BlizzCon 2015 The Future of StarCraft II Panel Transcript

Tim: Hello BlizzCon! Who is excited about Nova Covert Ops, Did you guys catch that announcement? Yeah? Excellent. Well, we are here today to tell you guys about the Future of StarCraft II. My name is Tim Morton. I’m the lead producer on StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, and I’m going to introduce you guys to my fellow panelists up here.



Tim: This is Jason Huck who leads up the campaign design. Do we have any campaign players out there? Do you guys like the campaign? Valerie Watrous who is a writer on StarCraft II and Valerie is writing the story for Nova Covert Ops.

Do we have any PVP players out there? David Kim, our lead multiplayer designer; and on this end Matt Morris is the lead for story mode. So everything that you do in between the missions and also our new co-op missions mode that’s out here playable on the floor.



So, we are going to talk about what’s coming after Legacy of the Void. How are we going to fill the void? The first piece of news to share with you guys that we are all super excited about is the development is continuing on StarCraft II. Everybody who is onstage here with me today, and the rest of the dev team is going to keep supporting StarCraft II, and keep working on it; but we are going to give you some more on what that means.

That means more content like Nova Covert Ops that got announced today in the opening ceremonies. That means more features that we are going to continue to add over the course of the year to StarCraft II. Some of the content that I’m going to talk about today will be free content, some of the content that I’m going to talk about today will be paid content; but I want you guys to know that we are super excited to keep working on StarCraft II.



Micro-Content — I’m going to drill down a little on what this means. This is some content that is going to start coming online after Nova Covert Ops starts to come out, but we are working on some other types of content besides mission packs. We are working on the mission packs as well, and we are excited about bringing those to you. We are working on more co-op missions content that Matt is going to talk about, and we are working on more multiplayer content that David’s going to talk about with you today.



Micro Content — what does that mean? Unit Skins. So to be totally honest with you guys we’ve been so busy working on Legacy of the Void that we hadn’t really fleshed out our plans on exactly what skins we are going to do. What I’m showing you right now, that is the purified colossus skin that is included in the Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void Collector’s Edition, but just to give you a little sense of what skins can look like…



This is the Purifier Adept now from the Collector’s Edition, and there is also a turnaround on that Colossus; but unit skins are an opportunity for you to choose a different look for your units in StarCraft II. We do it on a unit by unit basis and we’ve got some work to do still to really make that interface streamlined and to give you good choices for how you use those unit skins, but we are going to do more of them. what’s in the Collector’s Edition is just the beginning.



Voice Packs: Voice packs are something that we have seen requested very often; the idea here is that you will have an opportunity to replace the in-game advisor with the voice of a different StarCraft character. This guy is somebody we hear a lot of requests for and this is what he would sound like if you used him as a voice.




So we are already working on getting some voice overs to create these voice packs, but we do still have more work to do to create the interface so this is content that will come after the Nova Mission pack start out. One area that I haven’t touched on yet, but I do want to touch on today is StarCraft II Arcade. Arcade is the part of the game where you get to experience content created by other users. There’s also some content in there created by Blizzard. We’re going to keep adding features to StarCraft II Arcade; again we’ve been super busy working on Legacy of the Void and we did a little bit of work already in terms of new user interface for Arcade; but we want to keep making that better.

Right now there is a contest called “Rock the Cabinet,” and that contest is an opportunity for content creators to make content using the Warcraft III assets that we released for the StarCraft II engine. That contest is going to wrap up next month but we are super to see what kind of content comes out of the community, and we are going keep doing these contests. Finally we are working towards enabling our first paid content in Arcade, and this is an opportunity for content creators who have made really great content to make some money off of that content in the community.



We don’t yet have a specific timeline for this, but I can tell you a little bit about our approach. What we’re going to do is work with specific content creators so it’s not really going to be a full on app store out of the gate.

We’re going to take a very curated approach, and we are going to talk to content creators who already are working on content, who have a track record and ability to deliver something great to you guys, and we’re going to figure out how to set that content up so that it can become available paid in the StarCraft Arcade; so that’s a goal we are working towards, and we’ll be excited to share some more details on that as we get further along. I know you guys want to hear more about Nova Covert Ops so I’m going to pass it over to Jason Huck, lead game designer.

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