Emperor’s Flight | StarCraft: Brood War (Terran #6)

UED flagship, Aleksander, en route to the planet Aiur.


Adjutant: Captain, we have tracked the fugitives Mengsk and Raynor to the devastated Protoss homeworld of Aiur. Apparently, these two have taken shelter within a fortified Protoss encampment that lies at the base of a fully functional warp gate…

DuGalle: I don’t understand this. Why would the Protoss harbor these men?

Stukov: I have no idea, Gerard, but the Protoss aren’t our only problem. Our sensors have identified multiple Zerg broods surrounding the Protoss base. Presently, the broods seem to be passive, but there’s no telling what might set them off. Should the broods attack, we’d be hard pressed to hold them at bay.

DuGalle: I see. It is a risk we’ll need to take. Mengsk represents a considerable threat to our agenda and must be eliminated. Captain, you will focus your attack against the rebel command center in the middle of the Protoss encampment. That must be where Mengsk and Raynor are hiding. We will deploy our own Valkyrie frigates and tighten up our air defenses. Vice Admiral Stukov and Lieutenant Duran will provide cover for your forces, and insure that no external threats interfere with your mission.


  • Destroy Raynor’s Command Center.


You start with 6 SCVs, 6 Marines, 4 Siege Tanks, 6 Valkyries, and 2 Science Vessels.

Buildings: Command Center, Barracks, Factory, Engineering Bay, Starport.

1000 Minerals – 200 Vespene Gas – 46/10 Supplies.


The mission starts with Valkyries annihilating multiple Mutalisks. Two dropships unload 4 Siege Tanks and destroy the Zerg base — which you claim as yours.

Once you gain direct control of the Valkyries, attack the Mutalisks shooting at your Siege Tanks.

Land the Command Center near the Vespene Geyser. Then land all the buildings south of the Minerals.

Command 6 SCVs to build 6 Supply Depots.

Send the 5 SCVs to harvest minerals when the Supply Depots are complete.

Build an SCV.

Build a Supply Depot here — to block the path into your base.

Build 4 SCVs.

Move a Science Vessel to the Supply Depot blocking the entrance to your base.

Land the Barracks here to block that exit.

Build a Refinery.

Lift Off the Factory and land it here. Build a Machine Shop.

Build 3 SCVs.

Select the Starport. Build a Tower Control addon.

Move the Marines to the blockade.

Build an Armory.

Build an SCV.

Build a second Factory.

Build a Supply Depot.

Build 2 SCV.


Stukov: Captain, the warp gate at the center of the Protoss encampment has been activated! Our sensors show that the gate’s energies are inciting the Zerg to attack. Be prepared for anything, Captain.

Repair your Valkyries.

Build 4 SCVs.

Build a Siege Tank.

Build an SCV.

Build a Supply Depot.

Build an SCV.

Build a Supply Depot.

Build an SCV.

Move the new Siege Tank behind the blockade in siege-mode.

Build a Siege Tank.

Build 4 SCVs.

Select the other Factory. Build a Machine Shop addon.

Build an SCV.

Move the Siege Tanks to the top, and go siege-mode. Bring a Science Vessel to them.

On the left, move the Siege Tanks to these spots, and go siege-mode. Move the other Sience Vessel to them.

Build a Siege Tank.

Build an SCV.

Build a Terran Academy.

Lift Off the Engineering Bay and hover it to the east of the cliff.

Build a Supply Depot.

Build 2 SCVs.

Build a Siege Tank.

Build a Supply Depot.

Set 3 Tanks into siege mode behind these rocks. Send the Valkyries to lure the Dragoons into the Tanks’ attack range.

Build a Siege Tank.

Move newly built Siege Tanks to where the previous ones are — by the rocks.

Move a Science Vessel slightly to the right of the rocks to give the Tanks vision. Another Dragoon dies.

Build 2 SCVs.

Before moving forward, bring the 6 Marines and 6 Valkyries to defend the Tanks from the Scout ahead. There is a Vespene Geyser a bit to the east of that Gateway.

Build 5 SCVs.

Build a Siege Tank.

Build 2 Supply Depots.

Now move your Tanks behind this rock and go into siege-mode. Command the Valkyries to destroy the Scourges and any Mutalisk that might aggro toward the tanks. About 8 Mutalisks and a Guardian might aggro. Retreat if you lose too many Valkyries.

Build 2 SCVs.

Select the Armory. Upgrade Vehicle Weapons Level 1.

Build an SCV.

Build a Comsat Station.

Build a Command Center close to the Vespene Geyser.

Move your army to the west. Go up the ramp and go into siege-mode. Destroy this Gateway and Photon Cannon. This becomes expansion base #2.

The aren’t in view, but there are 2 Dragoons and 2 Scouts in this protoss base. Command the Valkyries to hold position in front of the Tanks so they aren’t destroyed by the Photon Cannon.

TIP: The Science Vessels have the Defensive Matrix shield ability to buff your tanks or Valkyries.

Build 4 SCVs.

Build a Supply Depot.

Send 2 SCVs to build a Command Center and a Refinery at expansion base #2.

Build 2 Siege Tanks.

Build a second Armory.

Build 2 Supply Depots.

Build a Refinery at expansion base #1.

Build an SCV at expansion base #1.

Build 2 Siege Tanks.

Command the 3 SCVs there to harvest Vespene Gas at expansion base #1.

Repair your Tanks and Valkyries.

Move half of your Tanks to protect expansion base #1 (Center of the map).

Select 6 SCVs from your main base, and set them to harvest different Mineral nodes (each) at expansion base #2.

Build 2 Siege Tanks.

Build 4 Missile Turrets at expansion base #2 (northwest).

Build 2 SCVs at main base.

Build 2 SCVs at expansion base #2.

Build 4 Missile Turrets at expansion base #1 between the Command Center and the Refinery.

Build a third Factory.

Build a fourth Factory.

Build a fifth Factory.

Build 2 Supply Depots.

Select the Command Center at expansion base #1. Build a Comsat Station.

Select the Command Center at expansion base #2. Build a Comsat Station.

Build 2 Siege Tanks.

Select the Factory’s Machine Shop. Research Charon Boosters to increase Goliath Missile Range.

Select all Factories and set Rally point to where the cursor is shown in the image below.

Build a Supply Depot.

Select the Armory. Upgrade Vehicle Plating (P) Level 1.

Build a Science Vessel.

Build an SCV.

Build 3 Goliaths.

Build a Siege Tank.

Send the 3 SCVs that built the Factories back to harvest minerals.

(13:25) — 6 Mutalisks attack expansion base #1.

Build a sixth Factory.

Build 2 Goliaths.

Build a seventh Factory.

Build 2 Siege Tanks.

Build 2 SCVs at expansion base #1.

Build 2 Missile Turrets at expansion base #1.

Build 2 Goliaths.

Build 2 SCVs at expansion #2.

Build a new Command Center here — it will be LIFT OFF afterwards.

Move most of your Tanks and Goliaths to expansion base #1. Preparing for invasion soon. Standby.

Build 2 Goliaths.

Move your siege tanks behind these rocks. Bring Goliaths. Set them in siege mode. Move the Science Vessel to provide vision. This will aggro 4 Mutalisks.

Build 2 Goliaths.

Continue to attack the zerg base.

Build 6 Goliaths.

Select the Armory. Upgrade Vehicle Weapons Level 2.

Use the Science Vessel to lure Scourges into Goliath attack range.

Build 2 Tanks.

LIFT OFF the Command Center and land it on the minerals southwest of the Protoss base.

Move your tanks closer to the chokepoint, but keep your Goliaths nearby. Another 6 Mutalisks are within vision range. Have Comsat Station ready — there are Lurkers in this base.

Build 3 Goliaths.

Build 2 Tanks.

Build an SCV at expansion #2.

Build 5 SCVs at expansion base #3 (southwest of the Protoss base).

Back at the zerg base, deeper you will encounter Guardians.

Build 3 Goliaths.

Build a Refinery at expansion base #3.

(17:00) — Mutalisks and a Guardian attack expansion base #2 from the north. Repair the Missile Turrets, and have at least 3 Goliaths to guard this base.

Build 2 Goliaths.

Build 5 SCVs at expansion base #3. Assign 3 to harvest Vespene Gas.

Send all newly built Tanks and Goliath to join your army at the zerg base.

Select the Armory. Upgrade Vehicle Plating (P) Level 2.

Build 2 Missile Turrets at expansion base #3.

Build 3 Goliaths.

Depending how many units you have lost, you might have reached Supply Limit 200/200. Make additional Goliaths as supply limit permits when you lose some.

Build 3 Missile Turrets at expansion base #3.

(18:50) — Protoss come out of their base to attack your expansion: 3 Zealots and a Dragoon.

Rally your entire army to the Warp Gate.

There are 2 ramps to speed up the mobilization of troops.

Bring the Science Vessels to help with vision radius.

The Protoss have Archons, Dragoons, Scouts, and Zealots in this protoss base.

Replace lost Goliaths as supply limit permits.

Select the Armory. Upgrade Vehicle Weapons Level 3.

This is a massive Protoss base. I have transcribed at least 21 minutes out of 26:27.


If you want to speed up things, you can build Dropships, load a few Tanks and Goliaths, and transport them from south to north in a straight line at the easternmost edge of the map. There is actually one Photon Canon guarding that edge of the map — and it isn’t able to kill a Dropship.

Here is a test I did to accomplish this strategy. I loaded 8 tanks into 4 Dropships. I loaded 8 Goliaths into 2 Dropships. You need 6 Dropships.

Even without destroying the Zerg base and without destroying any of the Protoss bases — but with full level 3 vehicle upgrades — I sent the 6 Dropships through this route.

The arrow that ends at the center-right edge of the map is a small high-ground island. Stop there.

Now go north in a straight line, hugging the edge of the map. The sole Photon cannon won’t do much harm — keep going straight to the Minerals. Now unload all your Dropships on top of the Probes. QUICKLY select all units and press HOLD so that the Goliaths don’t wander around through the protoss base. Set your Siege Tanks into siege mode. Move the Goliaths in front of the tanks so that Zealots aren’t able to go through.

As soon as Protoss forces seem to dwindle, move half of your Tanks closer to the Command Center. Then go into Siege Mode. Grab the other half of the Tanks and move them closer to the Command Center.

Sweet, sweet mission complete for LOLz.

Stukov: Good work, Captain. The command center is destroyed, but it looks like Mengsk and Raynor will try to escape through the warp gate. Make ready to move in and intercept their vessel before…

Wait, I’ve just picked up multiple Zerg signals coming in from the northeast. That’s Duran’s position, but he seems to have moved his forces out of place! Lieutenant Duran, this is Stukov! Come in! I’m tracking a massive Zerg swarm in your quadrant! Respond, damnit!

Duran: That is strange, Vice Admiral. My scanners don’t show any Zerg at all. Maybe you have a technical problem with your equipment?

Stukov: Lieutenant, if these Zerg get through, we’ll never be able to capture Mengsk! I’m giving you a direct order to return to your position and reinforce my troops!

Duran: (Kzzzttt) Oh, I’m sorry sir, but it seems your signal’s… fading out. I couldn’t… make out that last part. I’ll try to… reestablish contact later.

Stukov: Duran! Captain, your position will be overrun by superior Zerg numbers within fifteen minutes. I suggest you retreat back to the fleet immediately. Inform Admiral DuGalle that I have a personal matter to take care of…


  • UED Strike Team
  • Ara Tribe (Protoss Refugees)
  • Jormungand Brood (Zerg Swarm)
  • Garm Brood (Zerg Swarm)
  • Mar Sara
  • Unknown (Zerg Swarm)
Episode 1: Rebel Yell (TERRAN CAMPAIGN)
1. Boot Camp2. Wasteland3. Backwater Station4. Desperate Alliance
5. The Jacobs Installation6. Revolution7. Norad II8. The Trump Card
9. The Big Push10. New Gettysburg11. The Hammer Falls12. Cinematic: The Inauguration
Episode 2: Overmind (ZERG CAMPAIGN)
1. Among The Ruins2. Egression3. New Terran Dominion4. Agent of the Swarm
5. The Amerigo6. The Dark Templar7. The Culling8. Eye for an Eye
9. The Invasion of Aiur10. Full Circle11. Cinematic: The Invasion of Aiur
Episode 3: The Fall (PROTOSS CAMPAIGN)
1. First Strike2. Into the Flames3. Higher Ground4. The Hunt for Tassadar
5. Choosing Sides6. Into the Darkness7. Homeland8. The Trial of Tassadar
9. Shadow Hunters10. Eye of the Storm11. Cinematic: The Death of the Overmind
Episode 4: The Stand (PROTOSS CAMPAIGN)
1. Escape from Aiur2. Dunes of Shakuras3. Legacy of the Xel'Naga4. The Quest for Uraj
5. The Battle of Braxis6. Return to Char7. The Insurgent8. Countdown
9. Cinematic: Fury of the Xel'Naga
Episode 5: The Iron Fist (TERRAN CAMPAIGN)
1. First Strike2. Dylarian Shipyard3. Ruins of Tarsonis4. Assault on Korhal
5b. Emperor's Fall (Birds of War)6. Emperor's Flight7. Patriot's Blood8. To Chain the Beast
9. Cinematic: UED Victory Report
Episode 6: The Queen of Blades (ZERG CAMPAIGN)
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5. True Colors6. Fury of the Swarm7. Drawing of the Web8. To Slay the Beast
9. The ReckoningX Secret Mission: Dark Origin10. Omega11. Cinematic: The Ascension

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