BlizzCon 2014 – StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Multiplayer Panel Transcript

This is a full transcript of the Blizzcon 2014 StarCraft II Legacy of the Void Multiplayer panel with panelists David Kim (senior game designer II), David Sum (game designer) and Aron Kirkpatrick (Technical Designer).

BlizzCon 2014 – StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Multiplayer Panel Transcript

Presenter: Welcome to the StarCraft II Legacy of the Void Multiplayer Panel.

BlizzCon 2014 - StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Multiplayer Panel Transcript

Browder: BlizzCon, this is one of my favorite panels of the day. These guys are going to talk about StarCraft II multiplayer.

This is your StarCraft II multiplayer design team: we’ve got David Kim, we’ve got David Sum and we’ve got Aron Kirkpatrick. These guys do so much work working on multiplayer for you guys and they are going to try to give you all the information they possibly can about StarCraft II multiplayer and answer as many of your questions as they possibly can. Take it away guys.


Kim: Before we talk about the specific changes that we have for Legacy of the Void, let’s talk a little bit about the design goals that we have.


First and most importantly we want more action throughout the course of the game, but not only that: we also want to reduce passive parts of the game such as the passive Heart of the Swarm play.

We have more harassment options throughout the game so that we can create more action this way (as well), and there are strategies in StarCraft that really provide the incentives for players to go on the offense; and the marine and medivac strategy that you see above is one example of it.


We want more things like this in the game so that people just want to go on the offense; and for example, (in this case) because the marines and medivacs are so good with their army; but on top of that, the medivacs can transport the marines and they have high mobility. So players just can go on the offense with low risk, and we want to have more things like these in Legacy of the Void.

We want to have more micro opportunities on both sides so this example is showing forcefield micro going up against early Micro and the reason for this is because the engagements are a lot more exciting to play and to watch if there’s a lot going on in terms of micro.


We want more army versus army micro and this is an example of marines being split against banelings who are also being split accordingly. The main reason for this goal is because if two armies require a lot more micro then it makes the game a lot more fun to watch; because even if one of the armies is smaller you can’t really know who the winner will be and it really depends on who micros better; and on the flip side if both armies aren’t micro heavy and can be just A-moved, then you kind of know who the winner is even before the battle has begun. So it makes it less interesting to watch this game.


There are strategies that really differentiate player skill: the Immortal / Sentry push is one of them. The very best Protoss players in the world using this strategy compared to an average pro-level player using it… we can clearly see the difference between these two players (I think hitting the exact same strategy). So we want more things like these in the game, so that players can now make sure of their skill better; but outside-viewers can actually see who the better player is just by watching the game of StarCraft.


Finally, we want to improve the existing units and abilities; this includes units like the Corruptor or the Battlecruiser that you see above, and we want to really push every single unit in StarCraft II to its full potential within its respective roles.


Pre-Alpha Phase

Sum: Legacy of the Void is still in the pre-alpha phase, so the things that you guys are going to see here today can still change. You guys remember back to the Heart of the Swarm beta? We had Banelings like to move while burrowed, we had Oracles with the entomb ability which prevented your opponents from gathering resources and of course the mighty Warhound. So yeah, none of this stuff is final.


As we go to the new content here today, we are also going to be letting you guys in on what our current design concerns are; and this is where you guys come in. Feedback starts today. You guys can let us know if you think these concerns are real, or if you have ideas on how to make things better. Let’s work together to make Legacy of the Void awesome.


Kirkpatrick: To help achieve some of the goals that we’ve gone over, we made two major changes to the way resourcing works in Legacy of the Void. First, we’ve reduced the number of minerals in each mineral patch, and the amount of gas in each vespene geyser. This means you are going to want to expand much faster than you did in Heart of the Swarm.


With more bases from across the map for each player, there are more points to attack making aggression and harassment more rewarding in the mid to late game. The second change: we’ve increased the number of starting workers from six to twelve.


To compensate for this, we’ve also increased the supply granted by the Command Center, the Nexus, and Hatchery. This goes back to our goal of reducing the number of passive moments in the game. The early game is always a pretty slow startup, and now with a stronger starting economy, players can start the action faster.


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