StarCraft: Scavengers #2 Review

Today, the digital version of StarCraft: Scavengers #2 was delivered to all Kindle devices or Kindle Apps.

If you aren’t into digital downloads, or wish a hardcover, you can pre-order the physical graphic novel for StarCraft: Scavengers which is slated to ship on February 29, 2019.

Feel free to read my recent review of StarCraft: Scavengers # 1 to get a feel of this comics mini-series.

Official StarCraft comics!
The job of a lifetime becomes a desperate struggle for survival in the second installment of Blizzard Entertainments StarCraft: Scavengers. Writer Jody Houser (Mother Panic, Faith) and artist Gabriel Guzmán (Mass Effect: Discovery, Star Wars) join forces for this white-knuckled race against time and unseen adversaries.

  • Produced by Dark Horse Comics in close collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment.

  • Writer Jody Houser takes readers on a sci-fi-horror thrill ride in space!

Print Length: 24 pages
Publisher: Dark Horse
Publication Date: August 29, 2018
Sold by: Dark Horse Comics Inc.

StarCraft: Scavengers #2 Review

For a second issue, I think the story is moving slower than it should. We haven’t still seen the invisible enemy which is presumed to be a Dark Templar. We don’t know who he is, or why he is in the abandoned Protoss ship that is two hours away from burning up into the planet’s atmosphere entry.

More of the crew get slaughtered by the invisible assailant, and the scavengers still don’t know what’s killing them. Eventually, they figure out that whatever it is, it is intelligent, and it has managed to jam their technology.

As they desperately abort the scavenging mission to simply escape with their lives, the invisible enemy somehow has disrupted the mechanism that detaches their ship from the protoss ship. Meaning, as soon as the protoss ship enters the atmosphere, they are burning too.

Before they can figure out how to undock from the protoss ship, the writer leaves us with a cliffhanger for the next issue. Their ship is boarded by Dominion marines led by Captain Barlow.

Not much to discover or learn from issue # 2, except many of the scavenger crew are gutted, and probably some character development focused on the scavengers’ captain and the new crew-member: the engineer.

The story will only last four-issues, so with the intro of the Dominion forces things should speed up into a climax, and a revelation in issue #3-4. I just hope we get to learn what the single Protoss is doing there, and what was he guarding.

Regardless of how slow the story is at the moment, the sudden arrival of Dominion forces might shed more details about who the scavengers are, what their mission is, who hired them, and what for. Those are the questions that eventually need to be answered in this mini-series to make it worthwhile.

From what I gathered in issue #1, they were hired by someone from the UED, and the scavengers hail from Kel-Moria. The reason I am so hooked and committed to read the StarCraft: Scavengers mini-series is that Blizzard doesn’t dish out written media for giggles. Usually, these turn out to be tie-ins for something they are about to announce. So far, Blizzard hasn’t announced any new upcoming StarCraft projects.

The last one was StarCraft: Nova Covert Ops, so it might be safe to say that another DLC might be in the works with the purpose to introduce the UED and Kel-Moria. Of course, one can dream. Right? None of this is official. But if something is in the works, there is only one way to find out. BlizzCon 2018 is on November 2-3. We will see.

P.S. It’s not usual for the digital version of a Blizzard comic to come out this far ahead of the Hardcover (February, 2019). Even less that it pop in the radar just two months ago out of nowhere. Especially, when the timing of issue # 4 is more or less around October 29 … which is 4 days before BlizzCon. Are you really sure there is no StarCraft II announcement? Are you sure the comics release on July was coincidence and not a cunningly set countdown of sorts leading to BlizzCon?

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