The Kel-Morian Combine | StarCraft: Brood War (Zerg #3)

Command ship Hyperion, orbiting the planet Moria.


Fenix: Now that the Psi Disrupter has been destroyed and Kerrigan has regained control of her minions, I fear that she will forget our pact and turn on us.

Raynor: I know what you mean, Fenix. I’d love to believe that she’s on the level, but there’s a part of me that just knows better. However, I do believe that she’s serious about taking out the UED. The only real question left is what happens to us when she wins.

Mengsk: If you ask me, she’s completely untrustworthy. But, so long as she’ll help me retake Korhal, I’ll work with her.

Raynor: Shut up, Arcturus. If I wanted your damn opinion, I would’ve beated it out of ya’. And in case you forgot, you’re the reason she became what she is in the first place!

Kerrigan: You boys should really learn to play nice with each other.

Fenix: Kerrigan, are your forces ready to assault Korhal as we planned?

Kerrigan: Nearly. I still need a substantial cache of resources in order to build up my primary hive clusters. I’m wondering if you gentlemen wouldn’t mind going on a fuel raid for me?

Raynor: It sounds like you’ve already got a plan. What are ya’ thinkin’?

Kerrigan: I’m thinking that we should pay the Kel-Morian Combine a little visit. Moria is one of the largest resource nodes in the sector. If you can bypass their defenses, and steal enough resources from them, we’ll be able to afford a full-scale assault on Korhal.

Raynor: It’s risky, but I think we can handle it. Fenix, are you into this?

Fenix: If it betters our chances, I will lead the assault myself.

Raynor: Great. Let’s get moving.

(Communication ends)

Duran: Do you think they suspect anything, my Queen?

Kerrigan: Of course. They aren’t stupid, Duran. They’re siding with the evil they know over the evil they don’t… They simply don’t yet realize what it will cost them.


  • Obtain 10,000 minerals.
  • Fenix must survive.


You start with 8 Drones, 7 Zerglings, 5 Hydralisks, 3 Overlords, 1 Queen, 2 Ultralisks, and Fenix (Dragoon).

688 Minerals – 27/32 Supplies.


Kerrigan: Cerebrate, I want you to infest as many Terran command centers as possible. Once they’are infested, we’ll be able to use them in our coming assault on Korhal.


  • Infest command centers for next mission.

Move forward, northeast, and destroy this Factory. 2 Marines and 4 Goliaths will come to defend.

There is a Bunker out of view to the right. Send the Ultralisks first to draw fire.

Select a Drone, and build a Hatchery close to the Vespene Geyser.

Fenix: It is difficult to believe that I am working alongside my greatest enemy in order to save this sector. Fortune has been whimsical of late.

Raynor: You sound like a tired old man, Fenix!

Build a second Hatchery.

Fenix: Don’t let the fact that I am three hundred and sixty eight years older than you dull your impression of me, young Raynor. I can still… how do you Terrans say it… “Throw down with the best of them!”

Raynor: I stand corrected.

(1:48) — 3 Marines attack your base from the northeast.

(2:30) – A Marine and a Goliath attack your base from the northeast.

When the Hatchery is complete a message appears onscreen.

Kerrigan: Remember, Cerebrate, we’ll need at least ten thousand units of crystals to maintain the hive clusters. Don’t come back with anything less!

Build 2 Drones.

(2:48) A marine attacks from the southwest.

Build 2 Drones.

Build an Extractor at the Vespene Geyser.

Build 3 Drones as resources become available.

Send 3 Drones to harvest Vespene Gas.

Build an Overlord.

Build 5 Drones.

You might have to kill this Goliath if it aggros an Overlord or the Drones — that now overcrowded, go around behind the Minerals, and closer to the mountain wall.

Build a Spawning Pool.

Don’t send an Overlord this far or it will aggro the Marines — which in turn aggros a Goliath from the north. A dropship will transport the Goliath to lower ground to chase your Overlord. No Overlords near mountains. All of them have Goliaths, stay in low-ground for now providing vision within the base.

Build 8 Drones.

(5:20) — a Goliath and a Siege Tank attack the base from the northeast.

Build a Hydralisk Den.

Build 3 Drones.

Build an Evolution Chamber.

Build an Overlord.

Build a second Evolution Chamber.

Build 3 Drones.

Select the Hydralisk Den. Evolve Muscular Augments to increase Hydralisk movement speed.

Select a Hatchery. Upgrade into a Lair.

Build an Overlord.

(6:07) — A Dropship unloads 3 Marines at your base from the west. A Goliath comes from northeast. This could be random attacks or timed. Don’t know.

Build 5 Drones.

Whenever the Evolution Chamber completes, evolve Missile Attacks Level 1.

Build a third Hatchery.

Build 4 Hydralisks.

Whenever the second Evolution Chamber completes, evolve Carapace Level 1.

Build a Creep Colony left of the Extractor, and another above it.

Build 2 Creep Colony above the minerals near the Hatchery.

Build 2 Hydralisks.

Mutate the 4 Creep Colonies into 2 Spore Colony and 2 Sunken Colony.

Build 3 Hydralisks.

Build an Overlord.

Send your army to the north through this narrow path.

Select an Evolution Chamber. Evolve Missile Attacks (A) Level 2.

Select an Evolution Chamber. Evolve Carapace Level 2.

Build 10 Hydralisks as resources become available.

Continue destroying the enemy base.

Build 6 Hydralisks. Send reinforcements to the enemy base.

Continue to destroy the enemy base defenses and buildings.

Send 2 Drones to this location. Build 2 Hatcheries.

Build 6 Hydralisks.

Damage the Command Center, but don’t destroy it. Bring the Queen to create an Infested Command Center.

Fenix: It is strange that this Kel-Morian Combine continues to operate while the UED grips the Dominion with an iron fist. I’ll never underestimate the motivational effects of Terran greed again!

Build 9 Hydralisks.

Build a Drone at the expansion base.

Send a Drone to the enemy base to build a Hatchery. This is now expansion base #2.

Build 2 Drones at expansion base #1.

Send 6 Drones from the main base to harvest minerals at expansion #1 — make sure to assign each Drone to a different mineral node.

Send all Hydralisks at main base to defend expansion base 1.

Build 3 Drones at expansion base #1.

Build 3 Drones at main base.

Build an Overlord.

Build 3 Creep Colony at expansion base #1.

(14:02) A Goliath attacks expansion base #1.

Send your forces to destroy this second Kel-Morian base.

Build 2 Drones at main base.

Build 6 Drones at expansion base #1.

Build a Queen’s Nest.

Mutate the 3 Creep Colony at expansion base #1 into 2 Sunken Colony and 1 Spore Colony.

Build an Extractor at the Vespene Geyser in expansion base #1.

Send 6 Drones from expansion base #1 to harvest minerals at expansion base #2 (different nodes).

Select the Lair at main base. Evolve Pneumatized Carapace to allow faster Overlord movement speed.

Build 3 Drones at expansion base #2.

Build 3 Creep Colony at expansion base #2.

Build an Extractor at the Vespene Geyser in expansion base #2.

When the second Kel-Morian Command Center is damaged down to 25%, bring the Queen to infest it; or destroy it.

Fenix: I prefer large scale battles over these covert missions. My heart longs for the epic struggles of my youth, to go into battle alongside my Protoss brethren again. Ah, but time will tell all things.

Send a Drone to build a Hatchery at expansion base #3.

Mutate the 3 Creep Colony at expansion base #2 into 2 Sunken Colony and 1 Spore Colony.

Build 3 Drones at expansion base #2.

Select the Lair. Mutate into a Hive.

Build a Hatchery at base #1 — there is another patch of minerals a bit north.

Build another Hatchery at expansion #4 after destroying a nearby Bunker at the chokepoint.

Build 2 Drones at expansion #2.

Build an Infested Terran at expansion #2.

Build 9 Drones at main base.

Build more Drones throughout all Hatcheries. You are now into harvesting the 10,000 Minerals to complete the mission objectives.

Build an Overlord.

Send an Overlord to this location. Once it arrives, send all your Hydralisks up the ramp to destroy a Mission Turret — which aggros 2 Wraiths with cloaking ability.

Select 10 Drones from expansion #1 and send them to harvest minerals (from different nodes) at this base.

Build an Extractor at the Vespene Geyser in that same base.

Select the Evolution Chamber. Upgrade Missile Attacks Level 3.

Select the Evolution Chamber. Upgrade Carapace Level 3.

Build 3 Drones in every Hatchery.

Build 3 Overlords.

Send all your Hydralisks and a couple of Overlords to attack this Kel-Morian base. They have Marines, Ghosts, Vultures, and Wraiths. They also have a Nuclear Silo.

Build a Sunken Colony here to prevent attacks to this new Hatchery.

Set all the Hatcheries to rally point at the latest enemy base. Send Hydralisks to replace the ones lost.

Select the Spawning Pool. Upgrade Adrenal Glands for faster Zergling Attack.

Build Spore Colonies throughout your new Hatcheries to prevent cloaked Wraith attacks.

Start building Zergligns en masse. The latest Kel-Morian base is packed with Siege Tanks. You need to get to them fast with Zerglings.

Select an Evolution Chamber. Upgrade Melee Attacks (M) Level 1.

Continue to send more Zerglings and Hydralisks to the enemy base until it is destroyed. You really don’t want to give them the chance to Nuke any of your Hatcheries. That’s the only base with a silo.


You can completely ignore that huge Nuclear Silo base and just have Overlords and Hydralisks at the chokepoints leading to that base to prevent any Ghost or other units from walking through.

These are the chokepoints to protect:

Maybe have some extra at other Hatcheries to defend from Wraiths, and just sit idle waiting until you complete the mission objectives. There is another mineral field hidden here.

Keep building more Drones to make the harvesting of minerals much faster. By now you should have 6000+ minerals.

Around 24:01 4 Wraiths and 2 Goliaths descend from the Terran base (top-left corner) upon expansion base #2. The Terran base (top-left corner) has Battlecruisers. Account for that in case they send some Battlecruisers late game.

Now sit tight and wait for the Drones to harvest 10000 Minerals. Defend Hatcheries under attack as needed.

Fenix: Kerrigan, we have reached our resource quota, and will be returning to Tarsonis.


  • Zerg Swarm
  • Kel-Morian Combine

Above: Number 1-8 are the locations where you should build Hatcheries, and the enemy bases you need to destroy.

Don’t bother going after the huge bases (top-left, top-right, or bottom-right) unless you plan to stay here over 30 minutes.

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