BlizzCon 2016 StarCraft II: Foundation for the Future Panel Transcript


Tim: So, Left to Die. It’s been a really popular arcade map. Any plans to bring that to Co-op?

Chris: Yes, we’re actually working on the Left to Die map. This is a very popular arcade map that Blizzard published right after Wings of Liberty. It is technically our very first cooperative map. We saw two players against objectives. So this is something we’re working on. But we had to make a lot of changes in this mission in order to fit it into the co-op mode, so we’re going to change this mission and call it “Dead of Night” now.



Now this mission still has all the same flavor you remember from the previous mission. It has the day-night cycle. At night time, the infested are going to come in. They’re going to try to overpower the commanders, and then once the day breaks, the sun comes up, you can destroy all the evil infested units. And you can also expect to see a lot of those custom units that you saw in the previous one too. So you’ve got the kaboomers, the shockers, stuffs like that.

We’re really excited to get this mission out. Right now we’re looking at sometime early 2017, and I just got a little sneak peek video of what the mission looks like in the house coming along.


Tim: Very cool. On the multiplayer side, we see a lot of great community maps. Is there going to be an opportunity for the community to get involved in building co-op?

Chris: Yeah. I’ll make an announcement. Rock the Cabinet is a contest that we really enjoyed. Last year’s theme on the fantasy base, and we really enjoyed that. So the Rocke the Cabinet contest we’re doing this year is actually focused on co-op missions. So if anybody out there who has been excited to create a co-op map and try to get it into the pool, we’re going to have the full announcement of the full details coming in weeks after BlizzCon, so stay tuned.



Tim: Yeah, and I think we have a co-op mapmaking panel happening also, is that right?

Chris: Yes, upstairs in the Darkmoon Faire, 4 o’clock,

Tim: So get some details there. David, I am going to you there for a second. Mutators have really increased replayability for co-op. We’ve seen just a ton of new mutators over the course of the year. Is it going to keep up for next year, or are we’re going to start recycling? what’s the plan?

David: Now we’ve been really excited about mutations and the mutators that we’ve made, along with the mastery levels. It really was a game changer for us. We gave fresh content to players every week, as well as the long term goals with the masteries. So we’re really excited about continuing to work on new content, new combinations. We’re even doing like special events like the Halloween one that we just played. So there will be more of those in the future. So we’re really excited about continuing our work.



Tim: Tremendous! Anything else Matt that you can tell us coming up for co-op next year?

Matt: Yeah, we’re in the middle of designing a new feature that we are calling Co-op Leaderboards, and what Co-op Leaderboards will do is it’s going to give us a score to all the co-op players. And the way this works is when you complete a mission, you’re going to get a score based on how efficiently you beat that mission. Once you’ve played all the missions you’re going to get a final score and this is what the default leaderboard will show. Our goal is not just to do the normal gameplay, we also want to do the weekly mutation challenges, so you have a weekly scoreboard there and also for the custom mutators as well.



Like I said, we’re still in the middle of designing this, so there’s a lot of details we need to still iron out. But we want to try to get as much flexibility into the system as we can. We want players to be able to look at individual missions to see how they improve the score. They want to see which commanders are doing best on which map and even per difficulty. So right now we’re looking somewhere probably middle of 2017, and we will be done with this.



Tim: That’s going to be a great addition, definitely. Here’s a question that I suspect people out there would like to know. You guys having worked on co-op, what co-op commanders do you play?

David: Well, for me and they’re all like children, like my own children, so it’s really difficult to pick a favorite. It really depends on the kind of mood I’m in. So for example, if I feel like hearing pew-pew things from space, I play Karax. I have a lot of fun with Abathur, because I like picking out powerups from the maps, so really just depends on the mood, but I like to cycle through them all.

Tim: How about you, Matt?

Matt: From day one, I think I really gravitated towards Kerrigan and I enjoyed controlling a lot of power in a single unit. I run around, I try to destroy as much as the map as I can. Obviously, on the higher difficulties I get myself in trouble because I tend to forget to build an army. But I have a lot of fun running off with Kerrigan; and right now, I want to say Alarak is coming in for a second for me, because he has a very similar feel that I could go on to the map and just destroy a lot of units, so really enjoying those two commanders.

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BlizzCon 2016 StarCraft II: Foundation of the Future Panel Transcript
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