BlizzCon 2014 – StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Overview Panel Transcript

Huck: Thanks everyone for being here. We are really excited and I hope you are enjoying your time. Our goal for Legacy of the Void is not only to come up with brand new and awesome mission mechanics for the player to experience but is also to capture the essence of playing as the Protoss.


Much like the samurai of ancient history the Protoss live by a code of honor, they have a strong sense of justice and strive for glory in battle; and over the course of this game, the player will take this mighty race across the galaxy righting wrongs and smiting Amon’s evil where it’s found.


So after Aiur, Artanis makes a choice to go to Korhal. Now unfortunately, the Terrans here are under assault by a new enemy force, a group called the Shadow Corp. This was not at all what Artanis had hoped for and they had hoped to come to Korhal at the behest of Zeratul.


Unfortunately, with this new force here assaulting the Terrans it looks like the Protoss will be the ones offering their assistance so this first mission is called Sky Shield and it takes place on a space platform that’s plummeting to the surface of Korhal has been taken over by this group and this cinematic source here shows the introductive sequence and it reflects sort of the actions and situations that the Protoss has to deal with throughout this game.

Huck: So this mission is playable here at BlizzCon if you haven’t had a chance to get over there and play it I’d love for you to be able to do so; and for those of you also at home who are watching this video, I’d like to go over a quick recap of what the player has to do on this map.


The goal for the Protoss here is to re-secure this space platform for the Terrans and as you can see in the upper right hand corner there is a timer that shows how long they have to do so before it crashes into the surface of the planet.

Now, in order to re-secure and stabilize this the Protoss will have to go around and take back these locations that have been taken over by the Shadow Corp and once they’ve done that Raynor’s forces will come down and repair these platform stabilizers and then that buys the player more time to just do it again and after doing this a number of times they secure the platform and save the day.


Coming up with new mission mechanics for Legacy of the Void has been a wonderful challenge for us. With Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm, we challenged you with walls of fire that chase you across the map, with freezing flash storms that froze your enemies and with day/nights on a zombie apocalypse-like mission; and with Legacy of the Void we finally were able to fulfill a fantasy of a mission — but we were not able to before, and what if we could let the player move their base?

I don’t mean like the Terrans do like when they pick up their structures and fly them across the map but what if you could literally just drive your base across the map and we call this mission “Unleashed”.


This mission here takes place late in the game when the Protoss have unlocked their mightiest of technologies. They’ve been looking for the Shadow Corps homeworld. They’ve come here, they’ve found the location of their secret base and they’ve come prepped for war.

So you can see here the map is kind of low on minerals and gas so as the player runs out they use the interface on the upper right to move it to another part of the map and then as they get here they’ll continue to harvest and you’ll need to do this many times throughout the mission because the whole map is just very low on resources; so this is just another shot, I’m showing a larger area of the map where you would drive this platform around. That’s it for me, Allen Dilling is up next and he’s going to show a lot of the locations and environments and planets you get to experience in the game.






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