BlizzCon 2017 StarCraft II: What’s Next Panel Transcript


Day9: Mira Han, the upcoming commander!


Participant 1: Have you seen Matthew? He never writes, he never calls.

Day9: Can you get super close to the microphone like you want to make out with it?

Participant 1: I reserve that for Matthew. Sorry.


David: That’s fantastic.

Participant 1: Thank you for making them a Co-op commander. It’s fantastic.

Participant 2: Thank you for taking my question. I hope I’m not stealing Jack Attacks question. I don’t know if he’s here or not. He posted a really interesting question to Reddit today, and in light of the Free-to-Play option that’s now going to be available in StarCraft II… I think it’s very pertinent. What work if any is being done to give players feedback on their progress over time. As a former bronze League hero myself I’m often looking for ways to improve my gameplay. A lot of that data is available through singular replays. Is there any work being done to aggregate that information to help new players improve their skills in measurable ways?


Day9: Right, and I would even extend that to how do you think about new players who are coming into Free-to-Play? Because obviously, there’s going to be a whole slew of them. How do you think about aggregating information to let them know what their improving is?

Christopher: That’s a great question. While I have nothing to announce specifically that we are doing right now, that is a goal that we have moving forward; and as new players come in, we want to make sure that they understand how to play the game, and what they can and can’t do. So we are looking at new experiences and new ways to kind of teach them; and again, I’ve got nothing to announce right now, but that is a goal of ours moving forward.


Day9: And again, I would just personally encourage brand new players who are hopping in to look for co-op as great starting point, because that already has a lot of built-in progression with levels, and the difficulties, and so on. Just as a way to get a comfortable grounding. And yes. I’m very excited to have your question at long last.

Participant 3: Yes, of course. I am actually really loving the co-op, and now that you introduced random commander, do we get extra experience for selecting random commander; and what about the stuff that only has a 5 level cap if you select random commander, and get that. Is the experience just going to go to waste or are you going to bank it until we buy the character? So sorry… a two-part-er.


David: So we’re not looking at doing an XP advantage for doing random. It’s mostly if you are trying to mix it up for yourself, and you can’t decide what to play that night. So it’s mostly– it kind of mix it up for yourself.

For the level 5 cap, the XP does not build up. As part of the leveling experience, first of all, I think the progression itself is pretty fun just to be able to unlock new abilities, but the other part of it is also sort of like a tutorial, kind of a way for you to learn the command over time. So we don’t want you to go to Level 5 bank up to 15, and then purchase it, and then you are like “wow, there are so many new things. I don’t know what is going on.” Thanks for playing co-op.


Participant 4: Alright, so going back to a lot of the story events in the Shadow War… so are we going to be able to see anything like in-game somewhere in Nova: Covert Ops within that realm?


Day9: Are we going to be seeing more in-game style Covert Ops story based on the Shadow Wars?

Participant 4: In single-player.

Valerie: It is just a little bit hard to doing it. Right now, our focus is on co-ops, but the story is continuing through the comics. So if you can check out what’s happening there, I think you will see a lot of interesting things unfold.


Day9: All right. Next customer. Nice shoes by the way. I don’t know if we can get those on camera, but those are great. Very orange.

Participant 5: Thanks. I waited two hours for these shoes, too.

David: They were worth it.

Participant 5: Okay. So this is a question from our Reddit community, and they wanted to know regarding the download of the game… are there any changes upcoming since the current install files are so huge? For example, do you still require for people to install the campaign even if they just want to play the PvP modes?

Christopher: So currently… to install for the Free-to-Play, you will be installing the entirety of the game. However, we are looking at ways that we can streamline. We can always make improvements to the game, and to players’s experiences, but currently you will be downloading the entire game.


Participant 6: This is Buswolley. Thank you for picking Parts & Parcel. This is the only reason I was able to to be here, and I appreciate it. My question on behalf of the editing community is: Are there upcoming enhancements to the editor? Things like features requested like server-side banks or any enhancements really for the editor experience?

Christopher: So I wish my wonderful comrade Ryan Schutter was up here to talk to you. He would love this question. We don’t have any plans at the moment… that I can really speak of, but again: we are constantly working for ways to make those improvements.

We’re at that stage right now where we want to make sure that every last voice and every person that is playing the game has an opportunity to say those things; and make those improvements that maybe we haven’t gotten around to. So it’s a perfect time to make that kind of feedback, because we’re at that mode right now.


Day9: I think we have time for a few more.

Participant 7: Hello. I think I speak for all of us when I say we’re really excited for Mira Han and Matt Horner the new co-op commander. In the future, are we going to be seeing more commanders of that style, where there are almost a two-in-one, or was it just a one-time thing with Mira & Matt — because of their marriage?


David: Right now it is just a one-time thing. If you guys have cool suggestions for combos, we can take a look at that. But yeah… It was mostly a very unique situation that made that really fun.


Day9: You should do a Day9 and Tasteless commander, man.

Christopher: I would PLAYyyyy that!



Day9: Every time you issue a command, it wouldn’t quite work, we’re all washed up, try real hard. The commentary… (kiss) it would be so good.

Participant 8: Hi. So I was wondering about War Chest number two, if there’s an ETA for that. If it’s going to be early in the year, later in the year, or there’s no nothing to say and no announcement?

Christopher: So the War Chest is definitely coming soon. We will have announcements. You should look out for those very, very soon. So I won’t’ be giving a date today, but the War Chest 2 is coming very, very soon. Keep a look out on the Blizzard Launcher, on our blogs. That will definitely be there. Double “very, very.”


Participant 8: Thank you very much; and Gabriel Tosh as a co-op commander would be really sick.

Christopher: Just say it: Tosh! Tosh! Tosh!


Participant 9: Last year at BlizzCon, there was something called a watch tab in a update post. Is there anything more you can to tell us?

Christopher: The watch tab is definitely something that we are interested in. This year, as you saw, we did a lot of stuff, and we just didn’t get around to get into that; but we the watch tab is something that we’re still very, very interested in. It’s our slate to look at.

I wish I could share more with you, but when we are very excited for what it could become.


Participant 10: Hey. This is for the skins that are coming out, and I was curious… you do audio treatments for these skins as well, and I was wondering how on the audio side of things you work to maintain readability of the spells (which are important piece of feedback for the player as well as imparting a very unique flavour to it) while also keeping the unique sound of what that Ability is.

Travis: Yes. With the sounds, we really had to work with what’s already there, and then we look at the theme that we are using, and just try to push a little bit of that flavour into it; but we don’t want to stray too far with what players already recognize. For exactly the reasons you mentioned. People are used to hearing certain sounds. On the visual side as well, with particles and just the skins themselves.

We really try to keep it true to what it was to keep that recognizability, and sometimes it takes a couple passes to get it just right.


Participant 10: Okay. What you just said with that little bit of flavour– Is it a noticeable difference, or is it something you really have to listen for?

Travis: It is a noticeable difference, but we don’t want to make it so noticeable that you don’t recognize the character any more.


Day9: Okay, and I think this is our last question. So this better be the best question. No pressure.

Participant 11: Okay. Everyone loves Starcraft on PC. It’s a great RTS experience, but when are you going to bring that RTS experience to the mobile platform to something in the vein of Clash Royale, so that you can stomp that competition, and make RTS on mobile great.

Christopher: I think I’m going to let you answer that, David.

David: That sounds awesome.

Christopher: It sounds super awesome, to me.

David: We should ask Mike Morhaime about it.


Day9: And don’t forget that you can still play StarCraft 1 on the Nintendo 64.

Christopher: Dust it off.


Day9: Well, that concludes the StartCraft: What’s Next Panel. If anyone has any questions– what’s the name of the bar? Joey Ray’s Bar. It is in the building. They actually, they didn’t 3D printed it. They 2D printed in life-size. It’s an actual bar. All the developers are going to hanging out there. Feel free to go down and say hello to them; and once again, thank you so much for all our panelists for providing all this great information, and for making StarCraft II awesome. Thank you.

Announcer: Thank you for attending.

Christopher: Thank you, Day9.


BlizzCon 2017 StarCraft II: What's Next Panel Transcript
1. Free-to-Play2. Co-op3. Design Patch
4. Shadow Wars Comics5. War Chests6. Community Q&A

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