arcturus Mengsk is calling a meeting.

Mengsk: Greetings. I know you’re all concerned about the Confederate strike force, but first we have a grave matter to discuss. It seems our data discs didn’t hold weapon designs after all. Lieutenant Kerrigan will explain.

Kerrigan: You all know that the Confederates run a program for psychically gifted humans, training them to be Ghosts. Those running the program found that the Zerg are attuned to the psychic emanations of Ghosts.

Raynor: So the Zerg are here for you, darlin’? This keeps gettin’ better and better.

Kerrigan: Shut up. There’s been a lot of secret Confederate research surrounding Ghosts and the Zerg. What we stole was a small but critical piece of the puzzle: designs for a Transplanar Psionic Waveform Emitter. The emitters broadcast the neural imprint of a Ghost, but at a much greater magnitude. These things reach across worlds.

Mengsk: The Confederacy used these Psi Emitters to lure the Zerg into isolated containment areas. Your colony — Mar Sara — Commander, was one such location.

Raynor: What are you saying?

Mengsk: I’m saying the Zerg are a secret weapon developed by the Confederacy. I’m saying you were all subjects of a Confederate weapons test.

Just as they destroyed Korhal with nuclear weapons to establish dominance a generation ago, they would use the Zerg to put an end to their other rivals. Only this time there’d be no outrage; who could suspet the aliens were their creation? No, they’d be lauded as heroes for coming in and destroying the Zerg. It’s time the Confederacy paid for its crimes.

And I just know the way. Lieutenant Kerrigan is going to plant an emitter at the Confederate base camp. Commander, you will provide her with an escort. When the Zerg arrive, they’ll break the blockade for us and we’ll make our escape. Now get moving.

Norad II | StarCraft: Remastered (Terran Campaign #7)

Adjutant: It appears that the Confederates are in a state of panic about the Antigan revolt. I’m picking up a high number of Confederate transmissions going back and forth between their outposts and their headquarters on Tarsonis. Most of the transmissions are heavily coded, but wait, here’s something:

norad II

Duke: This is General Duke calling from Alpha Squadron flagship Norad II! We’ve crash-landed and are being hit hard by the Zerg! Request immediate backup from anyone receiving this signal! Repeat, this is a priority one distress call–

Raynor: Zerg? Here? Serves’ em right. ‘Bout time they got a taste of what it’s like to be in there mixin’ it up.

Mengsk: Jim, I want you to move in and save that base.

Raynor: I’m positive I didn’t hear that right.

Kerrigan: Arcturus, have you lost your mind?

Mengsk: Listen, I know Duke’s a cold hearted bastard but an entire colony shouldn’t have to suffer for that. Besides, a Confederate general could prove to be a powerful ally. This is an opportunity we cannot miss.

Kerrigan: I don’t like this at all.

Mengsk: I’m not asking you to like it. I’m asking you to do it.

Kerrigan: Yes, sir.

Raynor: Great. Let’s get this over with.

Revolution | StarCraft: Remastered (Terran Campaign #6)

In the wake of the chaos resulting from the Zerg invasion, The Sons of Korhal escaped with the stolen data discs.

Fleeing to the border colony of Antiga Prime, Arcturus’ group now plans its next crucial moves against the Confederacy.

Thirteen hours after the evacuation of Mar Sara, Protoss warships took up orbit around the colony and unleashed a massive planetary bombardment.

All life upon the surface was extinguished.

The Jacobs Installation | StarCraft: Remastered (Terran Campaign #5)

Adjutant: Your tenure as Colonial Magistrate is suspended, pending an official investigation of your affiliation with the Sons of Korhal. Receiving incoming transmission…

Raynor: Hey, man. Arcturus’ boys sprung me from the prison ship. Apparently, they’re as frustrated with the Confederates as we are! I know their reputation, but they seem to be on the level. I think Arcturus wanted to speak with you…

Mengsk: Commander, Mar Sara is almost completely overrun by the Zerg. The Confederates are abandoning the planet, and so are we. However, there is one thing I’d like to do before we leave.

I want you to raid this colony’s Confederate outpost and retrieve whatever design or weapon’s schematics that you can find in their networks. With the chaos of the Confederate’s evacuation, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting in or out of their installation.

Raynor: I’m into it.

Desperate Alliance | StarCraft: Remastered (Terran Campaign #4)

Adjutant: Receiving incoming transmission. Com-link established:

Duke: I got your message, Magistrate, and frankly I don’t care what you have to say about Confederate regulations. You damn fringe world yokels are all alike, don’t know where your loyalties lie. Y’all have a real good day now, y’hear?

Adjutant: Transmission ended. The report you requested is ready. Sixteen outland stations have reported sightings of the alien invaders identified as Zerg. The Confederates have arrested all standing militia forces and continue to avoid action against the Zerg. Three stations have fallen to the Zerg already. We’ve been unable to locate any source of military relief except… the extremist faction known as The Sons of Korhal. Their liaison is holding on line.

Mengsk: Good day, Magistrate. My name is Arcturus Mengsk, and I represent The Sons of Korhal. You’re familiar with the Confederate propaganda surrounding my group, but your reputation suggests you’ll see past it. It’s never been our practice to operate in any one place for long, but these Zerg don’t look like they’re going to wait. I’m going to make you an offer, Magistrate. I’d like to help you out by sending down a number of transports to your colony and evacuating any survivors.

You know, of course, that my organization operates outside the bounds of Confederate law. That’s why they spread their lies and misinformation. If you decide to accept our help, you’ll be branded as an outlaw too. But, it’s a chance to save those people. Time to make a stand, Magistrate.

Adjutant: Ending transmission. Priority Alert! Evacuation Zone under attack by Zerg forces. Distress beacon activated at 1220.

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