The Big Push | StarCraft: Remastered (Terran Campaign #9)

The Zerg, lured by the Psi Emitter’s signal, descended upon the unsuspecting Confederate forces and annihilated them.

Once again, the Protoss fleet, under the command of High Templar Tassadar, arrived and incinerated the planet.


Command Ship Hyperion.

Holding perimeter orbit over

Confederate Capitol World Tarsonis.

Adjutant: Greetings, Commander. Receiving incoming transmission:

Mengsk: The time of our final strike against the Confederacy is close at hand. Before we can strike at Tarsonis itself, however, we must break through the Confederacy’s most potent defenses. General Duke will brief you.

Duke: I’ve defended Tarsonis in over thirty major battles, so I know its defenses inside and out. There are three primary orbital platforms that serve as staging areas for the Confederate fleet. If we assault the central platform, we should cause enough of a ruckus to allow a small force to break through the planetary defenses.

Raynor: General, I’m impressed. I never figured you for the frontal assault type.

Duke: Well, the Confederates have Omega and Delta Squadron troops defending the platform. They’re nothing compared to my Alpha Squadron boys.

Raynor: Right.


  • Eliminate the Confederate forces.
  • Duke must survive.

TIPS: Take over abandoned Terran add-ons (Machine Shops, Control Towers, etc.) by landing your own buildings next to them.


You start the mission with 4 SCVs, 4 marines, 2 ghosts, 2 dropships, 3 wraiths, and 1 battlecruiser (General Duke).

Buildings: 2 Command Centers, 1 Starport, 1 Factory, 1 Barracks, and 1 Science Facility.

250 Minerals and 100 Vespene Gas . 20/20 .


Use both dropships to pick up all your units. Fly west, and move all your buildings to land at the western base.

Duke: I can’t believe this! Alpha Squadron never would’ve left this equipment behind! That’s what I call sloppy!

Land each building into its appropriate pre-existing add-on — except for the Command Centers. Land them closer to the minerals. You don’t need the silo add-ons yet.

Build a Supply depot.

Build a bunker near the ramp, and move your marines inside.

Train 2 SCVs. One on each Command Center.

Build a Supply Depot.

Train SCVs until you reach 29/36 . One on each Command Center.

Click the Factory’s Machine Shop add-on and press S to Research Siege Tech .

Train an SCV.

Buid a Refinery at the southern Command Center area. Send 2 SCVs to gather Vespene when that’s finished.

Train 2 SCVs.

Build a Supply Depot.

Train 2 SCVs.

Build a Supply Depot.

Train 2 SCVs.

Click the Science Facility’s Terran Covert Ops add-on. Research Personnel Cloaking. This is for your ghosts.

Train SCVs past 40/52.

Build a Supply Depot.

Click the northern Command Center and press Lift Off . You can now move it to the Silo add-on.

Click the Terran Nuclear Silo and press N to Arm a Nuclear Silo .

Continue training SCVs until 52/60.

Build a Supply Depot.

Train 4 SCVs (56/60).

Click the Science Facility’s Terran Covert Ops add-on. Research Ocular Implants to increase the sight range of ghosts.

Train 2 SCVs.

Send your ghost to explore to the northwest. Activate his cloaking ability. Launch a Nuclear strike and build a new Arm Nuclear Silo.

Build a Supply Depot.

Build a Comsat Station at the second Command Center (south).

Send your wraiths to explore in cloak mode to open your fog of war. Careful with the enemy missile turrets located northeast of your base.

Send your ghost to nuke the next enemy bunker. Launch the nuke.

Arm Nuclear Silo .

Build Supply Depot.

2 Wraiths might attack your base. Have your marines and Battlecruiser ready.

Build a new Factory, and build Vultures until you have 12.

Train more SCVs.

Use the Comsat Station to reveal the enter of the mini-map.

Build a third Factory.

Use the Comsat Station to reveal the enemy’s patch of minerals. This will be your next base expansion.

Send your tanks up the ramp, and put them in siege mode to protect your base. Build a turret next to them just in case.

Build an Armory. Then research Upgrade vehicle plating and vehicle weapons.

Nuke the next Bunker.

Click the Factory’s Machine Shop and research Spider Mines.

Build more 2 gholiaths and 12 Vultures.

Build a Supply Depot (78/116).

Lay Spider Mines north of the tanks you placed earlier outside your base, to prevent marines from coming to attack your tanks.

Nuke the next bunker. Arm Nuclear Silo afterwards.

Build more tanks.

Move 4 tanks, 4 Vultures, and marines toward the enemy base now that all 4 bunkers have been nuked. Bring an SCV for repairs.

Build more tanks and rally them to go to your other tanks’ location at the enemy base for support.

Use the vultures to lure any enemies into your tanks’ siege range.

Build a fourth Factory.

Build more tanks.

Build 2 Supply Depots.

Destroy the enemy base, and start building a new Command Center while you are attacking.

Build 4 Vultures and more tanks.

Be watchful of enemy wraiths attacking your base now that you are destroying their base.

Build a second Command Center at the enemy base.

Build a Refinery at the enemy base.

Build a Science Facility at the enemy base.

Position your tanks in siege mode at the south perimeter, and lift off your new Science Facility. Move it near the high ground to the south. This will allow your siege tanks to destroy the enemy Starport and a missile turret.

By now you should have about 4 Goliaths, and 12 Wraiths or more.

Build 2 Comsat Stations on each of the new Command Centers.

Send your 12 Vultures to explore the north.

Send your Goliaths and Siege Tanks to clean up the south corner of the map.

You will find a new patch of Minerals at the top-left corner of the mini-map, protected by 2 Goliaths.

There is a hidden bunker and nearby marines behind that patch of Minerals.

Send a ghost to nuke the bunker. I lost all 12 Vultures, and the bunker was still up.

Build 2 Command Centers at the third base in the north. Continue to build tanks, goliaths, and vultures. Rally all your troops to the third base. From here, you will stage the assault at the north-east corner of the map.

Head straight south toward this bridge which is the only access to the final enemy base.

Be careful past the bridge. There are two enemy tanks in high ground on a platform. They aren’t in siege mode. Use your Comsat Stations to reveal the area.

Build more goliaths and tanks and rally them to the third base in the north-left corner.

Build 2-4 supply depots to get past 164/164 units.

Go into siege mode when you reach this enemy factory. There are a few goliaths and tanks there. The enemy will sent everything at you to defend itself.

While your siege tanks deal with the threat, send your goliaths and vultures to clear all of the turrets around the enemy base. This will allow you to send drop ships if needed.

This is how the last enemy base looks like from south to north.

Send all your vultures, goliaths, and tanks to clear the Confederates.

You can load all your goliaths into dropships to destroy the battlecruisers seen in the image above.

Duke: This is Duke. The emitters are secured and on-line.

Kerrigan: Who authorized the use of Psi-Emitters?

Mengsk: I did, lieutenant.

Kerrigan: What? The Confederates on Antiga were bad enough, but now you’re going to use the Zerg against an entire planet? This is insane.

Raynor: She’s right, man. Think this through.

Mengsk: I have thought it through. Believe me. You all have your orders. Carry them out.


  • Sons of Korhal
  • Antiga (Confederacy)
  • Delta Squadron (Confederacy)
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