Review – Dark Horse StarCraft: Soldiers # 2

After the fiasco that StarCraft: Scavengers was, in my opinion, I was ready to step back from reviewing StarCraft: Soldiers — a 4-part mini-series.

The StarCraft: Scavengers limited series had some good points, but killing off the entire crew and leaving only 1 Terran survivor, and 1 Protoss — was such a let down. At the end, the readers don’t even know what the name of the protoss dark templar is or why she was imprisoned in the prison ship. I’m sorry. I just can’t lie to myself or fans. I say it the way I experience it.

On to StarCraft: Soldiers, I haven’t yet seen any correlation between StarCraft: Scavengers and StarCraft: Soldiers. None of the characters have crossed over.

StarCraft: Soldiers takes place in planet Cavir — at the very fringe between Zerg and Terran Dominion space. A Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

A newly appointed Lieutenant Singh was given the task to oversee operations at Cavir. Suddenly, she notices the presence of a farmer in DMZ territory, and threatens to take him under custody.

Problem is… he is not alone. There is a vast farmer and mining colony living here for several years. The lieutenant… she is very tight in terms of following rules and the law. The colonists are in direct violation of Terran Dominion law, and the colonists are a liability that could trigger the end of the peace treaty between the Zerg and the Terran Dominion. Thus, her mission now is to vacate Cavir, and relocate the civilians. Not an easy task.

Thus far, issue #2 gives me a bit of hope that the limited-series will get to the basics of StarCraft and show us something worthwhile to read.

However, I am very disappointed and kinda confused on what these Dark Horse comics based on StarCraft II are meant to be. Are they just meant to be normal stories based on the StarCraft universe?

The Tokyopop Manga series were kinda their own thing as well, so it shouldn’t surprise me much that Dark Horse and Blizzard Entertainment are going that route with StarCraft: Scavengers and StarCraft: Soldiers.

However, past novels and to a degree… past comics have influenced one way or another what we see later in the video game expansions. So, yes. Guilty as charged. I was expecting a tie-in with some new StarCraft content… whether it is StarCraft 3, a new expansion, or a DLC pack akin to StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops.

I was disappointed when BlizzCon had nothing new to show for StarCraft considering the Dark Horse licensed comics based on StarCraft around that time.

Nothing has been announced, and by the time StarCraft: Soldiers reaches issue #4 (April 24, 2019), there would be no gaming convention platform to announce any new StarCraft games.

So with that in mind, don’t expect (like I did) to see huge revelations or tie-in nuggets in this limited series.

There is some potential, though, for content from the comics to show up later in future StarCraft content — but considering we haven’t seen much from the Tokyopop Manga in-game, no high hopes here.

Issue #2 gives us a brief glimpse into Lieutenant Singh’s past and roots. She is no stranger to the hardships of the farmer and mining colonists in planet Cavir. However, she is strongheaded in her beliefs and convictions as a loyal soldier of the Terran Dominion. Her orders were explicit. These colonists might put the peace treaty into jeopardy and must be evacuated immediately.

I don’t know what will happen toward the end of the limited series, but what little I have seen in issue #1 and #2, gives me a sliver of hope that the limited series, as a standalone story, might flesh out this new character and get us into her mind.

There is a serious internal conflict here between what she herself experienced in her childhood, and her orders. Seems like an interesting recipe for a heart and mind struggle.

Then there is a brief mention of the Umojan Protectorate and the Kel-Morian Combine. They have been squeezing territory off the Terran Dominion. This at least gives me hope that if we ever get a new StarCraft video game content, we might be facing some sort of civil war between the three factions. Let’s not forget that the StarCraft: Scavenger limited Series also revealed the Scavengers’ contractor was the UED. Very little, but immensely teasing.

The cliffhanger in StarCraft: Soldiers #2 raises questions. Were the mining colonists behind the sabotage, or even more intriguing considering the stealth required to have sabotaged the transport… could the zerg be scheming to frame the colonists? That’s a question I kept pondering as I read the last page of issue #2.

I will continue to monitor the limited series.

The authors of this limited series are Blizzard Entertainment Senior Writer II – Story and Franchise Development Andrew R. Robinson (Linkedin), and comic book writer Jody Houser (with 45 comics in 4 years).

Artist Miguel Sepulveda did a very decent job at capturing the Terran marines and zerg as we know them from the video game. No complaints from me. Hope to see more of his work in future projects.

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