BlizzCon 2014 – StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Overview Panel Transcript

Campaign Art

Dilling: Thanks Jason, hello everyone, my name is Allen Dilling and I’m a lead 3D Artist in StarCraft II-Legacy of the Void; and today I’m going to show you some awesome campaign art.


Jason has talked about some of our cool mechanics we have and our job and our team is to take those great designs, those great locations, those really cool scenarios and bring them to life; we have a lot of passionate dedicated artists who put their heart and soul into making it as the most immersive, dynamic and just epic badass experience for you guys. There are also a lot of new artists on the team and I think they’ve done an amazing job of raising the bar even higher than the Heart of the Swarm.



First we are going to start off with an old favorite Aiur; this is the homeworld of the Protoss. It’s the first mission of the game and the Zerg have taken this place over about five years ago and your job is to take this massive army, you warp in outside the city and you pummel the troops into the city.


One thing you’ll see here is an environment we’ve never shown you before which is a Protoss city. So you try to figure out what does that mean? How is it compared to a contemporary Terran or human city? Are there skyscrapers, are there park benches, or are there subway systems?

We tried to take a lot of the elegant architecture and the curvature and the high tech nature that you see in the multiplayer units and structures and really add it to the city to show like once how epic it was. Also you’ll notice that it’s completely creeped over and destroyed at this point, we spend a lot of time trying to sell that whole D-day invasion/Saving Private Ryan moment with lots of explosions, buildings crumbling, units crashing to the ground, scripted events and I think it’s a great way to start off the campaign with a bang.

Next a few missions later also on Aiur is a more traditional tileset; this is an ancient temple grounds, so I’ve shown this one before in the past but never in this amount of detail. We’ve gone through and added weather effects, there’s brand new textures for everything and there are vines going everywhere and we actually have new technology for the terrain textures that allow it to render it much more realistically and one thing you’ll notice a lot in these maps are with custom made ramps and stairs for almost every environments and it’s way more interesting and just dynamic than we had in the past. This mission here has you fighting the Zerg in a temple environment to go activate three awesome looking generators which in turn activates something really cool I can’t show you guys today.


Next we have Korhal; this is a mission that’s playable on the show floor and that’s the one that Jason has talked about and once again you are in an orbital space platform plummeting down to the surface of Korhal, your job is to warp-in turn back on the generators and stop this from falling.


We had a lot of fun with this one; we tried to really sell that dynamic intense moments of it falling to the skies, we have re-entry fire on the edges, the light changes and it’s pretty dynamic as you can slow it down and turn on each generator, the fire actually goes down and the lights change and everything goes back to normal.

One of the funniest things about this map is that as you go through it the place is ripping itself apart, huge hulls are tearing and stuff on the platform, debris is falling everywhere, it’s just ripping itself apart constantly; also this is some of the largest terrain Terran doodads ever made in a campaign, it’s a huge EMP generator and up ahead here is a massive turbine system, big engines and by far the largest missile launcher we’ve ever made in StarCraft and a huge missile is as big as a battlecruiser basically.


Directly below that in the next mission is the city of Augustgrad; we’ve shown it before and this city has been through hell. First Kerrigan and her swarm in Wings of Liberty or Heart of the Swarm and took it out to get to Mengsk, now they’ve start repairing and as you can see here with the construction and of course as you can see here Amon and his troops the Shadow Corp started destroying it once again; so we had a lot of fun trying to figure out how we can amp it up to a level this time, how can we make this place even better and bigger in detail, tell more stories?


There are a lot of fun things we did with this map also we tried to figure out ways we can really incorporate things you can relate to on a science fiction environment.


In this case we tried to put in a star port or like an airport and here it eventually will be totally blown apart and anything that we can make or do relate to the map even more is just a bonus for us.


Next we have Shakuras; this is the homeworld of the Dark Templar and once again we’ve never shown these guys and what their cities look like, it’s always been some kind of little outposts, it’s some little temples in the middle of the wastelands so we tried to figure out how we are going to make this work and how to make it different from the ones in Aiur.


You can tell obviously that the color palette is much more cooler, there are some sharper edges and it is more temple and kind of religious-like ceremonial elements spread throughout the city and once again as a central theme throughout the whole campaign it is under attack.

Amon’s forces are pushing everybody to the brink and Zerg have it totally destroyed and we have a lot of fun putting explosions. There are flashscans going off, plasma shots in the air, lots of scripted events. The next mission is also on Shakuras, it’s a more familiar temple arena — so this one you are going through and it’s a giant Dark Templar temple but in the center of it is a Xel’Naga temple; it’s even larger and again huge bold doodads are the theme of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.

This is actually a holddown map. You are trying to find the center, and any time we have a holddown map we really try to focus fire on the art right in the center because we know you don’t have time to go look at the outskirts of the map so eventually this one will have like a lots of wind and light effects — a place that’s obviously ripping itself apart and literally thousands of Zergs have been coming up the lanes to try and get to you.


Next we have Slayn: this is the homeworld of the Tal’darim. They are the faction of the Protoss that worship Amon and do his bidding; you’ll notice more ceremonial things here such as the sacrificial pit.


The whole objective of this mission is to go through and confront their leader and drive them back into this pit before he does the same to you. You’ll notice it’s a much darker world, much more harsh environments, jagged edges and everything, it’s sure similar architecture but again very harsh, it’s survival of the fittest and that kind of fits along with the whole Tal’darim theme.


Here we try to show some height and some depth in the map and we try to take it further than we have ever in StarCraft II.


Finally we have Cybros: this is the home space station for the purifiers. They are actually an ancient robotic race made by the Protoss a long time ago and since forgotten; Artanis finds out about them and you come here to reactivate them so they’ll fight for your side.


So you have to fight a Zerg in this map and meanwhile you’ll notice the architecture while similar to some of the Protoss environments, they’ve a much different color palette, a very cold robotic, has much more emissive and energy going on and a lot more robotic elements; and again just a large mass of doodads, lot of interactive ones and you guys are going to have a blast in this one.


Once again these are a kind of work in progress, by the time you guys see them in the final game they are going to be even better and I’m glad that I got to share this with you guys today. Thanks and I’m going to hand over to Justin Thavirat.





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