The Battle of Braxis | StarCraft: Brood War (Protoss #5)

Protoss fleet, high orbit over the planet Braxis.


Artanis: Executor! Our sensors have just identified a large group of Terran vessels. However, their configuration profile is unlike any Terran group yet encountered. We are receiving a transmission from the fleet’s command ship, identifying itself as the Aleksander.

Stukov: Protoss Commander, I am Admiral Alexei Stukov of the United Earth Directorate. We are here to take control of the Terran Dominion and all of its outlying colonies. You are in direct violation of Terran space and have openly attacked Terran troops. Lower your shields and power down your weapons systems. The UED will be taking custody of your ships and whatever spoils you have garnered from this planet.

Zeratul: United Earth Directorate? Raynor spoke of the distant Terran homeworld called Earth. These humans have come a long way to make war on us.

Artanis: Have faith, Zeratul! You almost sound as if you fear these humans. What are they to such as we? Was it not we who defeated the dreaded Overmind?

Zeratul: Yes, Artanis. We did vanquish the Overmind. But we did so with the help of humans. Do not be so quick to underestimate them.

Artanis: Of course. Executor, I shall test the mettle of these humans by scouting ahead of your ships, and finding a way through this blockade! En Taro Tassadar!


  • Destroy all power generators to pierce the UED blockade.
  • Artanis must survive.


You start with Artanis (Scout), 3 additional Scouts, 4 Zealots, 2 Dragoons, and 2 Shuttles. Look at the mini-map. The 3 green dots are Protoss Observers at your command. These are cloaked permanently and provide vision of the area around them.

This mission doesn’t have Probes or protoss buildings. No minerals or vespene gas.

Load your 2 Dragoons in Shuttle 1. Load the 4 Zealots in Shuttle 2.

Select both Shuttles, the 3 Scouts, and Artanis.

Unload your ground units at this location.

Head north through the ramp, and destroy all the Missile Turrets with your ground units to provide a safe path to your Observers and Scouts.

You will encounter 2 Bunkers at this location. Maneuver your Zealots moving them away when they lose their shield. If one of them goes too far south, it will aggro the second bunker to the south.

South of these 2 bunkers you will find the Power Generator #1.

Artanis: Executor, with the power generator destroyed, the missile turrets on this platform are no longer operational. However, we will need reinforcements to finish the job.

If you take a look at the mini-map in the image above, you will notice the purple dots. These are the Missile Turrets that are no longer functional — so it is safe for the Scouts and Observers to navigate through them.

Zeratul: Reinforcements are on route now, young templar.

NOTE: You can now control 4 Dark Templar, 2 Dragoons, and 2 Shuttles.

Your team 1 can’t walk to the next area. Load them inside the Shuttles and fly toward the bridge south — seen in the image below.

Before you move forward, you should use your Dragoons to destroy the Missile Turrets on both sides. Then use your Dark Templars to destroy the 2 Bunkers and their occupants.

After the 4 Missile Turrets are destroyed, move an Observer ahead to inspect the perimeter around the 2 Bunkers. Your Dark Templars can destroy the Bunkers easily with no detection.

However, the third bunker behind the other two will detect the Dark Templar. Those Marines in the Bunker have the range upgrade and start shooting where the green cursor is shown in the image below.

Send all of your melee units and Scouts to destroy the Bunker, followed by the Dragoons.

As soon as you see the Science Vessel, destroy quickly before it irradiates any of your units. You can put your Scouts south of the chokepoint. That way the Science Vessel will try to escape south into the open hands of the Scouts.

Now destroy all of these Missile Turrets to give access to your Scouts and Shuttles. It is a dead end, but flying through you can access the next Power Generator located north of those Missile Turrets.

Load your ground units into the Shuttles, then drop them west of this spot, but not too far right — the image shows the marines’ range from the Bunker — so unload the Shuttles a bit further west.

Land on the green circle marked in the image below. Destroy all the Turrets with the Dragoons, and don’t get too close to the areas marked in red. That’s the range limit of the bunkers.

If you stand by the Turret near the corner (center-left), the Siege Tank will try to hit you, but his range only manages to damage the turret by the corner. The Siege Tank will then unsiege to chase you.

After you destroy the Power Generator #2, more units are given to you.

Zeratul: Reinforcements are on route now, young templar.

NOTE: This time you get 4 Zealots, 4 Dark Templar, 2 Dragoons, and 3 Shuttles.

Use the shuttles to land near this spot, and destroy all the Missile Turrets alongside that catwalk.

Destroy this entire line of Missile Turrets on the west of the catwalk.

Now load all your ground units into the Shuttles. You are going to cross into the island south of those Missile Turrets to destroy the Power Generator #3 — but be careful with the Wraiths, and don’t get too far west of the Power Generator — as there are 2 Bunkers. You don’t need to attack the bunkers. You are here only for the Power Generator.

Kill the Wraiths with your Scouts.

Don’t unload all of the Shuttles at once. Do one by one, carefully. Destroy Power Generator #3.

Zeratul: Reinforcements are on route now, young templar.

NOTE: Now you get access to 2 Reavers, 4 Templars, 2 Dragoons, 2 Observers, and 3 Shuttles.

Watch the mini-map to double-check the purple dots — which represent inactive Missile Turrets.

Now unload the Dragoons and Dark Templar on the catwalk. Destroy the remaining Missile Turrets north until the ramp is clear.

Now you can unload all of your ground units safely at this spot, but careful. There are a few Spider Mines nearby. Make sure to bring your Observer to detect Spider Mines.

The Power Generator #4 is a bit tricky as it is on top of a small catwalk shaped like a square. There are Ghosts on each corner, plus 2 Siege Tanks and 4 Goliaths — as seen below.

To solve this issue, cast Psi Storm on the Ghost.

Cast Psi Storm on the Ghost to the south — but make sure to detect the Spider Mines and to destroy them, just in case the Templar aggroes.

Destroying the Missile Turrets with the Dragoons might be tricky because the Siege Tanks have a heck of a range from the catwalk — as seen below.

Maybe you should try the Reavers from the west side of the Missile Turret, instead of from below. Or you can cast Hallucination on a Dragoon, send the Hallucinations in front to get the tank aggro, and destroy the Missile Turret with your Dragoons and Dark Templars.

Cast Hallucination on another Dragoon. Send the Hallucinations to aggro the tank, and send a Templar to cast Psi Storm on the Siege Tank.

You can now safely send a Observer in this area to reveal the Spider Mines, and send your Dragoons to destroy them, as well as the Missile Turrets.

With the Missile Turrets destroyed, now send an Observer to reveal the Power Generator #4.

Load all your Dark Templars into a Shuttle.

Select a Templar and cast Hallucination on the Shuttle.

Send the Hallucinations in front, along with the real Shuttle. The Hallucinations will aggro the Goliaths, while you safely unload the Dark Templars to wreck havok on the catwalk.

Don’t get too close to the Ghosts, however. Alternatively, you can try to destroy all the Missile Turrets around that catwalk, as well as the remaining 2 Ghosts in each corner — because the Missile Turret you see (right side), and another one to the south will reveal the Dark Templars. You might lose 1-2, though. The Dark Templars are badass killing stuff fast.

Zeratul: Reinforcements are on route now, young templar.

NOTE: Now you get control of 5 Scouts, 6 Zealots, 3 Corsairs, 2 Shuttles, and 1 Arbiter.

Now load your ground units into the shuttles, and unload them individually — one by one — at the green circle marked in the image shown below. You can send the Dark Templar to destroy them safely. Just don’t go too far to the west. There is a Bunker down there.

Send your Reaver to destroy the Bunker.

Destroy the other Bunker to the west.

Your Dragoons and Dark Templar can safely destroy the Missile Turrets. However, be extra careful. Dragoons will attack the Valkyries — but because they fly away — your Dragoons will try to automatically chase them — which puts them in peril of this other Bunker. Command them to HOLD position and to focus on the Missile Turrets. Send a Reaver to destroy it.

As you move along south — align the Observers to grant you vision to the other side of the wall all the way to the corner above — just those 3 Missile Turrets.

This image below will show you the entire Terran Base protecting the Power Generator #5. The areas marked as red is what you need to destroy.

Stack all of your ground units, Scouts, and Corsairs.

Select a Corsair to cast Disruption Web on these 2 Turrets.

Let all the Templars cast Hallucination on the Arbiter to create 6-8 copies of the Arbiter. Send the Hallucinations (in front) and the real Arbiter across that wall toward the Power Generator #5.

Select the real Arbiter and cast recall on the stack of units right on top of the Power Generator.

Right after you recall all your units, select the Templar to cast Psi Storm on the 3 Battlecruisers.

Destroy the Battlecruisers, then the Power Generator #5.

The mission is complete.


  • Protoss Reconnaissance Force
  • Omega Squadron (UED Blockade)
  • Alpha Squadron (UED Blockade)
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