BlizzCon 2014 – StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Multiplayer Panel Transcript


For the Thor, we’ve removed the high-end packed payload mode switch — which wasn’t seeing a lot of play; and added a new self-repair ability. This heals the Thor up to full over time with a long cooldown. While it’s active, the Thor can’t move or attack which creates some interesting and strategic decisions in combat.


In this video, you’ll see a Thor using this ability to out-heal the damage from an enemy army.


One concern we do have for this change is that out-of-combat… it’s a pretty easy decision to just press the button, and heal back up to full; and it doesn’t require a lot of micro. So we’ll be looking to improve this as we move forward into the beta.



For the Banshee, we’ve added a new movement speed upgrade requiring the fusion core. This upgrade allows the banshee to outrun mobile detectors: like overseers and observers — which gives it some more effectiveness in the late game when normally banshee harassment starts to wind down.


We’ve also increased the base range of the banshee by +1. This gives a little bit more room for microing and it also improves the effectiveness of the Banshee when mixed in with your main army. Let’s take a look at some banshee harassment using these changes against the Zerg.

That overseer will never catch up to them. One potential issue we’ve seen with this change is the strength of banshees in Terran versus Terran. It’s already pretty good before these changes, so we are worried it might push it a little bit too far.

However, in our play test so far the cyclone has proven to be an effective counter unit to early banshee harassment. All the same, this is something we are going to keep an eye on as we move forward.


The Battlecruiser has a new tactical jump ability. This allows the battlecruiser to teleport on to any point on the map even without vision. However, it has an extremely high energy cost. So you’ll have to be very careful when and where you jump to with your battlecruisers, as you won’t get another chance.


If you do it right, it can be really effective.

In the future, we’d also like to explore some changes that add more micro potential for the battlecruiser so the players have more opportunities to use their skills to shine while using this unit.



Kim: Next up is the Zerg. The first unit act in Legacy of the Void is the Lurker. The Lurker is an improved version from what you are used to from Brood War. So you can do all the things that the Lurker can do back in Brood War; but it can also be upgraded to have siege range.


For those of you who haven’t played Brood War before, the Lurker is a morph of a hydralisk, deals line flash damage; but needs to burrow to attack. So let’s check it out in action.

In the first video you are going to see the Lurker going up against a large number of smaller units and in that scenario the lurkers are very powerful.

One way to counter the Lurker from the Terran side is to use the new cyclone; because the Lurker has to be immobile when they attack. The cyclone can counter lurkers very well, and let’s check that out in action.

Lurker with their siege range upgrade can now outrange all base defenses in the game.

In the next video, I want to show a micro move that was possible in Brood War. You can also do this in StarCraft II if you are skilled enough.

Currently, we really like the Lurker. Especially against the Protoss, and the reason for that is not only because the Lurker can really encourage the protoss armies to split up and have more micro; but also it allows Protoss to play very strategically.

For example, internally what we’ve seen is: if the Lurker count is too high, the Protoss army can’t really engage the Zerg army head on. So what the Protoss has to do in some scenarios after we split up their forces, attack from multiple fronts or go for more of a harassment based game; and this type of strategic diversity that the lurker creates in this matchup is something that’s really cool to us.

In (??) we want the lurker to counter the mass roach versus mass roach scenario; and because in that matchup mass roach is a common strategy, we wanted a counter of that; and as you can guess, lurkers are pretty good against mass numbers of roaches.



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