BlizzCon 2014 – StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Overview Panel Transcript

Q&A Session

Question: Is the new Aiur zealot in multiplayer too?

Morris: No unfortunately he’s not in multiplayer, most of the units that we designed for single players are really designed for the experience that you have in single player so we could talk to David Kim about it but I don’t think it’s going to happen. You decide how OP that was I know.

Question: Will there ever be a co-op campaign mode?

Morris: Not specifically for the campaign you’ve already known.

Question: I’ve seen the campaign and one thing that came up to my mind was how the dialog was a lot different from Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm, I thought it was a lot less cheesy, a lot more Protossy, a lot more like I don’t know what to say; it was a lot more badass I guess so what were some of the challenges in writing the dialog/the script in making it a lot more different than it used to be?

Waugh: First off thank you, I think the thing is the Protoss are a really epic race so getting the chance to write a dialog for space samurais is a dream come true so I wouldn’t say it was so challenging because it was really fun, I would say the only challenge that I had is that they are a kind of this unknowable species and so in everything we’ve done in the past we’ve really had a human lens so you get a point of view into who the Zerg are through a human and we’ve done that in our books; you’ve learnt who the Protoss are through a human perspective and so we didn’t have that and so that was an initial challenge but aside from that I was just excited to dive in and really get to tell a Protoss story; I’ve always been a Protoss player and this was an awesome opportunity for me, thanks.

Question: Because only a few Protoss remain will we see newly amount units at least in the hardest difficulties?

Morris: I’m sorry I don’t understand?

Question: Will we have like a defining number of zealots we can use in this mission or another mission for example and that amount is just gone after you spawn all those units and they die?

Morris: No that’s kind of an interesting idea, we hadn’t made any intentions to say there are a finite number of warriors and once you burn through your warriors, most of the missions are always catered around either the unit or the story points so we are always having a deck just go that way. We do have missions called installation missions where you do have a group of warriors that go into a kind of a squad based system and they are going to take down whatever objectives so in that case we have it but not for the entire campaign.

Question: I noticed that there is some characters’ information that are missing so can you give us any clue as to what happened to Tassadar?

Waugh: Well I think if you’ve played this game you might find out what happened to Tassadar.

Question: First off I dig your Carl arts T-shirt, I’m a fan of the art guy myself; you guys are talking a lot about the Protoss changes and the end of their stories but there is a lot of threats held with such like what happened to Nova, what happened to Kerrigan and of course Raynor, are we going to be seeing the end of this and the end of what was essentially started with StarCraft I or is this going to be kind of a continuation story and then we are going to have a final piece that is going to talk about everyone?

Waugh: Well I think that’s one of the first points I’ve said, we didn’t want to rob the Protoss players, make sure that they had a campaign that was theirs but we are well aware that we have this really important story threads to wrap up and we’ve been saying Kerrigan factors into the defeat of Amon for since Wings of Liberty and so that will happen; Jim is going to be featured, Sarah is going to be featured and I think the whole cadre of people that we’ve invested in over the last two games will make an appearance.

Question: I just want to know how many missions there are and how hard is brutal mode?

Huck: So we are aiming for the same amount of missions as Heart of the Swarm or more and brutal? We haven’t done balancing yet in the game but we are aiming to make brutal as difficult or harder as Heart of the Swarm or Wings of Liberty.

Question: I was wondering will there be any like Easter eggs that refer to the future or past of StarCraft?

Dilling: We had a lot of fun trying to put Easter eggs in, usually at the beginning of the production we are too busy trying to get everything done so using comes in at the end, we’ll try and have some fun elements on it like Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm especially had old, old or we had from when we came one of the old Blizzard dodo we had that became Heroes of the Storm so we had artist and some snow environment kind of hidden away somewhere so it kind of come back from one of the inspiration or just one of the spur of the moment fun things we want to do. As far as putting ones in there like Easter eggs in like Brood War or something we are certainly open to those ideas, we just haven’t had time to think about them yet.

Question: Why is this game not considered an expansion, why is it a stand-alone game, how is it a stand alone game?

Morris: Well the development of this game have been for so long, we started off with Wings of Liberty then Heart of the Swarm came a couple years later now we are looking a year or so past Heart of the Swarm; at this point we just didn’t think it was fair for everybody else who wanted to get in and feel like I kind of want to get in StarCraft but it’s kind of too late, I didn’t really want to go back and play a game that is seven years old so this is just an opportunity really to just allow everybody else to come and share the content.





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