The Dylarian Shipyards | StarCraft: Brood War (Terran #2)

UED Flagship Aleksander, holding perimeter orbit over the Dylarian Shipyards; outlying Dominion trade center.


Adjutant: Receiving incoming transmission.

DuGalle: Captain, Vice Admiral Stukov has informed me of your flawless sortie upon Braxis. I must commend you for beginning ouor campaign with such a decisive victory. Our tac Teams have decrypted the Dominion’s datalink and have gained access to Mengsk’s most guarded files. However, our work is not complete.

We have ascertained the location of the Dylarian shipyards. These shipyards, serving as a fueling and repair station for the Dominion, house a number of functional Battlecruisers in dry-dock. To assure that our domination of this sector remains uncontested, you are to assault the shipyards and liberate as many of these capital ships as possible.

Duran: Gentlemen, I recommend that you launch this attack using the utmost caution. Dominion Command can typically reinforce its outlying bases within sixteen standard hours. You should expect some sort of reprisal from Emperor Mengsk shortly.

DuGalle: Ah, the turncoat. I suggest that you pay keen attention to rank when you address the Captain and myself, Lieutenant Duran. Is that understood?

Duran: Of course, Admiral.

Stukov: Heh heh. You’re beginning to show your age, Gerard. Give the boy some credit. He just tipped us off to a preeminent attack.

DuGalle: However useful he may prove to be, Alexei, he will always be a traitor in my eyes. And you know that I cannot abide a traitor.

Stukov: Only too well, Gerard. Captain, when you are ready, you may commence with the operation. Once you have commandeered the enemy’s battlecruisers, be prepared to repel the Dominion reinforcements when they arrive.


  • Steal battlecruisers.
  • Defeat the Dominion strike force.


Stukov: Once your forces have landed, Captain, you’ll need to escort our pilots to the battlecruisers themselves. They will be able to commandeer the ships and turn them over to our control.

Medic: All right, troops, listen up! Each squad will have a Medic assigned to it to patch up the wounded. But that doesn’t mean you can get careless! Stay frosty and get the job done!

You start with 8 Marines, 4 Medics, and 3 Pilots (civilians).

Send the 4 Medics in front of the Marines. The Medics take the aggro from the Bunker, and heal each other while your Marines safely shoot, unharmed. Destroy the Bunker and kill its occupants. Move a pilot to the beacon.

Battlecruiser Operational.

Go west. Destroy these 2 Bunkers, and bring a pilot to the Beacon.

Battlecruiser Operational.

Careful at this chokepoint. There is a Bunker in high ground with U-238 Shells for increased attack range.

Instead, go up the ramp, and destroy the 2 Bunkers in high ground.

Now send the pilot to the Beacon.

Battlecruiser Operational.

That area is shadowed, and the screen moves further north where Dropships unload 3 Ghosts, 4 Pilots, and 3 Medics.

Medic: Sir, permission to blind that tank with an Optical Flare.

Move your Medics all the way to the back. Then command them to move to the green circle marked in the image below. They will heal each other when the Siege Tank attacks them.

While they are walking, select the first Medic in front, and press F (to select Optical Flare). As soon as the Siege Tank comes into view, cast Optical Flare to it.

This will permanently blind the Siege Tank and it can’t see your Medics. Go downstairs.

Move the Pilot to the Beacon.

Battlecruiser Operational.

Move the Medics here and cast Optical Flare to the Siege Tank.

Send a pilot to the beacon further to the northeast of the siege tank.

Battlecruiser Operational.

Move the 3 Ghosts along the catwalk to find the ramp.

Cast Optical Flare on the next siege tank, and move a Pilot into the Beacon.

Battlecruiser Operational.

There is another beacon south of the ramp your Ghosts came down from. Bring a Pilot to the Beacon.

Battlecruiser Operational.

That area is obscured, and the camera moves to the center-south of the map.

Ghost: Sir, the nuke silos are secured. We’ve got four nukes on standby, awaiting your orders.

Here you get 2 Goliaths, 2 Marines, 2 Medics, 4 Ghosts, and 5 Pilots.

Careful with the Science Vessels. They detect your cloaked Ghosts. Select a Medic and cast Optical Flare to the Science Vessel.

Send a cloaked Ghost and launch a Nuke at this location.

Go up the ramp and drop a nuke on these bunkers.

Drop another nuke on these bunkers.

You can now safely send 2 Pilots to these 2 Beacons on the right side.

Battlecruiser Operational.

Battlecruiser Operational.

Send another pilot to the next Beacon.

Battlecruiser Operational.

Select all your 4 Ghosts and activate Cloak. Kill the remaining enemies that were on the destroyed Bunkers.

Now you can safely move the pilots to the remaining 2 Beacons. One is north of that ramp (low ground), and the other one is further to the right — down the rightmost ramp.

Battlecruiser Operational.

Battlecruiser Operational.

The area is obscured, and the camera moves to a new location.

Now you have 2 Siege Tanks, 4 Ghosts, 2 Medics, and 2 Marines.

Marine: Heads up, we got company!

Two enemy ghosts will immediately cast lockdown on your Siege Tanks. An enemy Siege Tank approaches from the right.

Quickly, send a Medic to cast Optical Flare at the Siege Tank. Select all Ghosts and kill the enemy Ghosts. Then kill the Siege Tank.

Siege Tank: We gotta shake this lockdown pronto! Medic! Restore us!

Select the Medics and cast Restore on both Siege Tanks that got Lockdown.

Move the 6 Pilots up the tiny stairs.

Move a Pilot to the Beacon.

Battlecruiser Operational.

Cast Optical Flare at this Siege Tank.

Cast Optical Flare to this Siege Tank in high ground.

Don’t leave your Pilots unattended. Eventually, a Goliath is going to aggro out of nowhere. Use a Ghost to Lockdown the Goliath ASAP.

Go into siege mode and destroy this Bunker.

From the spot that Bunker was before, go into Siege Mode to destroy a wandering Goliath located in low ground. You will see a Science Vessel patroling from north to south shortly.

PLEASE, don’t send a Pilot to that beacon. It will be killed by a Siege Tank that is out of view.

If a Pilot dies, you will get a replacement after this message:

DuGalle: I’m sending you a few backup pilots. Our pilots are a valued resource, Captain. Watch over them carefully.

Select your 4 Ghosts in cloak mode and kill the Siege Tank that your Medic blinded earlier.

Go up that ramp, and Lockdown the Science Vessel ASAP, or the tank will kill your Ghosts. Cast Optical Flare on the siege tank. Destroy them both. Then go down the tiny stairs.

Go down the ramp and keep moving east. Here you will find a Science Vessel.

This is going to be tricky. Up the ramp at the catwalk, there is a Bunker right next to a Siege Tank. The image below shows the max range of the siege tank. It is not safe to stand there.

When the Science Vessel patrols back into view, cast Lockdown and destroy it from a safe spot — away from the siege tank’s range.

With the Science Vessel gone, cloak a Ghost with more than 100 Energy, and get near the edge of the ramp. From there cast Lockdown on the Siege Tank.

Move your Siege Tanks at the exact location shown below — or the Bunker will attack your Siege Tanks. Go into Siege Mode and destroy the enemy Siege Tank and the Bunker.

Bring the Pilot safely to the Beacon.

Battlecruiser Operational.

There is another Beacon behind the catwalk — but careful with this enemy Siege Tank that aggros from the north. If you leave your Pilots in the front unattended, it will kill them.

There is another Beacon just left of the previous one — but as you can see there is a hidden Bunker on the catwalk. Go siege mode and destroy the Bunker.

Another enemy tank might aggro after the marines inside the Bunker flee west. Don’t send the Pilot until that siege tank is destroyed. Wait until it comes to you — or send a cloaked ghost to provide vision to alert you when it is coming.

Go down the catwalk and cast Lockdown on this hidden Siege Tank. Destroy it, and bring a Pilot to the beacon.

The last Beacon is further south on that path.

The area becomes obscured, and the camera is moved to the center of the map. You are given control of 18 Battlecruisers.

Adjutant: Captain, we are tracking a large fleet of Dominion ships in your vicinity.

DuGalle: Ahh, this must be the reinforcements that Lieutenant Duran warned us about. Captain, prepare our newly acquired fleet to battle the intruders.

Note: Make sure all the Battlecruisers at the top-left corner of the map are moving toward the center to join the other Battlecruisers. Some stay there sometimes.

Adjutant: Captain, we are being hailed by the Dominion flagship, Norad III.

Duke: Well, now. I don’t know which militia you all are from, but I advise ya’ to back down… NOW! I’m General Edmund Duke of the Dominion armada. And in the name of Emperor Mengsk, I order you to surrender your forces immediately and unconditionally.

Stukov: Ah, General Duke. I expected your forces to arrive sooner. You should know that we represent not one of your rag-tag peasant Militias, but the combined might of the United Earth Directorate.

Duke: Earth Directorate? You mean to tell me you’ve come all the way out here from Earth?

Stukov: That is correct, General. We’re here to take control over this sector and its occupants for the betterment of mankind.

Duke: Over my dead body. I don’t care where yer’ from, son. No one pushes around the Terran Dominion on my watch! All units, fire at will!

In a few seconds, you will see a lot of enemy Battlecruisers coming from the north.

Use Yamato Cannons on each Battlecruiser and destroy them all.


  • UED Strike Team
  • Dylarian Orbital Defense
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