The Jacobs Installation | StarCraft: Remastered (Terran Campaign #5)

Adjutant: Your tenure as Colonial Magistrate is suspended, pending an official investigation of your affiliation with the Sons of Korhal. Receiving incoming transmission…

Raynor: Hey, man. Arcturus’ boys sprung me from the prison ship. Apparently, they’re as frustrated with the Confederates as we are! I know their reputation, but they seem to be on the level. I think Arcturus wanted to speak with you…

Mengsk: Commander, Mar Sara is almost completely overrun by the Zerg. The Confederates are abandoning the planet, and so are we. However, there is one thing I’d like to do before we leave.

I want you to raid this colony’s Confederate outpost and retrieve whatever design or weapon’s schematics that you can find in their networks. With the chaos of the Confederate’s evacuation, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting in or out of their installation.

Raynor: I’m into it.


Office of the former Colonial Magistrate

Mar Sara Colony

Three hours after colonial evacuation.

The Jacobs Installation


  • Retrieve data discs from the Confederate network.
  • Raynor must survive.


EDITOR: You start this mission with no SCVs and no buildings. No minerals or vespene gas.

The mission starts with 7 Marines, 4 Firebats, and Jim Raynor as a yellow Marine.


Always lead the group with your firebats. The firebats have 50/50 hit points and 1+3 armor. The marines only have 40/40 hit points and 0+3 armor.

Basically, the firebats are a diversion to draw enemy fire, while your long range marine fire kills them without taking damage themselves.

Raynor has 200/200 hit points, and 3+3 armor. Don’t hesitate using him to take damage in certain situations.

Considering the mission objectives are to retrieve data discs and that Raynor must survive, there is no need to explore the entire map or kill every enemy SCV, civilian, or marine. Especially, if you want your Marines and Firebats to survive.

At the start of the Mission, head along the path, and destroy the turret that spawns out of nowhere from the wall (to your right) near the corner. Then turn right and reach the end of the path. There is a teleportation beacon there.

Adjutant: Teleportation field activated.


You are teleported into this small room. Kill the Marine on the far left,
and step on the red beacon.

Adjutant: Security cameras activated.

Now step on the yellow beacon to teleport back where you started. Head back to the crossroads, and head north.

Your firebats in the front, and your Marines in the back. Eventually, you will find 2 enemy Marines. Get near the door. It will auto-open.

This leads to a small room with a single enemy Marine. This small room has a crossroads with two options: south or north. Don’t bother going south. The path heading south is a loop that sends you back to the previous crossroads. There are only enemy civilians and SCVs and a turret that comes out of the floor.

Instead, take the north path. Just around the corner, you will likely miss it, but there is a door. Get near it to open it. There is a hidden Terran Beacon there.

Automatic Defense System Deactivated.

Once that Terran Beacon is deactivated, you have two paths: Northeast, or northwest. Go northwest for the next beacon.

You will find a room with weird creatures: 2 Ragnasaur and 2 Rhynadon. Killing them is optional, but getting near their door shows a message that says: This Door is locked. The creatures show up as blue in the mini-map.

An enemy marine and a firebat are along the corridor protecting the next beacon.

The door seen in the image above is locked. Step on the beacon to unlock the door.

Civilian: You rebel scum!

Cell Doors Open.

Careful when the doors open. There are 4 zerglings in this room.

Raynor: Zerg! I don’t believe this!

Mengsk: Believe it. I saw Zerg within Confederate holding pens myself, and that was over a year ago. It’s clear the Confederates have known of these creatures for some time. For all we know they could be breeding the things! Be that as it may, our priority here is accessing the Confederate network. We’ll deal with the Zerg another day.

Go back to the previous crossroads. Take the northeastern path.

You will encounter 2 enemy marines at this corner.

Keep heading north until you find a stairway. Careful here. The Vulture has long range. It won’t attack until you do. The door is closed, so he shouldn’t have line of vision, unless you get too close to the door. There is a second Vulture to the far left.

Careful afterwards. Near the next stairway, a flamethrower turret pops out of the wall. There is one marine up the stairs.

This new room has another yellow Terran Beacon. There is an enemy marine next to it. Bring all your units onto the beacon to activate teleportation.

Teleportation field activated.


You teleport into a room to the far east. Head south of the beacon to open the door.

Advisor: Unauthorized entry detected.

After you hear this message, two turrets spawn out of the ground. Destroy them with Raynor taking aggro and most of their damage, while your marines destroy them from afar.

The next room beyond the door has 3 enemy marines. Send Raynor and the firebats ahead.

Marine: It’s them! Blast them!

At the end corner of the corridor, a missile turret pops out of the ground.

Continue down the corridor until a new door shows up. Be alert. The next room has a Ghost and 2 Marines. This ghost has a very long range. Raynor should take the first shot. Enemy marines do 6 damage. The ghost does 10 damage.

There is a firebat directly to the south of the ghost, and another one to the west. Careful with the firebat on the left. If you get too close, a missile turret spawns from the ground. There is another missile turret on the opposite side of the room to the south.

There is nothing else in this room other than enemy civilians when you are done with those threats. Step into the red Terran Beacon.




Raynor: Hey, we’ve found the plans, man. Have the transports waiting when we come out.


  • Sons of Korhal
  • Omega Squadron (Confederacy)
  • Fenris Brood (Zerg Swarm)

EDITOR: This is the Jacobs Installation mini-map. I marked the turret locations as a red dot. The yellow and blue squares are Terran Beacons.

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