BlizzCon 2014 – StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Overview Panel Transcript

Question: Hi guys, thanks for your time, I was just wondering is Artanis going to be a playable character and what kind of abilities do you have in mind for him?

Huck: Artanis will probably be a playable character in this game, as always this game is under development anything could happen.

Question: Hi, I was wondering if you guys were going to bring Fenix back in any shape or form whether in like a mission going back into history or as a character in Allied Commanders?

Waugh: We know that Fenix is an absolute fan favorite and is an absolute James favorite as well so there’s a good chance that Fenix might make some sort of appearance in some way.

Question: Hi again, two questions; reverse yes or no and second of all I see the co-commander thing is new, will that impact development, will that mean that we’ll see the campaign a lot more later than what we saw with in between the time like I see between Wings and Swarm, will it be a lot longer between Swarm and Void?

Morris: We are looking at a lot of different units especially from Brood War; right now we do have several units that you can see on the play forward, you can see the dragoon, Reaver is a unit that we are actually playing with, we’ve been looking at some other ones like Arbiter, Corsair; we are looking at all these, the Scout; whether which one stays or not is still left to be determined, there’s still lots of iterations, lot of work we still have to do but it’s something that’s very passionate for us to kind of bring some of those units back especially with this story of going out and seeing all these old factions or this old technology so there are opportunities there and as far as Allied Commanders, this is all part of the scope of our development. This is something that we’ve kind of told ourselves we want to do this, it’s something we’ve been working on so as with everything if something is going to get delayed it’s not individually one thing that’s going to hold it back, it’s a combination of a bunch of things so at this point it would not impact anything for the campaign.

Question: First off I want to say thank you so much for all your hard work, I love this game and it’s amazing to see it come to its conclusion, I have two questions; the first one is with the Protoss featuring so many prominent characters, Tassadar, Artanis, Zeratul, how did you guys decide to go with Artanis as the big face of Legacy of the Void?

Waugh: Here’s the thing; we definitely initially considered maybe making Zeratul the hero of this game when we first started having talks, I mean he’s been a prominent figure for the last two parts of the trilogy but at the end of the day this is the Protoss story and Artanis is the leader of the Protoss and Zeratul has been kind of a wanderer and a vagabond and an incredible mystic and so we decided he was probably best served as an Obi wan or a mentor in this game. We are going back to that earlier point I said this was a game about the Protoss and Protoss civilization and to us Artanis’ role in the protoss society is to try and find a way to make this new civilization work, to be the leader of the Daelam and so everything clicked into place and we felt like he was definitely the one.

Question: Hey guys, I had a more technical question about the one versus AI game mode and with that have you guys thought about automated ways to look at replays to see what the custom styles are, like what’s the newest harass like opportunity or whatever play style people are using and taking that and incorporating that in the AI especially like one versus AI or two versus AI and using that to make it a more dynamic game and if so what did you guys find? Was it hard or easy or not worth it?

Morris: We haven’t really gotten down to the nitty gritty on the AI at this point, everybody who works on the StarCraft team we are very aware of what the community wants. We read a lot of forms; we look at all these tournaments and stuff that you see right now and so the play styles do change, you see different modes, you see different meta game plays so when we get to the point where we are talking to the engineer of the AI programmer and he’s looking at the stuff, we definitely look at that stuff so we just haven’t got to that point right now.

Question: Good afternoon, I was just curious since this is the first franchise that actually had earth involved or universe, I was wondering if the niter director was going to make an appearance again?

Waugh: You never know.

Question: So I know that the third expansion is going to wrap up all of the story lines but I was wondering is there going to be a StarCraft III?

Waugh: I think that StarCraft is probably the best franchises we have, I think we all love StarCraft and people at Blizzard are incredibly passionate about this universe and the characters so right now we are not working on a StarCraft III but StarCraft will go on in some ways, some form; we love it, we are passionate about it so no promises but know the passions, they are the company.

Question: Hi, so will we be seeing Ulrezaj or any of the characters from the Dark Templar trilogy in Legacy of the Void?

Waugh: Hi Max: we won’t, I know it’s a conscious decision, I love those books and Christie is probably here in the audience; Christy? There– there she is: Christie Golden, ladies and gentlemen; author of the Dark Templar trilogy. Those books are absolutely I think defying the Protoss voice in many ways and I was setting out to write some of this I reread them over and over, the decision was we tried to get them in and every time we did it felt forced, it felt like they didn’t fit in with the story and that’s not to say that they are not a valuable story thread that we should explore one day going forward but they weren’t right for Legacy of the Void.

Question: Hey first off I want to say I think you guys did an awesome job with all the assets in Legacy of the Void, I think it’s the best looking stuff you guys have made for StarCraft II so far, by far; that said I’m a moder and we love to take your assets and use them for our own creations and I’m wondering, taking the dependencies from Legacy of the Void and then combining that with the dependencies from Heart of the Swarm and Wings of Liberty if we are going to run into any technical issues with all of that data coming into one map instance?

Huck: You hopefully shouldn’t but we’ve all continued to support the game after it comes out and if there are issues we’ll definitely work to address any of these issues that may arise from all these data dependencies coming together.

Dilling: And also I was going to say on the mod side that we often will take assets we have for the campaign and see it as a big gate that opens up one way, we’ll often go through and make sure it closes again and we’ll put a full set of animations in there and full effects and things so you guys will have a lot more stuff to work with.

Thank you everyone, thanks.

Thank you for attending StarCraft II Legacy of the Void Campaign Overview Panel.

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