First Strike | StarCraft: Remastered (Protoss Campaign #1)


The Zerg Overmind has succeeded in invading the Protoss Homeworld of Aiur and has embedded itself into the crust of the planet.

Now, as the agents of the sinister Overmind spread chaos and destruction across the face of Aiur, the stalwart Protoss defenders prepare themselves for the coming onslaught.


Citadel of the new Protoss Executor

Two days after the Zerg invasion.


Aldaris: En Taro Adun, Executor. I am Judicator Aldaris, and I have been sent by the Conclave to serve and counsel you. The former Executor, Tassadar, was commanded to halt the Zerg progress in the Terran sector by burning the infested human worlds.

Unfortunately, he disregarded his orders and attempted to destroy the Zerg while sparing the Terrans from the flame. Clearly, Tassadar has failed us. You must not.

The Conclave has dictated that our first priority is to strengthen our defenses. You must reinforce our outpost in Antioch and make certain that the province does not fall to the Zerg. Your old comrade, Praetor Fenix, will meet you there and assist you in this endeavor.


  • Meet Fenix at Antioch.
  • Destroy the Zerg base.
  • Fenix must survive.


All Protoss buildings, except the Nexus, must be built within the energy field of a Pylon.


You start with 6 Zealots and 2 Dragoons.

400 Minerals – 100 Vespene Gas – 22/25 Units .


Move your 6 Zealots and 2 Dragoons slowly to the north. You will encounter 3 Zerglings.

A bit north, there is a chokepoint. There are 3 Zerglings and 2 Hydralisks above it.

Now move northwest until you find a bridge. Kill the 2 nearby Hydralisks.

A bit south of those two, there are 6 Zerglings. You may want to go a bit east, so that you only aggro one pack.

Enter the Protoss base. This will trigger a script that enables the base to become yours. You gain control of an additional Zealot and 3 Dragoons.

EDITOR: Align the Zealots in a straight line to block the chokepoint of your base. Place the Dragoons in the back in a straight line. As soon as enemies attack, micro-manage the Zealots that are most damaged, and move them behind the others while their shields regenerate.

Fenix: Ah, Executor! En Taro Adun! It is good to see you once more upon the field of battle.

Alas, all of our Probes were lost in the last Zerg attack, and we had no resources with which to replace them.

I had intended to construct Photon Cannons here for defense, but without Probes, we could not do so.

NOTE: Protoss buildings can only be placed within the blue area of influence of a Pylon.

EDITOR: There are no probes or units other than the ones described. You have a Nexus, Gateway, Forge, and an Assimilator. Plus, 2 Pylons.

Select the Nexus, and build a Probe.

Select the Forge. Upgrade Ground Weapons (W).

Build a new Probe. This brings you to 25/25 units.

Build a Pylon next to the Gateway to power it up, and to increase your unit limit.

NOTE: After it has started a building’s warp rift, a Probe can be given new commands. The building will finish warping in on its own.

Build 4 new Probes.

Build a new Pylon.

Send 3 Probes to harvest Vespene Gas at the Assimilator.

Build 4 new Probes.

Build a Cybernetics Core.

Select the Forge. Upgrade Ground Armor (A).

Build 2 Probes.

Select the Cybernetics Core. Upgrade Singularity Charge to increase the Dragoons attack range.

Build 2 new Probes.

Build a new Pylon.

Build a new Probe.

Build a second Gateway.

Build a new Probe.

Build a third Gateway.

Build a new Probe.

Build a new Pylon.

When all upgrades are completed at the Forge and Cybernetics Core, send all your units out toward the enemy base — located top-left of the mini-map.

Expect at least 4 Zerglings and 2 Hydralisks to welcome you.

Destroy the Sunken Colony.

Bring a Probe to build a new Nexus at the new expansion base.

Build 5 Probes to harvest minerals at the expansion base. Send them here before the Nexus is completed.

Select the Forge. Upgrade Plasma Shields (S).

Build 8 new Dragoons at the Gateways, and rally them to the expansion base.

Keybind all your Zealots into a group by pressing SHIFT + 1. Then press 1 to auto-select that group whenever you need them.

Once you have a total of 12 Dragoons, keybind them into a group by pressing SHIFT + 2. Then press 2 anytime to auto-select all that group.

Continue to build new Zealots and Dragoons and rally them to the Zerg base to support your main troops.

This is the Zerg base.

Expect at least 4-6 Mutalisks to defend the zerg base. 4 of them are at the top-right corner of the map, but when you attack their base, they might come to defend the zerg base — that’s why you are building Dragoons en mass.

Fenix: You know, Executor, although we two have marched across hundreds of worlds together, I never imagined that we would be fighting on Aiur. The Zerg are indeed worthy foes.


  • Fleet of the Executor
  • Grendel Brood (Zerg Swarm)
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