Egression | StarCraft: Remasterd (Zerg Campaign #2)

Overmind: I am well pleased young Cerebrate, and so long as my prize remains intact, I shall remain pleased. Thus, its life and yours shall be made as one. As it prospers, so shall you. For you are part of the Swarm. If ever your flesh should fail, that flesh shall be made anew. That is my covenant with all Cerebrates.

Now you have grown strong enough to bear the rigors of warp travel with the Swarm. Thus we shall make our exit from this blasted world and secure the Chrysalis within the Hive cluster, upon the planet Char.

Zasz: Remnants of the Protoss fleet still linger within this planet’s orbit. They will attempt to block our exodus at every turn.

Daggoth: My Brood shall aid you, Cerebrate, should you require assistance.


Confederate Capitol World Tarsonis


  • Bring the Chrysalis to the beacon.


The Zerg Hatchery can be upgraded to a Lair and eventually a Hive. Each upgrade allows you to build additional Zerg structures.


You start with 6 Hydralisks and 1 Overlord — located near the zerg beacon/chrysalis to at the top-left corner of the mini-map.

2 Drones, 2 Overlords, 3 Hydralisks, and 2 Mutalisks at the base.

Buildings: 2 Hatcheries, 1 Spawning Pool, 1 Creep Colony.

300 Minerals – 9/26 units .


Morph 8 Larvas into a Drone at both Hatcheries as minerals become available.

Once the 8th Larve is morphing, the next minerals go to mutate the Creep Colony into a Sunken Colony .

Morph 3 larvas into a Drone at both Hatcheries.

Around 1:40, a protoss zealot will appear behind your minerals, and move to attack your drones. Use your 2 Mutalisks to kill it.

Click a Drone. Press B to open the Basic Mutation submenu. Press H to mutate into a Hatchery .

Morph 3 Larvas into a Drone at the Hatcheries.

Click a Hatchery. Press L to mutate into a Lair.

Morph a Larva into a Drone.

Click a Drone. Press B to open the Basic Mutation submenu. Press E to mutate into an Extractor at the Vespene Geyser.

Morph 3 Larva into an Overlord.

Morph 2 Larva into Drones.

Build a fourth Hatchery.

Click the Hydralisk Den. Press G to evolve Grooved Spines.

Bring any unit to the Chrysalis area to unlock access to the 6 Hydras that belong to Daggoth.

Daggoth: Do with my minions as you will Cerebrate. They will serve you unquestioningly. Go and bring swift wrath to all who would oppose the Swarm.

Around 4:00 two protoss dragoons will attack your base from the south. Kill them.

Morph 6 larvas into Hydralisks as resources become available.

When you have about 10-12 Hydralisks, kill the zealot and photon cannon southeast of your base.

Take in mind that the mission objective is to bring the chrysalis to the beacon — bottom-right corner of the map. You don’t have to clear the entire map. Just the path toward the beacon.

Bring 12+ Hydralisks south of the spot you destroyed the cannon. Move a Overlord over the high ground. There is a dragoon to the right, above ground. You will aggro 2 protoss scouts, 2 zealots, and 2 dragoons.

Don’t go upstairs, or you will aggro all of those units on the top-right. Head south toward the green-circled spot shown in the image below.

Continue to build Hydralisks. From the previous spot, head southwest and deal with these protoss troops.

Morph 4 Hydralisks.

Just south of the previous spot, you will find this ramp. Go up the ramp.

To the right, you will encounter 2 zealots. Keep moving along the high ground.

Next you will encounter 3 protoss dragoons.

With the dragoons out of the way, all you need to do now is to select a drone and bring it to the Chrysalis (located top-left corner in your base).

Bring the drone with the Chrysalis to the zerg beacon to complete the mission.

Zasz: Prepare yourself, Cerebrate. Your first jump through warp space could be… unsettling.


  • Zerg Swarm
  • Ara Tribe (Expeditionary Force)
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