Homeland | StarCraft: Remastered (Protoss Campaign #7)

Protoss Command Ship Gantrithor

Holding Orbit over the planet Aiur


Fenix: Greetings Executor! And greetings to you, Tassadar. I am overjoyed to see you both return home in this dark hour. The Zerg have redoubled their efforts, and it seems–

Tassadar: Fenix? It can’t be! The Executor told me of how you fell before the Zerg. How is it that you live and breathe?

Fenix: Ha hah… Well, after my unfortunate defeat, my ruined body was recovered by our brethren. I now reside within the cold, robotic shell of a Dragoon.

Tassadar: Old friend — would that this never came to pass…

Fenix: Nonsense! There is no shame in defeat so long as the spirit is unconquered, and I am still able to serve Aiur to a degree. But enough of this.

There is much you both need to know. You have been branded as traitors by Aldaris and the Conclave. Even now they seek to arrest you and execute the Dark Templar, Zeratul.

Tassadar: I never believed that they would go so far. In the face of total annihilation they still cling to their failing traditions!

Fenix: Yes, and that makes them all the more dangerous. They hunt you even now, Tassadar. And though I damn myself by doing so, I shall stand by you till the end.

Tassadar: En Taro Adun, noble Fenix. Executor, it seems that if our world is to live, we must protect the Dark Templar from our own brethren. Although it pains me greatly, not even the Conclave shall stand in our way.


  • Destroy the heart of the Conclave.
  • Fenix, Zeratul and Tassadar must survive.


Protoss Observers are great for scouting: they remain permanently cloaked, and can detect hidden units.


The mission starts with Tassadar and Zeratul surrounded by the Conclave forces.

You start with 4 Dark Templar, 4 Zealots, Tassadar, and Zeratul. Select all your units and run north toward your base.

At the base, there are 2 Probes, 4 Dragoons, 4 Zealots, Fenix (Dragoon), 1 Scout and 1 Observer.

Buildings: Nexus, Assimilator, 1 Gateway, 1 Starport, Forge, Citadel of Adun, Cybernetics Core, and 9 Pylons.

2500 Minerals – 2500 Vespene Gas – 34/89 Supplies.


Aldaris: Executor, you and the traitor Tassadar are to cease your resistance and surrender yourselves to the judgment of the Conclave. We will take the outlaw, Zeratul, into custody and deal with him as is written by the Khala’s law.

Tassadar: Flee back to your masters Aldaris, and huddle with them in darkness! For your actions shall set us all unto the Zerg!

Move all your units to your base in the north, to the safety of photon cannons, before you lose 2+ units.

Send your 2 Probes to harvest Minerals.

Build 2 Probes.

Build a Pylon right of your Nexus.

Build a second Gateway.

Build a second Forge.

Build a third Forge.

Build a third Gateway.

Build 2 Probes.

Select the Forge (far east in your base). Upgrade Ground Weapons (W).

Select the Cybernetics Core (far east in your base). Upgrade Singularity Charge (S).

Select the Citadel of Adun. Develop Leg Enhancements.

Build a Pylon.

Build a fourth Gateway.

Select the completed second Forge. Upgrade Ground Armor (A).

Select the completed third Forge. Upgrade Plasma Shields.

Build a Templar Archives.

Build 5 Probes.

Send the Probe you were building with to harvest minerals.

Send the Observer to the east to check out your expansion field.

Build a Probe.

Send a Probe to the expansion field to build a Nexus.

Build 4 Templars.

Select the Templar Archives. Develop Psi Storm.

NOTE: Whenever the enemy attacks your base, cast Psi Storm with your Templars. Replace destroyed Photon Cannons and Dragoons as needed.

Build 2 Probes at the main base.

Select the Forge. Upgrade Ground Weapons Level 2.

Select another Forge. Upgrade Plasma Shields Level 2.

Build a Pylon at the Nexus in the expansion base.

Build 2 Probes at the main base.

Build 3 Templars.

Create 2 Archons by merging 4 Templars.

Build 2 Photon Cannons at the expansion base.

Build 2 Probes at the main base.

Send some of your army to protect the expansion base.

Build 2 Probes at your expansion base.

Build 3 Templar.

Build an Assimilator at the expansion base. Assign 3 Probes to harvest Vespene Gas when it is complete.

Build 4 Probes among the 2 Nexus (2 in each).

Select the Forge. Upgrade Ground Weapons Level 3.

Build 4 Probes.

Select the Cybernetics Core. Develop Plasma Shields Level 3.

Build 4 Probes.

Build a Pylon.

Build 2 Probes.

Build a fifth Gateway.

Build a Photon Cannon at the expansion base.

Build a sixth Gateway.

Build another Photon Cannon at the expansion base.

Build 4 Dragoons.

Build 2 Probes at the main base.

Build 2 Probes at the expansion base.

Build a Templar.

Build a Robotics Facility.

Build 2 Templar.

Build a Zealot.

Build 2 Probes at the main base.

Build 2 Probes at the expansion base.

Build a Pylon.

Build a Robotics Support Bay.

Build a Templar.

Build 4 Dragoons.

Build 3 Probes at the expansion base.

Build a Pylon.

Build a Probe at the main base.

Build a Protoss Observatory.

Build 6 Probes between both Nexus.

Select the Robotics Facility. Build an Observer.

Build 3 Pylons.

Select the Templar Archives. Develop Khaydarin Amulet.

Continue to build Zealots, Templars, and Dragoons at a pace.

Send 8 Zealots, 3 Templars, 5 Archons, and 12 Dragoons to attack south of your base.

Cast Psi Storm on Reavers, Arbiters and Scouts.

Once destroyed, build a Nexus at the new expansion base, a pylon and at least 3-4 photon cannons. Then an assimilator. Build new probes for the expansion base.

Build new Gateways until you have a total of 10 Gateways.

Continue to build Zealots, Dragoons, and Templars. Keep 4 templars at all times, and all other Templars merge them into Archons.

Complete all remaining upgrades at the Forge.

Now rally all your army to attack this spot in the mini-map.

There are a few Scouts and Reavers in this enemy base. Focus your Templars to cast Psi Storm on Scouts and Reavers mainly.

Continue to open a path toward the enemy Stargates and Robotics Facility. Kill all units at the Starport, and focus on destroying the Pylons to halt any production of new Scouts and Carriers.

Now head toward the bottom-right corner of the mini-map to destroy the Nexus and remaining buildings.

This mission was completed in 23:40 minutes (as seen in the video).

When the enemy Nexus is destroyed, a trigger initiates an onscreen message:

Tassadar: Executor! Aldaris! This madness must stop! The sight of my brethren slaughtering one another is more than I can stand. Though I fear you would doom us all, Aldaris, I surrender myself to the Conclave. En Taro Adun, Executor. Don’t give up the fight!

Aldaris: Tassadar of the Templar, by your actions you have severed yourself from the mercy of your brethren. You refused to destroy the Terran worlds as was commanded. You have questioned time and time again, the sacred will of the Conclave. And you have abandoned your Homeworld in its darkest hour. Most grievous of all is that you have allied yourself with the blasphemous Dark Ones, and learned to utilize their profane powers in tandem with our own! What say you, oh fallen Templar?

Tassadar: Aldaris, I submit myself to the Conclave’s judgment. But know this given the same choices again, I would surely have made them. I have sacrificed all that our world might live. I have sullied my honor, I have discarded my rank and standing, and I have even broken our own most ancient traditions. But never think that I would, for one moment, regret my actions. For I am Templar, and above all else, I have sworn to Protect our Homeworld ’till the end.


  • Fleet of the Executor
  • Unknown
  • Furinax Tribe (Vanguard of Aiur)
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Episode 2: Overmind (ZERG CAMPAIGN)
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5. The Amerigo6. The Dark Templar7. The Culling8. Eye for an Eye
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Episode 3: The Fall (PROTOSS CAMPAIGN)
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5. Choosing Sides6. Into the Darkness7. Homeland8. The Trial of Tassadar
9. Shadow Hunters10. Eye of the Storm11. Cinematic: The Death of the Overmind
Episode 4: The Stand (PROTOSS CAMPAIGN)
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9. Cinematic: Fury of the Xel'Naga
Episode 5: The Iron Fist (TERRAN CAMPAIGN)
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5b. Emperor's Fall (Birds of War)6. Emperor's Flight7. Patriot's Blood8. To Chain the Beast
9. Cinematic: UED Victory Report
Episode 6: The Queen of Blades (ZERG CAMPAIGN)
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