BlizzCon 2014 – StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Multiplayer Panel Transcript


Kim: Let’s talk about the changes that we have currently; let’s start off with the Terran first.



The first new unit on the Terran side is the Herc; this is a barracks unit that has high health, deals flash damage and can use the grapple ability.


What this ability allows the Herc to do is the Herc can attach itself to the target unit allowing it to quickly move towards it so let’s check it out in action. Against Zerg we’ll see the first video of the Herc jumping into the Baneling line to focus-fire them down to protect the marines.

One way to counter the Herc from the Zerg side is to use units that deal full damage to the Herc that are not too small in size such as roaches; and because Hercs don’t attack air, air units are great counters to the Herc as well.

Against Protoss, because Hercs have the light armor flag they are a great attacking damage against high +armor damage type units such as The Immortals; so Protoss units that counter the Herc from the ground are units such as zealots or archons but both of these units are either melee-range or short-ranged which makes positioning very important.

In the next video you are going to see zealots that are well spread against Hercs that are intentionally staying back behind the lines to protect the immortals.

You want the Hercs to counter the zergling and baneling strategies towards the later stages of the game so that Zerg sometimes needs to transition into later tier units so that we can get more strategic diversity that way.

As part of this change we’ve actually buffed the ultralisk’ armor so that they can counter to Terran bio army much harder and as you’ll see from the list of changes that we have for the Terran, you’ll also notice that the late game options for Terran have been buffed as well.


Against Protoss we want the Hercs to really encourage protoss army micro like the last video that you just saw and because Hercs can jump into core units of the protoss army and splash them down, protoss players will need to react accordingly by microing and splitting up their forces correctly in different engagements.

The one concern that we have for the Herc is their overlap with the hellbat; because these two units both deals splash damage, both are high health. Come aligned around the same time. This is an issue that we really need to deal with before or during the beta.


Sum: Let’s talk about the Terran Cyclone. The Cyclone is a factory unit that has fast movement speed and an active ability called Lock On. You can use lock on to target an enemy and then the cyclone can deal high amounts of damage to it while moving.


It attacks both air and ground so it’s a great addition to the mech composition. Let’s see it in action.

The cyclone will be countered by units with superior mobility. So let’s see what happens when stalkers with blink go up against cyclones.

Units that are slower than the cyclone are pretty much going to get kited forever. Let’s see that again with a little trick this time from the Zerg player.

(Editor Note: The video shows Ultralisks chasing Cyclones. The Ultralisks are too slow. However, an infestor can be burrowed in a strategic point. Unburrow and spray the cyclones to immobilize them. The Ultralisks can destroy them now. Good strategy.)

One of our big goals in Legacy of the Void is to create new units that have great gameplay from both sides. Since the cyclone requires micro from both the attacking player as well as the defending it leads to some really interesting fights.


The cyclone is also great at eliminating priority targets and besides opening with Reaper or hellions, the Terrans now have a new option in the cyclone. The cyclone is great at adding early pressure against their opponent in any matchup. We saw in our video earlier the cyclone being used against Protoss, but against the Zerg you can snipe their queens or you can snipe Terran bunkers as well. On the defense, the cyclone is also great at stopping incoming drops and taking out harassment units like oracles and banshees.

::Siege Tank::

Kirkpatrick: As we mentioned earlier, one of our goals for Void is to make improvements to existing units. For the siege tank, medivacs can now pick up tanks even while they are in siege mode; this is limit one per medivac similar to the Thor and we really like this change because it allows the siege tank to go on the offense more and provide more micro potential for players using these strategies.

In this video, you’ll see a player using this new change to do some siege tank harassment, something you likely would’ve never seen before.


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