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My question is about the multi-player game; since Legacy of the Void add more units in the game and they need micro control for players to win the game, do you think Legacy of the Void is becoming more unfriendly to a new player and do you think about any other thing to do to make new players to enjoy the multiplayer games?

David: Yes we’ve actually made changes to the train mode so that it’s a little easier for brand new players to get into multiplayer but on top of that I think archon mode is a good replacement to MV1 especially if you’re new and if you have friends or you can make new friends who are good at StarCraft II who want to mentor you and teach you how to play and things like that; it’s a great tool for that and as far as the 1v1 experience goes because we have the matchmaker working pretty well in our game, if you are at a silver level you are only running into silver level players who also can do all those pro-level micros so we believe all these things combined kind of help out the new player in that sense.


Hi guys, thank you for working on such an awesome game, can’t wait to dig into it but something different this year that’s different about previous years is that there isn’t a next game announced yet so can you please put us all at ease and say there is something on the road map when it comes to a future RTS StarCraft II release?

Tim: I think what I can say is that this team loves RTS and that we plan to continue building games for a long time, what we don’t know is what the next game is going to be so I think that’s an area where getting feedback from you guys and from the player base at large will really help us when we start to think about what other games are we going to work on next.


Hi, my question is about mission packs; I think they are a really great idea, getting to see more of the story in between games than we have in the past, my question specifically is about using them as a vehicle to only move the timeline forward or will there be some that maybe go back and look at some of the StarCraft history; like seeing the protoss in their heyday or something like that?

Jason: Totally, that’s an awesome idea; we could totally explore that space if we wanted to, in this case we just decided to go after Void.


Hey, quick question about matchmaking actually; so there’s archon versus archon you have to do basic 2v2; is it possible or even viable for archon versus 1V1, if I wanted to play against two people is that something the system can handle right now?

David: That’s something we wanted to do but our worry was would people think that’s super unfair? I didn’t want to match against an archon as 1V1 and so on so if majority of the players turn it off or if we give you that option to turn it off, our worry is that putting that in the game, majority of the people turn it off; like no one uses it and things like that and we actually asked our community and the responses were not that super positive that time but maybe it’s changed and it’s really up to you guys; if you guys really want that feature we can definitely discuss it again internally.


This is specifically for David Kim, are you satisfied with the balance on the multi-player at the moment, especially 2v2 for the early game at least; the adept?

David: For Legacy of the Void we don’t feel super confident obviously, especially because the top players haven’t played Legacy of the Void a lot yet so we don’t really know what happens at the top level but we are fairly happy with across the all the other different skill levels because like we mentioned in our weekly posts too, the stats are actually looking much better than it did at the start of the beta or even during mid beta so we will have to release the game to know for certain but on the ladder side we feel pretty confident, on the pro level side we don’t feel super confident but we’ll see and we’ll react as we go.


I’m a really big protoss fan so thank you for making this game; I feel like I’ve been waiting for it since nineteen ninety eight. When we first started talking about StarCraft II, one of the things that was discussed was replacing the carrier with I think it was the tempest at the time and then you went back on that and decided to keep it as the carrier, then when Heart of the Swarm was coming out I think there was discussion of removing the carrier because it was underused and we went back on that and then there was discussion of removing the mothership and then that didn’t happen because there is a community kind of attachment to these units and they are kind of iconic now; how do you think about balancing or removing these iconic units that players are emotionally invested in even if they don’t really seem to work out in the meta of the game?

David: Unit count is something that we really have to be careful of because if there’s too many units in the game and the strategic element of trying to counter with the opponent is doing things like that, it can become a little bit muddy and complicated so we do need a plan for it especially if we are going to be adding units going forward; we have a lot of discussions on it, not a lot of good ideas yet so if you guys had good ideas it would be great to hear what the best move is there.


So does that mean removing those units is something that you would still be open to?

David: Yes, we will definitely have to at some point because how many units are too much? We don’t know that answer yet but there will come a time if we start adding units to the game and I know that other games are doing this, like WOW has cleaned up a lot of the skills in their classes for example, Hearthstone probably needs to explore this area as well because the number cards are getting bigger and bigger as time passes so we’ll see.


Tim: I think we are almost out of time so this will be our last question.

Hello, I love the idea of the new missions as well as co-op missions for the smaller bits of stories but eventually I do get tired of small bits and love another expansion, do you feel like the current opinion of the dev team is to work on another trilogy a couple years down the line or you are going to see more of a World of Warcraft approach of maybe a Brood War-esque expansion of the game?

Tim: Right now all options are on the table, I think a lot will depend on the response that we get back from the Nova Covert Ops work that we are doing from the new co-op missions and co-op commanders we release from the multi-player changes that happen over the course of year ahead; really there’s the possibility that we’ll continue to support game. Granularly like this there’s the possibility for a whole new stuff in the future, a lot of it really just depends on what you guys tell us. Thanks everybody and check out WCS today; it should be great.



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