Shadow Hunters | StarCraft: Remastered (Protoss Campaign #9)

Protoss Command Ship Gantrithor

Low orbit over the planet Aiur


Tassadar: En Taro Adun, Executor! My gratitude to you, for having secured my release, knows no bounds. By all the gods, we may win yet! The time has come to let loose the fury of the Dark Templar. Zeratul, perhaps the time has come to tell our friends of the foe we face.

Zeratul: Indeed. When I slew the Cerebrate on Char, I touched briefly with the essence of the Overmind. In that instant, my mind was filled with its thoughts, and I tell you now our worst fears have come true.

The Zerg were indeed created by the ancient Xel’Naga, the same beings that empowered us in our infancty. But the Overmind grew beyond their constrains, and has at last come to finish the experiments they began so long ago.

Tassadar: So you see my friends, we fight not only to save Aiur, but all creation! If we fall to the Zerg then the Overmind will run rampant throughout the stars, consuming all sentience — all life. It is up to us to put an end to this madness, once and for all.

Fenix: Our forces shall engage the primary Zerg Hive clusters in an attempt to weaken their defenses. Once their numbers have thinned out, Zeratul and his companions can infiltrate the clusters and assassinate the Cerebrates. Adun willing, the Cerebrates’ deaths will distract the Overmind long enough for us to assault it directly.


  • Use Zeratul to destroy the Zerg Cerebrates.
  • Zeratul and Fenix must survive.


You start with 4 Probes, 8 Zealots, 3 Dragoons (including Fenix), 1 Dark Templar (Zeratul), and 1 Arbiter.

1000 Minerals – 1000 Vespene Gas.

No buildings at the beginning of the mission.


Send your probes to the bottom-left corner of the mini map, and build a Nexus.

While they do that, you can clear the map with your melee units who are cloaked by the Arbiter. Just don’t get too close to Spore colonies, and kill any Overlord that reveals your units. Set a keybind to move the Arbiter away if Hydralisks try to destroy it.

You can clear all zerg buildings, sunken colonies, and enemy units up to the center of the map.

Then keep your army at the bottom-center of the map. Whenever there is an attack in any of your bases, move your units to assist, then return it to the same position so they are at the reach of your leftmost and rightmost bases, later on.

Build a Pylon near the Nexus.

Build a Forge.

Build 2-3 Photon Cannons near the main base’s minerals.

Soon your main base will be attacked by zerglings. Shortly after, a Mutalisk will attack your Probes.

Build a second Nexus at this expansion field.

Build 18 Probes straight.

At 41/42, Select the Forge. Upgrade Ground Weapons Level 1.

Build a Pylon.

Build 9 Probes straight.

At 50/58, build a Cybernetics Core.

Build 7 Probes.

Build 2 Gateways.

Build a Pylon.

Reinforce an additional Photon Cannon across all Nexus areas.

At 54/58, build a Nexus near this Vespene Geyser, and an Assimilator.

Select the Cybernetics Core. Develop Singularity Charge to increase your Dragoons’ attack range.

Build a Pylon north of your easternmost Nexus.

Build 3 Gateways.

Build a Pylon.

Build a Probe.

Build a Photon Cannon at the main base.

Around 58/58, build a new Nexus and an Assimilator at this location.

When the Forge’s research is near completion, build a Citadel of Adun.

Build 2 Probes.

Build 5 Dragoons.

Select the Forge. Upgrade Ground Armor Level 1.

Build 2 Pylons.

Build 3 Probes.

Select the Citadel of Adun. Develop Leg Enhancements to increase your Zealot movement speed.

Build a Pylon.

Build a Templar Archives.

Build a Dragoon.

Build 2 Photon Cannons at the main base (now you have a total of 5 by the Nexus)

Build 2 Photon Cannons at the eastermost expansion base — Hydralisks and a Ultralisk might attack there post 11:00.

Build 3 Zealots.

Build 4 Dragoons.

Build 2 Gateways.

When you have at least 10-12 Dragoons and at least 8 Zealots in total — send them to attack the enemy base north of your main base.

That base is going to have at least 3 Mutalisks and a Ultralisk — several Zerglings and Hydralisks. Chances are you might only be able to destroy half the base. Retreat if you take too many losses, and regroup back at your base to attack later.

Build 4 Dragoons and rally them to help you at the enemy base .

Build 3 Gateways.

Build a Dragoon.

Build 2 Templars.

Build 5 Zealots.

Build a new Nexus and Assimilator at this location.

Build 6 Zealots.

You should expect any second post 12:00 – 15:00 range an attack from Zerg Guardians. Always have your Dragoons ready to assist.

Build 5 Zealots.

Build 2 Pylons between the easternmost Nexus and Assimilator

Select the Templar Archives. Develop Psi Storm.

Build a Pylon at the easternmost Nexus.

Merge the 2 Templars into an Archon.

By now you should have a large army of 12+ Zealots and 10+ Dragoons. Send them to finish off the previous Zerg base.

Build a Robotics Facility.

Build 2 Zealots.

Build more Dragoons. You should be in the 121/140 range by 15:00.

Build 2 Probes.

Build 2 Photon Cannons at the eastermost expansion (bottom-right corner of the mini-map).

When the enemy base is destroyed, send a Probe to build a Pylon and 2 Photon Cannons; and a Nexus (when the Creep dissolves).

Build 6 Dragoons.

Build 3 Pylons.

Build 4 Dragoons.

Select the Robotics Facility. Build a Shuttle.

Build an Observatory building.

Build a Pylon.

Build 2 Templars.

Build 2 Zealots.

Build 2 Templars

Send your Army to attack through this path.

This is a look at the full zerg base in that area.

Select the Forge. Upgrade Ground Weapons Level 2.

Load 2 Dragoons inside the Shuttle and drop them at this high ground. Do the same until you get at least 8 Dragoons up there.

Build 5 Zealots.

Merge 2 Templars into an Archon. Keep the other 2 Templars for Psi Storms duty.

In the high ground, send those 8 Dragoons you Shuttled to destroy the 2 Sunken Colonies, and the Spore Colonies.

Shuttle in a Probe to build a Nexus and an Assimilator at this spot (high ground).

Build a new Nexus at this abandoned Mineral Field.

Build 6 Templars.

Move the 6+ Dragoons from high ground back to lower ground with the Shuttle.

Build 2 Pylons at the Nexus that is in construction (Image above).

This might or not be timed — but post 18:00 – 19:40 range — there was a zergling rush at the bottom-east expansion (probably 12+ zerglings).

After you destroy the second Zerg base, rally your army to attack this chokepoint.

Build 5 Zealots.

Destroy the Ultralisk Cavern (top-center of the mini map).

Build 3 Photon Cannons at the base where the Nexus is still in construction.

TIP: There is an abandoned Vespene Geyser at this location.

After you destroy the Ultralisk Cavern, turn left to assault the Cerebrate base.

Bring Zeratul to kill the Cerebrate #1 — it has 1500/1500 hit points.

Send your army eastward toward the top-right corner of the mini-map to assault the Cerebrate #2 base.

Build a Pylon, Photon Cannons at Cerebrate #1’s minerals so that the Zerg has no chance to harvest from there again. The AI can send Drones to build a new Hatchery, otherwise.

Select the Forge. Upgrade Ground Armor Level 2-3.

Destroy the Cerebrate #2 base, and bring Zeratul to kill the Cerebrate.

This mission was completed in 25:29 minutes (as shown in the video).


  • Fleet of the Executor
  • Garm Brood (Zerg Swarm)
  • Unknown
  • Grendel Brood (Zerg Swarm)
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Episode 2: Overmind (ZERG CAMPAIGN)
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5. The Amerigo6. The Dark Templar7. The Culling8. Eye for an Eye
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9. Shadow Hunters10. Eye of the Storm11. Cinematic: The Death of the Overmind
Episode 4: The Stand (PROTOSS CAMPAIGN)
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5b. Emperor's Fall (Birds of War)6. Emperor's Flight7. Patriot's Blood8. To Chain the Beast
9. Cinematic: UED Victory Report
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