StarCraft II: The Future of StarCraft — Panel Recap

Despite the coming release of Legacy of the Void, the development team will continue to produce content for Starcraft 2


  • Unit skins
    • Unit skins will be expanded
    • It will allow to choose the appearance of individual units in multiplayer
    • The Collector’s Edition skins can be taken as an example for this
  • Voice Packs
    • This will allow you to change the announcer’s voice in multiplayer
    • Example: As a zerg player you can have Abathur instead of the regular Zerg Queen Voice

Starcraft 2 Arcade

  • More features for the editor will be added in the future
  • To promote the modding community, they plan to do more contests in the future
  • The are working on making the first paid content aviable on the arcade made by modders
  • These paid mods will be strongly curated and added on a case by case scenario

Mission Packs

  • Nova Covert Ops
    • 9 mission story arc over 3 mission packs
    • First mission pack to come out Spring 2016
    • This story focuses on Nova, and similar to Kerrigan, she will be playable in the missions
    • Nova’s forces have a Black Ops look and will have access to special tech
    • For example, her marines might have a Stimpack that will heal instead of hurting the marines
    • Nova will have access to various loadouts like different weapons, goggles, etc.
    • This mission pack is set after LotV
    • The terran dominion at this point consists of a war-torn people
    • The terrans are ready for peace, but there is a conflict of interests with different parts of the population
    • Emperor Valerian is a more fair ruler than his father, and gives his people more freedoms, like the freedom of press
    • His enemies use these freedoms to attack and question his weaknesses
    • Valerian fears that his enemies form alliances
    • One faction resulting from that are the “Defenders of Man”
      • Interested in protecting people from alien threats
      • Because of the events of Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void, they are gaining ground
      • Nova will investigate what the Defenders of Man are really planning


  • Ladder Revamp
    • Meaningful Ranks
    • Accuracy
    • Transparency
  • Tournaments
    • Archon Tournaments
    • 2V2  Tournaments
  • Separate MMR
    • Per Race
    • Ranked/Unranked
  • Blizzard will continue to make big changes as necessary to react quicker to imbalances
    • They’d go as far as adding or removing units from the roster
    • Intention to also change the meta by this from time to time to keep things fresh

Coop Missions

  • Coop missions will be continued supported
  • More missions will be added over time
    • One mission that they are working on right now involves a capturing points mechanic
  • More commanders will be added
    • One example, the next Protoss Commander to be added will be Phase-Smith Karax
    • Karax focuses on Spear of Adun Call Down abilities and so he is able to use them more frequently
    • Solar Lance
      • allows to paint a line to deal damage
    • Map-Wide Chrono Boost
      • affects whole map, as well as allies
    • Purifier Beam
      • shots a controlable beam at the ground, dealing a big amount of damage

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