Reign of Fire | StarCraft: Brood War (Zerg #2)

High orbit over the planet Braxis.


Kerrigan: The Psi Disrupter is causing me some very serious problems. Although I’ve regained control of my forces here, it’s taking more and more concentration just to keep them in line.

Raynor: Aww… My heart’s breaking for you, Kerrigan. Now exactly why was it that you asked Fenix and I to bring Mengsk to you?

Kerrigan: Are you still suspicious that I’ll kill him for abandoning me to the Zerg? I’ve gotten over it, Jim. We can’t afford to let petty hatreds jeopardize our plans for the UED.

Mengsk: That’s reassuring.

Kerrigan: Arcturus… I presume you found your cold-sleep chamber… accommodating?

Mengsk: What is the meaning of this, Kerrigan?

Kerrigan: Straight to the point, huh? I was hoping to chat. It’s been awhile.

Mengsk: Not long enough. Why have I been brought here?

Kerrigan: I need your Psi Emitters, Arcturus.

Mengsk: Why?

Kerrigan: Remember the Confederate Psi Disrupter that you could never find? Well, the UED found it. And it’s preventing me from controlling my minions. With the help of your Psi Emitters, I can gather up enough Zerg to destroy the Disrupter and confront the UED.

Mengsk: And what are you offering me in return?

Kerrigan: Hah. Ever the politician. All right, “Emperor”, if you help me destroy the Disrupter, I’ll help you retake Korhal from the UED.

Mengsk: Hmm… a tempting offer. What assurances do I have of you fulfilling your end of the bargain?

Kerrigan: The only thing I can assure you of, Arcturus, is that without my help, you’ll be the Emperor of your own little eight by eight cell for the rest of your life.

Mengsk: (sigh) I see that you’re still a persuasive speaker. All right, Kerrigan. I’ll lend you some Emitters, but this had better be worth it.


  • Destroy the Psi Disrupter.


You start the mission with 2 Drones . There are 3 Hydralisks down the ramp (west).

850 Minerals – 200 Vespene Gas – 1/1 Supplies.


Raynor: All right boys and girls, listen up! Our objective is to locate and disable the Psi Disrupter’s primary power generator. Once we’ve done that, we’ll turn the mission over to Mengsk and Kerrigan. Let’s move out!

Ghost: I’m gone…

Marine: Go! Go! Go!

Raynor: Kerrigan, the generator’s off-line. You can send down the Psi Emitter at any time.

Kerrigan: Good work, Jim.

Mengsk: The Psi Emitter will be carried by one of my SCVs. With the Disrupter’s power cut, the Emitter should be able to get the attention of any renegade Zerg near it. The SCV will then be able to lure the Zerg back to your base. Once the Zerg arrive there, you’ll be able to assert direct control over them.

Select the SCV and approach the 2 Zerg Drones to gain control of them.

Kerrigan: Perfect! With these Zerg I can construct a new hive cluster! Once my forces have grown strong enough, I can assault the Psi Disrupter directly!

NOTE: Select a Drone and build a Hatchery near the Vespene Geyser and the Minerals.

Kerrigan: Excellent work! Although these Zerg are now under my control, I sense that there are more Zerg out there. We must lure as many of them here as possible!

Note: When the Hatchery is nigh complete, send the other Drone to harvest minerals.

Build an Overlord.

Get near the 4 Zerglings south of your Minerals to convert them into your team. Get the SCV near them. There are 4 more zerglings a few yards southwest.

You will find 3 Hydralisks down the ramp to the west. Get near them with the SCV.

Build 2 Drones.

Build a second Hatchery.

Build 3 Drones.

Build an Overlord.

Align your 8 Zerglings across the ramp in a configuration that blocks access to the base. Place the Hydralisks behind them.

Build 8 Drones.

Build an Extractor at the Vespene Geyser.

Build 2 Drones.

Build a Spawning Pool.

Build a Drone.

Build an Overlord.

Build a third Hatchery.

Send 3 Drones to harvest Vespene Gas.

Build 3 Drones.

Build a Hydralisk Den.

(7:14) — 3 Marines,a Firebat, and a Medic approach the base from the west. Kill them asap before the Medic arrives behind.

Build 4 Drones.

Select the Hydralisk Den. Evolve Muscular Augments to increase Hydralisk movement speed.

Build 3 Drones.

Send your minions to destroy this Bunker.

If you see the image above, you can see a Zergling to the left of the Bunker. Approach the 3 Zerglings with the SCV to join your team.

You will find 3 Marines and a Medic here heading toward your base.

Build 4 Hydralisks.

Further north, you will find 3 Firebats idle.

Build 5 Hydralisks.

Destroy this Bunker and Siege Tank.

East of the Siege Tank you will find 3 Renegade Zerg. Bring the SCV to join them to the team.

Build 3 Overlords.

Send the newly built Hydralisks to join your main army.

Build 7 Hydralisks.

(10:10) — 2 Wraiths attack the base from the east. Move the Drones away until the Hydralisks spawn to deal with them — if you didn’t leave any at the base to counter the Wraiths.

Destroy this Bunker and Siege Tank asap. The Tank first. This will be your expansion base.

Bring the SCV to this location. Approach the 3 Renegade Hydralisks to join them into your team.

Bring the SCV here to claim this Ultralisk to join your team.

SCV: Um, with all due respect to Miss Kerrigan sir. These critters make me nervous as hell. I sure would appreciate some immedate evac.

Build 8 Hydralisks.

Send the newly built ones to rally at your main army’s location for support.

You will encounter 2 Firebats at this ramp.

The enemy Terran base is located here, and it is very well defended by 8 Marines, 2 Siege Tanks, 2 Firebats, a Bunker, 2 Wraiths, and 1 Goliath.

Lead in with the Ultralisk to draw the fire, focusing on the closest Siege Tank; and move all your units up the ramp before attacking so that the units behind are able to get up the ramp.

Build 4 Hydralisks. Send the previous ones to join your army.

Further north, 5 Marines and 2 Medics defend the Barracks.

The Command Center is right above the Barracks with a Bunker, a Siege Tank, and 6 Marines.

Build 4 Hydralisks.

Continue with the destruction of the Command Center and its defenses.

Build 4 Hydralisks.

To the east of the Command Center you will encounter another Bunker and 3-5 Marines with 2 Medics.

There is a second Command Center in this spot, with Marines and Medics protecting it. But careful not to get too close to the Terran Academy. There is a Siege Tank in high ground.

Here is the Siege Tank — southeast of the Terran Academy.

Build 5 Hydralisks.

Destroy the 2 Factories and the Barracks to prevent new enemy units from being built.

Careful with the Siege tank barely seen to the south.

Build 5 Hydralisks. Send the previous ones to your army’s location.

Destroy the Psi Disrupter building to complete the mission. It has 2000 hitpoints.


  • Zerg Swarm
  • UED Defense garrison
  • Raynor’s Raiders
  • Garm Brood (Renegade Zerg)
Episode 1: Rebel Yell (TERRAN CAMPAIGN)
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Episode 2: Overmind (ZERG CAMPAIGN)
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5. The Amerigo6. The Dark Templar7. The Culling8. Eye for an Eye
9. The Invasion of Aiur10. Full Circle11. Cinematic: The Invasion of Aiur
Episode 3: The Fall (PROTOSS CAMPAIGN)
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5. Choosing Sides6. Into the Darkness7. Homeland8. The Trial of Tassadar
9. Shadow Hunters10. Eye of the Storm11. Cinematic: The Death of the Overmind
Episode 4: The Stand (PROTOSS CAMPAIGN)
1. Escape from Aiur2. Dunes of Shakuras3. Legacy of the Xel'Naga4. The Quest for Uraj
5. The Battle of Braxis6. Return to Char7. The Insurgent8. Countdown
9. Cinematic: Fury of the Xel'Naga
Episode 5: The Iron Fist (TERRAN CAMPAIGN)
1. First Strike2. Dylarian Shipyard3. Ruins of Tarsonis4. Assault on Korhal
5b. Emperor's Fall (Birds of War)6. Emperor's Flight7. Patriot's Blood8. To Chain the Beast
9. Cinematic: UED Victory Report
Episode 6: The Queen of Blades (ZERG CAMPAIGN)
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5. True Colors6. Fury of the Swarm7. Drawing of the Web8. To Slay the Beast
9. The ReckoningX Secret Mission: Dark Origin10. Omega11. Cinematic: The Ascension

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