Escape from Aiur | StarCraft: Brood War (Protoss #1)


The nefarious Zerg Overmind has been destroyed and the Protoss homeworld of Aiur now lies in smoking ruin.

As the Executor of the remaining Protoss forces, you must now attempt to reunite your beleaguered people and save them from the ravenous Zerg who still roam mindlessly across the blackened fields of Aiur.

Isolated Protoss base on the planet Aiur.


Aldaris: Greetings, Executor. Though we all grieve for the loss of mighty Tassadar, we must find the resolve to carry on. He sacrificed himself to destroy the Overmind, but many Zerg still rage across our ruined homeworld. Without the Conclave to lead us, or the protection of our great fleets, it seems we must fend for ourselves.

Zeratul: Aldaris is correct, Executor. As we have both seen, the Zerg will not halt their rampage until every last one of us is dead. I suggest that we retreat to our last functional warp gate and travel to where the Zerg cannot follow us.

Aldaris: With all due respect, Zeratul, the Protoss do not run from their enemies. Aiur is our homeworld. It is here that we shall make our stand!

Zeratul: Just as your Conclave did? They are dead now, Aldaris, dead beacuse they allowed their pride to blind their reason. Only if we learn from their mistakes can we live to avenge them. Now, Executor, I know of a place where we can find solace. It is Shakuras, the secret homeworld of my people the Dark Templar.

Aldaris: Your people? We would be seen as tyrants to them! Why would they shelter us?

Zeratul: Have I not pledged myself to your cause? Not all beings are as unforgiving as your lamented Conclave, Aldaris.

Aldaris: You are right, of course. Executor, Zeratul shall find us passage to the warp gate. After the gate has been secured, Fenix and the new Praetor Artanis shall lead our surviving brethren to Shakuras.

Artanis: Executor, I am Artanis. Though I have only recently been appointed Praetor, you can trust that I will uphold the honor and traditions of the Templar.

Aldaris: We shall see!

Raynor: Hey boys, mind if we tag along? I figure headin’ anywhere’s got to be better than stayin’ here with the Zerg!

Zeratul: Commander Raynor. As ever, your assistance is appreciated. We would be honored if you joined us.


  • Bring Zeratul to the warp gate.
  • Zeratul must survive.


Use an attack-move to have your forces fight through masses of enemies. Press the A key, then left-click a location to have your forces engage the enemy while moving to their destination.


You start this mission with 6 Zealots, 3 Dragoons, and Zeratul (Dark Templar).

Lead with Zeratul and move southeast. A Zergling is not far from the first Pylon. At the chokepoint, you encounter a Nydus canal.

Zeratul: We should destroy these nydus canals so as to stem the flow of Zerg reinforcements through them.

EDITOR: Four Zerglings will teleport in before destroying the Nydus canal.

An additional 4 Zerglings are idle next to 2 Nydus Canals just to the right of the previous one.

You can send Zeratul alone to kill them.

Going through the southwest road, you will find another Nydus Canal, but there is a Sunken Colony. You should lead in with Zeratul and the Zealots — who can move faster than the Dragoons.

2-4 Zerglings will spawn at the Nydus Canal. In addition, an Overlord patrols the area. Zeratul might be revealed. On the other hand, Zeratul has more hit points than the Zealots and Dragoons.

From this point forward, don’t stray from the path to keep as many units alive as possible. Continue heading south.

You will gain 2 new Zealots at this spot.

Zealot: En Taro Adun! There is no time to waste. We must join our brethren in battle.

Right after that, you must act quickly. Select your team and press A, then left-click the ground south to attack the next wave. Then when the 14 Zealots come into view, select them quickly. They are ambushed by 31 Zerglings and 6 Hydralisks.

Any Zealots that survive will become part of your team. An Overlord patrols diagonally. Careful with Zeratul.

You will find 2 new Dragoons here.

If you take the lower path southeast, there are 2 additional new Zealots by the Nydus Canal. Destroy it. 4 Zerglings will spawn attacking these 2 Zealots. You can make them come to you. If you don’t destroy the Nydus Canal, Zerglings will continuously teleport in.

There is a out-of-view Sunken Colony just north of the Spore Colony. Don’t send Zeratul in front. There is a Spore Colony north of the Sunken Colony, plus an Overlord patrolling east-to-west.

There is an additional Sunken Colony northwards.

As soon as you attack the Ultralisk Cavern, 2 Ultralisks will aggro from the north. Be on your toes. Don’t go toward them. Let them come to you where there is plenty of space for all your Zealots to surround them. If you move to the chokepoint, only a few of your Zealots can attack, which means you will lose a lot of Zealots.

Continue moving north until you see zerg creep. You should go to the right — there are 4 new Zealots fighting a Ultralisk. Join them.

Zeratul: Ah, it is good to see more of our brethren on the battlefield.

Resume heading north where you will find a Ultralisk and 2 Hydralisks near a Ultralisk Cavern.

At the end of the northern path, you will find a temple and a large group of new Protoss units. However, near the lake, there are 4 Zerglings.

Moving closer to the protoss group you will trigger a dialogue.

Templar: En Taro Adun, Zeratul! This is all that remains of our forces in this province. We have found the location of the warp gate, but there is a sizeable Zerg force blocking the way.

This group consists of 4 Zealots, 2 Dragoons, 2 Templars, and 1 Archon.

Take a good look at the screenshot above. There are two Protoss Batteries. You can return to recharge your units’ plasma shields any time.

Head east to find a Nydus Canal and 4 Hydralisks. Destroy the Nydus Canal to prevent more Zerg forces from teleporting in.

Next you will find more Zerg creep. You should expect an ambush. You might want to lead in with the Archo (which has 350 hit points + 10 shield).

There are 6 burrowed Zerglings and 2 Hydralisks. Moving into the creep you willl automatically aggro 4 additional Zerglings and 2 Hydralisks — plus there is a Sunken Colony. Use the Templars to cast Psi Storm where needed.

There is an additional Sunken Colony south of the previous one, plus a Spore Colony.

A bunch of Zerg Scourge fly by when you reach this empty valley — but it is a trap. The Dragoons will auto-attack the Scourges as a distraction, while simultaneously a bunch of random Zerglings will unburrow to attack your units. Re-focus all your units (including Dragoons) to focus on the zerglings.

Next you will find a Creep Colony. A Ultraliks is northwest of it, and it will aggro as soon as you get near the Creep Colony.

You can now safely arrive to the Protoss base. Move toward the Stargate to unlock access to that base.

Zeratul: Executor, I have located the warp gate. We must hurry and evacuate the Khalai survivors before the Zerg return!

Note: Move all your units into the Warp Gate. A bunch of Zerlings spawn east of the Nexus.

Raynor: Just worry about getting your people through the gate, Executor. Fenix and I will hang back and protect our flank until everyone is through.


  • Khalai Survivors
  • Fenris Brood
  • Jormungand Brood
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