Revolution | StarCraft: Remastered (Terran Campaign #6)

In the wake of the chaos resulting from the Zerg invasion, The Sons of Korhal escaped with the stolen data discs.

Fleeing to the border colony of Antiga Prime, Arcturus’ group now plans its next crucial moves against the Confederacy.

Thirteen hours after the evacuation of Mar Sara, Protoss warships took up orbit around the colony and unleashed a massive planetary bombardment.

All life upon the surface was extinguished.


Secret Staging Area

Second moon of Antiga Prime.


Raynor: Hey, man. Headquarters has begun analysis of the discs. They expect to have them decoded shortly. I hope whatever’s on those discs is worth it.

Adjutant: Receiving incoming transmission from Arcturus Mengsk:

Mengsk: You and Captain Raynor have done well, Commander. I believe our efforts have weakened the Confederacy’s grip on the fringe worlds, but our job out here isn’t done yet. Lieutenant Kerrigan, my second in command, will elaborate.

Kerrigan: I’ll get straight to the point. Our sources tell us that Antiga Prime is ready to begin open revolt against the Confederacy. Unfortunately, the Confederates seem to be aware of this as well. They’ve stationed a large detachment of Alpha Squadron troops there, under the command of General Duke.

Mengsk: It will be your job, Commander, to free this colony and show our good intent to the Antigan people. Lieutenant Kerrigan will help you deal with Duke’s officers. The rest of the Confederates are yours to deal with.


  • Bring Kerrigan to the Antigan Command Center.
  • Defend the Antigan rebels.
  • Raynor and Kerrigan must survive.


Both the Terran Wraith and Ghost have the ability to “Cloak.” While cloaked, they are safe from attack, unless spotted by enemy detection units.


The mission starts with 8 Marines and a Vulture at your command. Jim Raynor is now the Vulture vehicle.

Head straight south until you find the ghost named Sarah Kerrigan.

Kerrigan: Captain Raynor, I’ve finished scouting out the area, and– you pig!

Raynor: What? I haven’t even said anything to you yet!

Kerrigan: Yeah, but you were thinking it.

Raynor: Oh yea, you’re a telepath. Look, let’s just get on with this, okay?

Kerrigan: Right.

EDITOR: Go past the bridge, and be ready to encounter an enemy marine. Destroy the 3 Terran Missile Turrets.

Kerrigan: I hate these things. They can sense me even when I’m cloaked. We should take these out.

EDITOR: Careful. Before you reach the next bridge, an enemy Vulture might aggro if you get too close. Select Sarah Kerrigan, and activate her cloak ability . Without attacking, make her walk into the bridge. This will give your units field of vision to fire the first shot.

Past the bridge, not too far to the north (past the trees) is a single Wraith. These are air units that can activate cloak. Only your ghost and the marines can attack it.

Go straight east from the wraith. You will find a bunker and a turret next to it. Remember that turrets can see through Kerrigan’s cloak ability.

HINT: Kerrigan can use her Cloaking ability to sneak by most enemy forces.

Only detectors such as Missile Turrets can be used to spot cloaked units.

EDITOR: Activate Kerrigan’s Cloak ability and shoot at the Bunker until it is destroyed. The bunker won’t be able to shoot back at Kerrigan while she is cloaked. If you deactivate the cloak ability, they have a very long range and will attack. Try to shoot from the northwest side of the bunker, far away from their missile turret.

The bunkers have 350 hit points, so expect for it to be destroyed in 42 seconds.

Once the Bunker is destroyed, bring your units to kill the enemy firebat and marine. Destroy the missile turret, but careful with the nearby second bunker.

Repeat the same strategy. Command Kerrigan to destroy the second Bunker in cloak mode. Then kill the enemy firebat and marine.

Most likely, by killing them, you aggro a nearby Wraith. Move your units a bit to the left to lure it away from the third bunker, and dispatch the Wraith.

Command Kerrigan (in cloak mode) to destroy the fourth and fifth Bunkers. Kerrigan’s cloak energy (250/250) might expire by the time you destroy the fifth bunker.

Be aware of the Wraith and Goliath on the right side.

In the meantime, you can use Raynor (Vulture) to lure the firebat and the marine from the destroyed bunker to kill them from afar. The wraith and goliath won’t aggro.

When the last Bunker is destroyed, use Raynor to lure the 2 enemy marines, and the goliath into your Marines and Kerrigan. The Wraith won’t aggro. You can optionally use Kerrigan’s Lockdown (L) ability to trap the Goliath in a force field, or the Wraith if it actually aggros.

Now bring Kerrigan to the yellow beacon.

The screen will freeze for about 3 seconds, then you will see this message onscreen:

(Kerrigan kills the Confederate Officer)

Kerrigan: I’ve taken care of business on this end, Commander. I think the Antigans are ready to back us up, too.

Antigan Marine: That’s right. We’ve tolerated these Confederate goons long enough!

EDITOR: 2 SCVs spawn at the yellow beacon. Command them to mine minerals. This base now belongs to you. You can now repair Raynor’s Vulture with an SCV.

The new base already has a Command Center, 4 Bunkers, 2 Terran Factory, 1 Terran Starport, and 4 Supply Depots. There is a Wraith at your command near the Starport, but you need to build a control tower at the Starport to enable the Cloak ability for all your Wraiths.

On the south portion of the new base, there are 2 Terran Barracks, 1 Missile Turret, and 1 Bunker. Send the 4 marines on the south portion into the empty Bunker.

The new base starts with 300 Minerals and 300 Vespene Gas . 28/42 Units .

Train 3 SCVs at the Command Center, and several Marines from the two Barracks located at the south portion of your base. Start filling up all your empty bunkers.

Advisor: Commander, I’m picking up a large Confederate strike force advancing on our position.

Kerrigan: Well, they’re not wasting any time.


  • Destroy the Confederate base.

Select the Command Center, and press the Lift Off (L) button . Then land closer to the Vespene Gas using the Land button (L) .

Command an SCV to build a Refinery by pressing B (to build structure ) and R (to build refinery ). Once it is completed, set 3 SCVs to gather Vespene Gas. You need to build Wraiths soon.

Send Raynor (Vulture) to lay Spider Mines south of the ramp.

Lift both Terran Factory (starting with the left-most one) and move them a bit to the left, leaving enough room to build a Machine Shop (C) at the Factory.

This Machine Shop enables the Terran Factory to research the Spider Mine and Ion Thrusters abilities for Vulture vehicles. The latter one increase their movement speed.

Command an SCV by pressing B (to open the Build Structure submenu ) and E for Engineering Bay . As soon as that is completed, start building Missile Turrets on the left side of your Terran Factory and Starport.

The Confederate base will send 3 Wraiths soon to attack your Starport. Another Wraith attack will come to the south portion of your base, by the bunker.

As soon as you are 45/46 and have 400 minerals, send an SCV to the south portion of your base and build a second Command Center. Train more SCVs there and mine minerals.

Start piling up a good army of Marines near your Starport. At some point, a Confederate dropship will drop 4 marines and 2 vultures in high ground — west of your base. Then the dropship will return to pick up more enemy units and drop them at the same spot. At the second drop, they will attack one or more of these: your Starport, SCVs, and/or the turret you build near the Starport. So I recommend building a new bunker north of the starport.

Build a Terran Academy and research U-238 shells to increase your marines’ shoot distance, and also research Upgrade Infantry Weapons and Upgrade Infantry Armor at the Engineering Bay.

Around 10:45, four firebats will attack your front ramp. The two bunkers will take care of those.

Build a couple of Dropships at the starport. Put 8 Marines in a dropship, and 7 marines + 1 SCV in the other one. Send the dropship straight south of your base’s southmost bunker. There is a Vespene Gas Refinery and Minerals there.

By taking the enemy’s main resource, you effectively stop them from building more Wraiths. However, expect retaliation soon.

Drop your units in the middle of their Refinery. The dropships will aggro the two Wraiths as decoy while your marines destroy them. Use the SCV to repair the dropship.

Once you secure the perimeter, command your SCV to build a bunker south of the Refinery. They will send a lot of dropships with SCVs, but also marines, wraiths, and sometimes vultures.

Continue to use your dropship to bring more Marines to the enemy Refinery. You need to defend it while you build more dropships and train more marines.

You can probably defeat them with 32 Marines and a few Wraiths. Don’t forget to activate the Wraiths’ cloak ability. Kerrigan may come along to apply Lockdown on enemy Wraiths.


  • Sons of Korhal
  • Omega Squadron (Confederacy)
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