The Hunt for Tassadar | StarCraft: Remastered (Protoss Campaign #4)

Praetor Fenix

Protoss Temple Grounds

Province of Antioch

The Zerg Hive cluster near the Scion province was destroyed, but the Protoss forces paid a high price for their victory.

Praetor Fenix, hero and Steward of the Templar, was killed during the assault. The Conclave, convinced that its stratagems are winning the war against the Zerg, have let down their guard and turned their attention to personal matters.

The Judicator Aldaris was ordered to find and arrest the wayward Tassadar and bring him home to stand trial for his crimes of treason.

Now, with only a small fleet for protection, Aldaris and the Executor have traveled to the ash world of Char, hoping that Tassadar is still somewhere to be found.


Protoss Command Ship Gantrithor

Holding Orbit over the planet Char


Aldaris: Executor, I know that you were reluctant to leave Aiur in this dark hour, and that you still grieve for the loss of your comrade, Fenix. But remember that he lived and died as a Templar. He has reached the Khala’s end. There is no greater glory than that.

We judicator are called to look beyond such matters; to ensure the safety and future of our people. It is not the Zerg, but the rogue Tassadar, who represents the greatest threat to us now.

If he is allowed to spread the Dark Templar’s tainted influence to Aiur, all will be lost. We will find him and bring him to judgment.

Tassadar claimed that this world was abandoned by the Zerg just prior to the invasion of Aiur. Yet, I still sense a lingering darkness here. Be prepared for anything, Executor. If there are still Zerg on this world, then they must surely know of our arrival.


  • Find Tassadar.
  • Bring Tassadar to the beacon.


You start with 4 Zealots, 4 Dragoons, and 1 Templar.

Half of this mission is units only until you reach Tassadar on the other side of the map.

Each type of unit at your command will play a specific role for each type of challenge.

Select only the Zealots and press SHIFT + 1.

Select only the Dragoons and press SHIFT + 2.

Select only the Templar and press SHIFT + 3.

You might want to select all your units and press SHIFT + 4 to group them.

Up the ramp, there are 2 burrowed Hydralisks. Send the Zealots first, and have the Dragoons ready to range attack.

Move those who lost the most Shields to the back to regenerate. Keep moving forward.

When you see the zerg creep on the ground, you might want to align the Dragoons and press HOLD. Move the Zealots in front of them. Send a Zealot to take a peek. Careful… there is a Sunken Colony. You are going to peek only to force the 8 Zerglings to unburrow and chase after your solo Zealot. Press 3 to select the Templar, and cast Psionic Storm on the 8 Zerglings.

Now send all units to destroy the Sunken Colony.

Now you are at a crossroads. Do yourselve a favor: DO NOT go right. It is tough if you aren’t into micro-management. That’s what the video embed in this page shows. Going right has a Mutalisk, and some Hydralisks spawn in high-ground, so your zealots can’t reach them.

Instead, turn to your left (at the crossroads), and continue going north until you reach the top-left corner of the mini-map — where Tassadar and Raynor are located.

If you get too close to the ramp, 3 Zerglings and 1 Hydralisk will unburrow and attack. You don’t want this because 2 Zerglings + 2 Hydralisk will aggro from the Sunken Colony further north.

If you hug the wall to the south, far from the ramp, the ones in the high ground won’t aggro at all.

Stay in the corner, and send a zealot to take a peek near the creep. The 2 Zerglings and 2 Hydralisks will unburrow. Run back. They will burrow again. Now use the Templar to cast Psi Storm where they burrowed.

Kill the Sunken Colony (shown in the image above).

Continue to hug the lower portion of the wall, until you reach the spot shown in the image below. Align the Dragoons and HOLD. Put the zealots in front of the Dragoons. Send 1 Zealot to walk north, and lure the Zerglings toward your Dragoons.

The orange circle below shows where 6-8 Zerglings are burrowed. You can either kill them with all your units, or use the Templar to Psi Storm them while burrowed.

Above those two ramps, there are 8 Zerglings burrowed at the marked orange circle (seen below).

Move your units in this form to give your Templar vision. Cast Psi Storm below the ramp to kill 8 burrowed Zerglings.

Once these are dead, continue north. No more Zerg. Meet with Tassadar and Raynor.

NOTE: Bring all the units you started with together to Tassadar. As soon as you do, several Hydralisks spawn throughout all the path you cleared, and elsewhere.

Tassadar: Aldaris? Executor? How is it that you’ve come here? I was about to abandon all hope of rescue!

Aldaris: I have come to arrest you and bring you home to Aiur to stand trial.

Tassadar: Arrest me? Aiur burns at the touch of the Zerg, and you travel all this way to arrest me?

Raynor: Don’t let it get to you, man. This happened to me once…

Aldaris: Who is this human, Tassadar?

Raynor: The name’s Jim Raynor, pal. And I won’t be talked down to by anybody. Not even a Protoss.

Aldaris: Amusing… Tassadar, your taste in companions grows ever more inexplicable. Executor, prepare to take Tassadar into custody.

Tassadar: Executor, wait. I do not know what they have told you about me, but what I’ve done, I’ve done for Aiur. Help me find Zeratul and his Dark Templar. They alone can defeat the Overmind’s Cerebrates. Once we’ve won I’ll gladly submit myself to the judgement of the Conclave.

Aldaris: Unthinkable! You presume that we would side with the Dark Ones as you have? You have gone quite mad, Tassadar.

Tassadar: You shall speak of them with respect, Aldaris. Executor, there is much that I can explain to you, if only you’ll help me find Zeratul.


  • Bring Tassadar and Raynor to the Beacon.


Now that you have reached Tassadar, move a unit toward all buildings to unlock them and make them part of your base.

You start with 4 Probes, 2 Zealots, 1 Templar, Jim Raynor and Tassadar. In addition, to the units that survived your trip to this base.

Buildings: Nexus, Assimilator, Forge, Gateway, and 6 Pylons.

50 Minerals – 23/57 Supplies.


Send your 4 Probes to harvest minerals.

Move your units to the right side of the Assimilator. 2 Zerglings will attack there soon. Keep them there.

Build 6 Probes as minerals become available.

Send 3 Probes to Harvest Vespene Gas at the Assimilator.

Send Raynor to lay Spider Mines at the southern ramp.

Build a second Gateway at 28/57.

Build 2 Probes.

Build a third Gateway.

Build 3 Probes.

Select the Forge. Upgrade Ground Weapons.

Build a Probe.

Build a Cybernetics Core.

Build 3 Probes.

Build a fourth Gateway.

Build a new Probe.

Select the Cybernetics Core. Upgrade Singularity Charge.

Build 2 new Probes.

Build a Dragoon.

Build 3 Probes.

Build 3 Dragoons.

Select the Forge. Upgrade Ground Armor.

Build a Pylon.

Build 2 Dragoons.

Build 2 Probes.

Build a Pylon at the eastern ramp.

Build a Citadel of Adun.

Build a Pylon.

Build a Probe.

When you have a total of 12 Dragoons, head south through the ramp.

Build 3 Photon Cannons at your base for protection — northeast of your Assimilator. Not just for the random Hydralisk/Zergling rush, but the Queen likes to kill probes.

Build Templar Archives (as soon as the Citadel of Adun is complete).

There are 7 Zerglings and a Hydralisk here. A nearby Mutalisk might aggro. A second Hydralisk will unburrow in high ground behind the radar (seen below).

6 Zergling unburrow at this location. Use the Templar’s Psi Storm.

Build 3 new Dragoons. Rally them to your army’s location.

Kill the 7 Hydralisks stationed at this location. Cast Psi Storm. There is another Hydralisk in high ground below.

Select the Citadel of Adun building. Upgrade Leg Enhancements for faster Zealot movement.

Build 4 Zealots.

Build enough Dragoons to stay within 12+ Dragoons at all times, replacing the ones that die, but focus now on building Zealots to defend the base in case the Zerg base (at the top-right corner) sends many units to attack your base.

Select the Forge. Upgrade Ground Weapons Level 2.

There are 5 Mutalisks staked at this location. Use the Templar’s Psi Storm, and send your Dragoons to finish them off.

Kill the Sunken Colony at this corner. Cast Psi Storm 2 yards southwest of the Sunken Colony. There are 8 Zerglings burrowed there.

Almost at the beacon objective, there are about 5-7 Mutalisks stacked at the crossroads. Cast a Psi Storm and finish them off with the Dragoons.

Start moving Tassadar and Raynor to join your army.

Now things get tough. There are two stacks of Hydralisks near each other. The first one has 6 Hydralisks. The other stack has 8 Hydralisks. They do aggro. Make sure to have a few Templar with you to Psi Storm them to kingdom come. More will come from the high ground if you get too close to the wall.

The beacon is guarded by 2 Mutalisks and 1 Queen. Kill them.

Bring Tassadar and Jim Raynor to the Beacon.

Tassadar: You have my thanks, Executor. Now let’s find Zeratul and speed our way home.


  • Fleet of the Executor
  • Unknown
  • Fenris Brood
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