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Mission Packs

Jason: Entaro Tassadar, BlizzCon! I had to get in my Protoss shout there; I mean we are on the cusp of Legacy of the Void coming out.



You might be wondering about what are mission packs. When we came to talk about the Future of StarCraft II it just seemed natural to us that we are going to want to add more stories to this universe, and talk about other characters that everyone loves, and of course Nova Covert Ops. Why not? Nova is awesome.



The mission packs are basically in a different format than our usual campaign. These are going to be nine mission story arcs here that will be told over the course of three packs.



The first one will be coming early next year, and if you didn’t see this at the opening ceremony you missed the teaser trailer there so we thought we’d show it again and everyone check it out again.


So the quote of one of my favorite StarCraft units (a StarCraft II unit too) when I am playing StarCraft II and I see a world that’s untouched by war, a world of innocence, a world with lush forests and clean streams; I really just want to nuke the crap out of it, and with Nova you’re going to get to do that. This is a character that is fan favorite. We love her and so it just seems natural to us to have her as the first character to talk about in these mission packs. So let’s talk a little about this is particular.



Much like Kerrigan was controllable in Heart of the Swarm for one of those missions, Nova also will be playable. You’ll lead her with her black ops forces through these missions, and we’ll have these iconic Terran units that you all know and love like the siege tank and the marine; but they are going to have a little twist. They are going to have some Black Ops technology like hover siege tanks or marines with a stim pack that actually heals them when they use them; so who needs a medic anymore when you can actually stim your marines and they keep going.


Nova will undertake these Black Ops missions for Valerian and the Dominion. She’ll get this cool new ship which you’ll get to explore and we are really hard at work on all these missions right now; so unfortunate that I don’t have anything to show you right now, but rest assured you’ll nuke the crap out of them.


Of course, with all our sorts of systems that we’ve added to the campaign, this is a really, really rough UI mock up so this is obviously not how it’s going to look when we release it; but this is an equipment system and this is something that allows you to kind of kid out Nova in various different loadouts. She has a helmet or goggles, she has a different suit, she could have a different weapon and different gadgets. So we can give her a different type of grenade, or we can give her a different gun instead of her C-28 canister rifle.



She can get like a shotgun if it’s time to get loud or something; or we should start experimenting with a sword even; and then of course with all of our campaign experiences, we are going to have some sweet cutscenes that will go tell the story of Nova and the Black Ops missions. To talk more about that I’m going to hand that over to Valerie, and she is going to give you a little bit of history of what’s going on with Nova and the Dominion after Legacy of the Void.



Valerie: Hey, everyone! Thanks for coming out today. I am super excited to tell you more about what’s going on here in the Terran Dominion. These Nova mission packs will take place after the end of Legacy of the Void. That concludes with some epilogue missions that push the timeline ahead a few years, and Nova Covert Ops will even be later after that.



At this point the Terran Dominion consists of a war-torn people. They have seen a lot over these past few years. There have been wars, civil wars, insurrections, berserk — you name it. At this point, people are ready for peace, but what they do in that peace time is really the question they face right now. Some people are eager to make sure that they are ready. If any alien forces come back, they want to make sure they have the security they need, the weapons they need to stay safe while others are more interested in insuring that the government takes a more progressive egalitarian direction under Emperor Valerian.



Valerian is a much more fair and just ruler than his father Arcturus ever was, and he was raised by his mother in exile; he was raised with those beliefs that freedom and liberty are basic human rights that everyone deserves. To this end he opens up a lot of civil liberties to the people. He opens up freedom to the press, and this seems like a great idea, right? Why would the press not be free? That would be terrible, but unfortunately there are some ramifications to that.

It hit him a little harder than he expects. His enemies use these freedoms to open up conversations about his weaknesses as a leader, and the criticism is more intense than he anticipated; because of that, this price of power is becoming a struggle for him to continue the legitimacy of his reign. A reign as emperor in a government he wants to be progressive and fair.



He begins to worry that his enemies are not just speaking out against him, but also forming secret alliances behind his back. The foremost of these is the Defenders of Man. Publicly the Defenders of Man argue for the security of humanity. They are interested in protecting people from alien threats. That seems like a very logical and smart decision after the recent events where the Swarm walks through the streets of Augustgrad.



The Defenders of Man have been gaining ground. More and more people flock to their side, and listen to their message, but there is something else going on here behind the scenes. Nova in that trailer you just saw has woken up in a facility owned by the Defenders of Man. She doesn’t know why she is there, or what’s going on; and this is a major concern as well for the Dominion.



Her disappearance as their best ghost is a top priority situation. They need to find out what’s going on there, and Nova will be doing just that as well. She needs to learn more about the Defenders of Man, what they’ve been planning and what’s next. Now we are going to switch gears and take a look at multiplayer features with David Kim.

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