Into the Darkness | StarCraft: Remastered (Protoss Campaign #6)

Cinematic: The Ambush

Wastelands, Terran Dominion border world Char.

Dominion Base Camp.

Reconnaissance detachment.

Private: Hey seargeant! Sarge! Hey!

Sergeant: You will immediately tell me why you have called me from my desk, Private!

Private: Protoss unit, Sarge! Coming through the south pass. It looks broke!

Sergeant: Kill it! Fire.

Private: Woo hoo! Oh yea! Yeah! Feel that hot love right up your tailpipe!


Protoss Command Ship Gantrithor.

Low orbit over the planet Char.


Tassadar: Executor, I sense that Zeratul and his brethren are close by. But I have been unable to make contact with them. I fear they may be in grave danger. We must scour this area immediately and find the Dark Templar, lest they be overcome by the Zerg.


  • Rescue Zeratul.
  • Tassadar must survive.


Use Hallucination to make multiple holograms of a single unit. Use them to scout and draw enemy fire as decoys.


This isn’t a mining mission. It’s a unit only mission.

You start with a Templar (Tassadar), and 2 Zealots.


Move south and send a Zealot near the corner to provide vision. Kill the 4 Zerglings. In this mission, Tassadar has a an auto-attack too. Move a Zealot away when the shield is spent to prevent physical damage.

There are 4 Zerglings on the eastern side as well, and 2 Hydralisks downstairs. Try not too get too close to the stairs so the Hydralisks don’t unburrow. If they do, Psi Storm them.

After you kill the 2 Hydralisks downstairs, select Tassadar to cast Hallucination on a Zealot. Send a Hallucination back upstairs and go west along the catwalk. There is a infested terran at the end that will aggro later when you go past the door.

Go downstairs, and past the closed doors. There are 6 Marines here. Walk toward them. They join your team.

Terran Marine: Mind if we tag along?

There are 3 Hydralisks burrowed left of the door you entered into the this room.

Below you can see what happens when you don’t kill the Infested Terran Marine standing in high ground. He comes from behind, out of nowhere.

Moving west, there are 3 burrowed Hydralisks here.

There are 4 Terran Marines in this room. They join your team.

Terran Marine: Mind if we tag along?

Go back to the main avenue at the crossroads. Move south. There are 5 burrowed Zerglings behind this door. Plus another 3 Zerglings closeby. Careful here. An infested Terran Marine comes from the south. Best way to handle this is to use Hallucination on a Zealot, and ram through toward the spot where the Infested Terran unburrows.

Going east, it might be easy to miss these two doors, and continue going south as if it wasn’t there. Go through the door to access an entire area that leads north to the top-right corner of the mini-map.

Stay there. Send Tassadar to cast Psi Storm at this spot. There are 7 burrowed Zerg in that corner. They could aggro later.

There is nothing of value at this specific spot, but if you go, there is a hidden flamethrower turret by the stairs.

In the image above, at the end of the platform you are standing in there are 2 Hydralisks. Up the stairs, it is a deadend room. The northern side of that room has 7 burrowed Zerglings. Again, that spot there doesn’t have anything of value. I would just ignore the area.

Instead, go through the center bridge. There are 2 Hydralisks burrowed in the middle of the bridge.

At the end of the bridge, by the stairs, there are 2 hidden flamethrower turrets. The 2 Zealots can handle them solo. The Marines would certainly die.

Bring Tassadar to the Protoss Beacon. You will hear a voice message that says: “Teleportation field activated.” A Dragoon and 2 Zealots teleport nearby.

Go back to the main road to the 2 doors that led to the beacon room.

Select Tassadar to Psi Storm these 2 burrowed Hydralisks by the corner.

As you head south, you will find a crossroads.

The best option is southeast — because you will get access to 11 Marines. However, as you get near them, about 12 Zerglings unburrow near them. You need to bring all your units before reaching these marines, so that you can kill the zerglings faster in order to reduce the amount of marines lost.

An alternative is to select all the 11 marines quickly and move them north. Then use Tassadar to Psi Storm the Zerglings.

Terran Marine: We gotta move!

DO NOT GO INTO THAT ROOM. There is no benefit. It is filled with burrowed Zerglings and Hydralisks. But don’t take my word for it. All these yellow circles are burrowed zerg.

Go back to the crossroads. Don’t go southwest yet — the door at the end is closed shut. Go north to the beacon that opens that door.

You need to be careful here. This area has a few Infested Terrans. Tassadar must survive. Better to send a marine with the least health to scout.

At this spot, a terran marine triggered 7 Zerglings to unburrow.

Terran Marine: What was that?

A Tassadar Psi Storm might come handy.

Here is the Infested Terran. Use Tassadar to create a Hallucination of your Zealot. Send the Hallucination to trigger the Infested Terran.

Past the bridge, and going up this path — there are 3 Hydralisk burrowed. Cast Psi Storm, or send in your marines.

There are 2 Hydralisks above the stairs in high ground.

Step on the beacon.

A message appears onscreen:

Security Doors unlocked.

Now the door at the southwest path is open.

Go back to the crossroads instead. Go southwest. Be careful, however, the corner has 2 hidden flamethrowers. In addition, there is a hidden Missile Turret on the wall, left of this zealot (image below). Another turret a few yards after. It is best to let the Zealots handle these. The marines will certainly die to the flamethrowers.

Down this path, there are 2 Infested Terrans. Select Tassadar and cast Hallucination on a Zealot. Then send a Hallucination to the Infested Terran. Send the second Hallucination to the next Infested Terran.

There is a third Infested Terran at the end of this road.

Go upstairs. At the end of the path, there are 2 hidden missile turrets on the ground.

Past this door, be extremely careful. There is a stack of Zerg: 4 Zerglings, 3 Hydralisks and 1 Infested Terran. Cast Psi Storm.

Once you enter through this door, you get access to new Terran units: 3 Marines, 4 Firebats, and 1 Ghost.

Bring all the units outside the door and align them. Firebats in front. Close a the path, and put the marines in the back. Have Tassadar behind the Marines. Cloak the Ghost and make it walk to this corner.

Now prepare for the mother of Zerg rushes. 28 Zerglings will come running down the hallway toward you.

The Zerglings are at the spot shown in the image above, but there is a trigger at the corner that forces them to run toward you.

Hopefully, you have enough units still alive. The ideal positioning is to surround align the zealots along the tiles in a straight line. Then position Tassadar leftmost. Leave one exit.

Position your firebats behind the Zealots, and all the marines. Select them all, and press HOLD position. Now, send the ghost in cloak mode to the corner to trigger the zergling rush.

Move the ghost quickly to the exit next to Tassadar. Because the ghost is cloaked, the zerglings can’t get past Tassadar and the ghost to kill the marines. They get confused and start to walk back and forth without attacking anything. Psi Storm them as the marines shoot them silly.

This door is locked. You have to move east to find a beacon that unlocks the door.

Be careful at the beacon. There are 3 hidden turrets on each side for a total of 6 turrets.

Tassadar’s plasma shields is strong enough to kill all 6 turrets, however.

A message appears onscreen when you step on the beacon:

Opening cell doors.

Now go back to the locked door — which is now open. Step on the protoss beacon.

Tassadar: Greetings, Dark One. I have come to bring you home.

Zeratul: Greetings to you mighty Tassadar. I knew that you would not forsake us. For in the time that you have spent with us, you have learned to value our ways and our methods. You have learned to channel our dark power as well as that of your masters; thus, you alone have found completeness beyond the scope of the Khala. But I fear that the Conclave, in its pride, could never bring itself to welcome outcasts such as we.

Tassadar: Outcasts though you may be, it is your vision and courage that may yet save our Homeworld from the Swarm. I beg of you, Zeratul, return with us to Aiur. Though they are petty, and have, in ignorance cursed your kind for generations… help me save our people.

Zeratul: Since our banishment long ago, we have never failed in our responsibility to Aiur. Though it shall cause us great pain to see our homeland once more, we shall return with you, Tassadar. We will do what we can.


  • Fleet of the Executor
  • Grendel Brood (Zerg Swarm)
  • Fenris Brood (Zerg Swarm)
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