StarCraft II: Shadow Wars (Part 4) Available

With the arrival of the War Chest #2 (Katowice 2018), the StarCraft II: Shadow Wars part 4 is now available.

The next part will unlock in Phase 2 on January 5, and part 6 is slated for February 2. Below there is a recap on what we know so far in the Shadow Wars. You can also read more about the Shadow Wars from our StarCraft II: What’s Next panel transcript.

Spoilers and Recap

Adena: Former Dominion mining planet, a resource of Jorium crystals. The Dominion forces evacuated Adena during the war. Currently known as the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

Terran: Mercenaries who have violated the Demilitarized Zone (Adene) several times when the protoss aren’t patrolling the planet.

Saalok’s Eye: Protoss Carrier patrolling Adena to enforce the Demilitarized Zone agreement.

Admiral Urun: Leader of the Saalok’s Eye protoss career, charged with patrolling planet Adena, and enforcing the Demilitarized Zone agreement. Urun respects Hierarch Artanis’s willingness to maintain peace with the Terrans, but he abhors them, and sees them as a lesser race. Urun detected an infested terran aboard the transport ship escaping planet Adene, and ordered its destruction to prevent the terran battlecruiser from being infested. Urun had not detected the presence of the zerg on Adene before, and took responsibility for the mistake by leading a squad of protoss to exterminate Niandra and her zerg.

Niandra: Zerg queen who masterminded the Shadow Wars between the Terran and Protoss. As a larva, Niandra remembers when Kerrigan ordered her to kill everyone in a protoss ship, years ago. Kerrigan never contacted Niandra again, leaving her adrift, but she remains resolute carrying out Kerrigan’s order to kill all protoss, and she continues to fulfill her charge in planet Adena. Her brood numbers are low. Niandra expected and planned for Terrans to come to Adena for greed. Her plan is to secure the Terrans’s biomass to sustain her hive to produce more zerg units. Doing this will ensure her continuing mission to hunt and eradicate the protoss. Niandra was particularly interested in the terran named Elms. She sensed her psionic potential. She sent a larva to infest a marine with the intention of infesting the battlecruiser in orbit. The protoss destroyed that transport, to prevent contamination of the battlecruiser. Niandra’s second plan is to make Elms her personal weapon against the protoss.

Jorium Crystals: These crystals are lucrative and in high-demand — used for military and scientific applications.

Captain Hogarth: He leads clandestine Jorium crystal mining operations in planet Adene, violating the Demilitarized Zone agreement. When the Saalok’s Eye protoss career caught them in the act, he feigned the Dominion had not responded to his communication. He alleged his mission in Adene was to search for survivors and salvageable goods.

Elms: She is a mercenary, hired by the Dominion to safeguard a clandestine mining operation in Adene. She is secretly a psionic, but she doesn’t like to use her abilities, and hides them from her crew. The Dominion force she was hired by plans to sell Jorium crystals in the black market. While mining, the zerg attacked. During the battle, a zerg larva infested a marine with the mission to infiltrate the battlecruiser in orbit. The zerg queen Niandra detected Elms’s psionic potential and plans to capture her to serve as a weapon against the protoss. Elms psionically detected the arrival of the zerg and warned her crew. Later, she also warned her crew the protoss were coming. Urun and his squad attacked the zerg, saving Elms and her crew.

Elms talked with Urun psionically, explaining that she sensed Niandra had planned to use her crew to force the protoss to come down to planet Adene.

Elms proposed Urun’s team and hers joined forces to hunt for Niandra to destroy the zerg brood.

However, the zerg surrounded them before they had a chance to search for the zerg. A wave of banelings and Mutalisks led the charge, but both forces destroyed them with the help of marines, zealots, templar, Void Rays, and phoenixes.

A second wave of Hydra killed a few protoss, and the mutalisks decimated most of the aerial protoss forces.

Elms detected zerg gathering in the tunnels behind them, and informed Urun psionically they would go investigate and thwart any potential attack from behind. Urun was surprised a lesser being could sense what he was not able to. He couldn’t sense anything in the cave.

While the Terrans fought in the cave, the Protoss were surrounded by a larger zerg force, when suddenly the zerg brood queen Niandra stood before Urun.

This quick recap covers StarCraft II: Shadow Wars # 1-4. According to Valerie Watrous (story developer), the events of Shadow Wars take place after Legacy of the Void and Nova: Covert Ops. Read more in the StarCraft II: What’s Next panel transcript.

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