The Amerigo | StarCraft: Remastered (Zerg Campaign #5)

Kerrigan, the newest and most powerful agent of the Overmind, has arisen from her embryonic Chrysalis, but her formidable powers are still not fully functional.

Kerrigan must now seek to unravel the Ghost conditioning that keeps her powers in check. Once done, she will lead the Overmind’s minions to complete domination over the unsuspecting Protoss.


Primary Hive Cluster

Planet Char


Kerrigan: Cerebrate, you watched over me during my incubation, and I am grateful to you. It is my wish that you continue your vigil, so that I might strengthen my powers to better aid the Swarm.

I have been unable to access the totality of my latent powers, and as such, I would like to infiltrate a Terran Science Vessel and uncover the secrets of their abandoned Ghost projects. If I can learn more about their mental conditioning, I can undo the damage their tinkering scientists have done to my mind.

Zsaz: Though you be the favored servant of the Overmind, you would do well to remember that you are just a servant. You know of our grand mission, Kerrigan. Would you put your personal whims before the will of the Overmind?

Kerrigan: Do not cross me, Zasz. I will do as I see fit, and not you or any other Cerebrate shall stand in my way.

Overmind: Let her go, Zasz. The greatness of her spirit has been left to her; that the Swarms might benefit from her fierce example. Fear not her designs, for she is bound to me as intimately as any Cerebrate. Truly, no Zerg can stray from my will, for all that you are lies wholly within me. Kerrigan is free to do as she desires.

Zasz: By your will, Overmind. Cerebrate, you must see that she comes to no harm.


  • Bring Kerrigan to the Supercomputer.
  • Kerrigan must survive.


Most Zerg ground units have the ability to Burrow. When Burrowed, they cannot attack or be attacked unless detected.


This map has no Drones or Buildings. It is a covert ops type of mission using units.

You start with only Kerrigan, 2 Hydralisks, and 6 Zerglings.

No Minerals or Vespene Gas is collected or given at the start of the mission.


Daggoth: Cerebrate, take these, the deadliest of my minions. They shall aid you in your search.

NOTE: South of Kerrigan, there are 6 Zerglings at your command.

Move your units to the door, which opens automatically upon proximity.

Advisor: Unauthorized entry detected.

There is a Ghost in high ground shooting at your units. You can burrow your zerglings so the Ghost doesn’t kill them. Kill the Ghost with your ranged Hydralisks instead. There is a hidden turret in the wall at that corner.

Move upstairs, but careful with the 4 marines behind the door. They can shoot you from afar. Optionally, you can cloak Kerrigan and kill them so that your Hydralisks and Zerglings are not damaged.

Marine: We got company!

There are two doors in this room. One to the left of the Terran Beacon, and to the south. The door to the south is a small room with 2 civilians.

Bring Kerrigan to step on the beacon.

Advisor: Security cameras activated. Supercomputer located in Sector 6!

Go through the door left of the beacon. Kill the 7 civilians.

Civilian: Call for Help!

Go through the next door, and down the stairs.

There is a Vulture in the lower ground. However, a Ghost, and 2 marines are out of view in high ground. Cloak Kerrigan to kill the Vulture in 2 hits, while your minions stay upstairs.

Bring your Hydralisks and zerglings down the stairs. But now hug the right-most wall so that the Ghosts and Marines standing in high ground won’t attack your units.

Keep moving along the wall even if the Ghosts attack from afar, until you reach the door. Keep your units idle there, or many of your units will die. There are 5 Goliaths behind the door. Kerrigan can kill each Goliath in 3 hits. There is another Goliath and an SCV a bit to the right near the next door.

Not much after them. Keep heading southeast with Kerrigan in a straight line. Keep your units behind. When you find the 4 marines, cloak and kill them. There is a Ghost hidden in high ground.

If you have followed instructions thus far, you haven’t lost a single unit.

There is a room up these stairs, but not part of the objectives. There are many civilians up there, and 1 marine.

Civilian: She’s infested, stay away from her.

At the end of the road, cloak Kerrigan and go upstairs to kill the Ghost.

Be extremely careful as you go southwest along the path in high ground. Out of the blue, 6 turrets come out of the ground. Only Kerrigan and the 2 Hydralisks will survive them.

The next room — bottom-right corner of the mini-map — has several neutral animals caged in a room.

NOTE: The critters are: Ragnasaur x 4, Rhynadon x 2, and Bengalaas x 2.

Marine: See, they ain’t so tough. These critters bleed just like anybody else.

You need to be very fast here. When the Marine talks, run south and kill the 3 marines that are shooting at caged Zerglings. These Zerglings will become yours. So reduce the amount of Zerglings they kill by killing them fast.

TIP: You can actually select the Zerglings in the cage, and burrow them.

Be careful before going downstairs into the cage rooms. There are 2 hidden turrets on the ground that spawn when you get near them. See the 2 holes on the ground after I destroyed them. There are two more on the north area. Go there only with Kerrigan and the 2 Hydralisks as they can survive the 2 turrets.

However, the door is locked. You must go around and head to the southmost portion of this room to stand on the Terran Beacon. That unlocks the door for the caged Zerglings to exit. Stand near the door to auto-open it on proximity.

PRISON DOORS OPEN (message onscreen)

Walking along the bottom of the mini-map, heading west, a message pops onscreen:

Marine: All right, let’s wax these critters.

There are 11 marines aligned to open fire at your units — but careful, as you approach them, 3 missile turrets spawn from the ground. I lost 4 zerglings out of 7. Additionally, those turrets are also cloak detectors.

As you go down the stairs, a message pops onscreen:


There are 2 firebats not far from the stairs, and 4 more firebats a bit west. Kerrigan can kill them easily in one hit while cloaked.

Do not enter this spot alone. Bring all of your units. The 3 doors come out of the ground and literally cage you in permanently until you have killed all units in high ground, and disable the door lock mechanism.

Marine: You’ll never make it out of here alive, bitch!

There are 6 marines, and 2 missile turrets (which detect cloaking) above the stairs.

I recommend sending Kerrigan and the 2 Hydralisks walk to the top, and then the zerglings so enough of them survive. Or you can send Kerrigan upstairs cloaked, kill the 2 turrets, and now the marines can’t see Kerrigan.

Step on the right beacon to unlock the doors.


The beacon to the left activates cameras, and reveals this area in the mini-map.

Advisor: Security cameras activated.


Walk back south. The locked door you found earlier is now open to give access to the teleporter in sector 5.

As you go past the door that was earlier locked — be extra careful. Up the stairs, in fog of war, there are 3 firebats and a hidden missile turret coming out of the ground (which reveals cloaking).

This entire room is empty other than a few civilians. Step on the beacon to teleport to another location.



The room you teleport into has marines and ghosts around the edges. You can kill them all with Kerrigan in cloak mode if you wish.

Once you kill all enemy units in this room, head west and go downstairs. Careful not to accidentally step on the beacon. It will teleport you out.

There are 3 marines and 1 Ghost at the far right of this lower ground.

A bit south, there are 2 marines, and 1 ghost. The stairs show 4 ghosts are hidden in the high ground. There are 2 hidden missile turret with cloaking detection upstairs.

The easy way here is to destroy the 2 Missile Turrets so that the is no longer cloaking detection. Then kill the ghosts while cloaked.

Step into the beacon to complete the mission.

Downloading files…

File Transfer Complete…

Kerrigan: Cerebrate, I’ve located the records I sought. We have everything we need here.


  • Zerg Swarm
  • Omega Squadron (Terran Dominion)
Episode 1: Rebel Yell (TERRAN CAMPAIGN)
1. Boot Camp2. Wasteland3. Backwater Station4. Desperate Alliance
5. The Jacobs Installation6. Revolution7. Norad II8. The Trump Card
9. The Big Push10. New Gettysburg11. The Hammer Falls12. Cinematic: The Inauguration
Episode 2: Overmind (ZERG CAMPAIGN)
1. Among The Ruins2. Egression3. New Terran Dominion4. Agent of the Swarm
5. The Amerigo6. The Dark Templar7. The Culling8. Eye for an Eye
9. The Invasion of Aiur10. Full Circle11. Cinematic: The Invasion of Aiur
Episode 3: The Fall (PROTOSS CAMPAIGN)
1. First Strike2. Into the Flames3. Higher Ground4. The Hunt for Tassadar
5. Choosing Sides6. Into the Darkness7. Homeland8. The Trial of Tassadar
9. Shadow Hunters10. Eye of the Storm11. Cinematic: The Death of the Overmind
Episode 4: The Stand (PROTOSS CAMPAIGN)
1. Escape from Aiur2. Dunes of Shakuras3. Legacy of the Xel'Naga4. The Quest for Uraj
5. The Battle of Braxis6. Return to Char7. The Insurgent8. Countdown
9. Cinematic: Fury of the Xel'Naga
Episode 5: The Iron Fist (TERRAN CAMPAIGN)
1. First Strike2. Dylarian Shipyard3. Ruins of Tarsonis4. Assault on Korhal
5b. Emperor's Fall (Birds of War)6. Emperor's Flight7. Patriot's Blood8. To Chain the Beast
9. Cinematic: UED Victory Report
Episode 6: The Queen of Blades (ZERG CAMPAIGN)
1. Vile Disruption2. Reign of Fire3. The Kel-Morian Combine4. The Liberation of Korhal
5. True Colors6. Fury of the Swarm7. Drawing of the Web8. To Slay the Beast
9. The ReckoningX Secret Mission: Dark Origin10. Omega11. Cinematic: The Ascension

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