The Liberation of Korhal | StarCraft: Brood War (Zerg #4)

High orbit over the UED capital world, Korhal.


Kerrigan: You have all performed superbly. Especially you, Fenix. My hive clusters are brimming with energy and my broods are stronger than ever.

Mengsk: Then let’s waste no time! Every moment we sit here means that the UED’s defenses will be that much stronger! And I want nothing to stand between us and the retaking of my planet!

Kerrigan: You’re right, Arcturus. The time to strike the UED is now. But remember that we’re up against one of the most heavily defended planets in the sector. Laying siege to Korhal won’t be easy. Not only does the UED control a substantial standing army, but may have Zerg reinforcements as well.

Raynor, you and Fenix will strike at the more outlying fortification, while my forces are busy assaulting the main UED base at Augustgrad.

Mengsk: We’ve discussed this plan a hundred times! Commence the damn attack!

Kerrigan: Hah… Very well, Arcturus. Before the next sunrise, Korhal will be yours once again.


  • Destroy all enemy bases.


You start with 6 Drones, 4 Hydralisks, 2 Ultralisks, and 5 Overlords.

Buildings: 4 Hatcheries, 1 Spawning Pool, and 2 Creep Colonies.

10,000 Minerals – 500 Vespene Gas – 18/44 Supplies.


Build 4 Drones.

Build 6 Hatcheries.

Build 4 Drones.

Build an Extractor at the Vespene Geyser.

Build a second Spawning Pool.

Build 8 Drones.

(50:00) — A Ultralisk attacks the base from the west. Send the 2 Ultralisks and 4 Hydralisks to kill it.

Build 3 Evolution Chambers.

Send 3 Drones to harvest Vespene Gas.

Build 8 Drones.

Kerrigan: As I suspected… The UED has sent its pet Zerg to reinforce their troops. But strangely enough, there aren’t very many Zerg attacking. Maybe the UED is having more difficulty controlling the Overmind than I thought?

Select an Evolution Chamber. Upgrade Missile Attacks (A) Level 1.

Select an Evolution Chamber. Upgrade Melee Attacks (M) Level 1.

Select an Evolution Chamber. Upgrade Carapace (C) Level 1.

Select a Creep Colony. Mutate into Sunken Colony.

Select a Creep Colony. Mutate into Sunken Colony.

Build 12 Drones.

Build a Hydralisk Den.

Select the Spawning Pool. Upgrade Metabolic Boost.

Build 5 Overlords.

Build 10 Hydralisks.

Build 6 eggs of Zerglings.

Send your 2 Ultralisks, 14 Hydralisks and 12 Zerglings to attack this UED base.

Build 4 Hydralisks.

Build 12 eggs of Zerglings.

Build 2 Overlords.

Send that second Army to destroy this UED base.

When the first army finishes with the UED Base #1, send them to assist the second army at the base shown above.

Build 20 eggs of Zerglings.

Build 2 Overlords.

Build a second Hydralisk Den.

Mutate a Hatchery into a Lair.

Send the third army to destroy this base, and converge all 3 armies to guard the area. Send 3 Overlords to provide detection against Lurkers to your army.

Select a Hydralisk Den. Upgrade Muscular Augments.

Build a Queen’s Nest.

Build 20 eggs of Zerglings.

Build 2 Overlords.

Send the fourth army to join the others in attacking this UED base.

Build new Hatcheries at the mineral fields of the UED bases you destroyed, and populate them with Drones as soon as possible. Build Extractors in them as well and assign 3 Drones to harvest Vespene Gas from them.

Select the 3 Evolution Chambers and upgrade Melee Attacks Level 2, Missile Attacks Level 2, and Carapace Level 2 — as vespene gas becomes available.

Select the Lair and mutate it into a Hive.

Build 20 Drones.

Build 2 Overlords.

Send the 20 Drones to harvest minerals at the 4 new expansion bases (5 Drones in each expansion base).

Build at least 3 Sunken Colonies and 1 Spore Colony in each expansion base.

Build 20 Eggs of Zerglings.

Build 2 Overlords.

As soon as the Hive completes, select the Spawning Pool and evolve Adrenal Glands.

Build 3 Drones at each expansion base.

Select the Hive. Evolve Pneumatized Carapace for faster Overlord movement speed.

Remember to build a new Hatchery at new mineral fields whenever you destroy an enemy base.

Select 8 Overlords, and send 1 at each expansion to detect cloak and burrowed Lurkers which might attack.

Select the Hydralisk Den. Upgrade Grooved Spines.

Send the 40 Zerglings to assist your main force.

Select the Evolution Chambers and upgrade Melee Attacks Level 3, Missile Attacks Level 3, and Carapace Level 3 as Vespene Gas becomes available.

Continue that pace until you have built Hatcheries in all of these bases shown in the mini-map.

At this point, you need to build Hydralisks en masse, because you will have to face Guardians, Scourge, Goliaths, Siege Tanks, Battlecruisers, and Wraiths.

Rally your forces at this Rally Point.

Feel free to create Nydus Canals to connect the main Hive Cluster to the western-most expansion base to rally your units there faster.

When ready, destroy the Zerg base at the top-left corner of the map. You will encounter Ultralisks, Lurkers, and Guardians there — and the common Zergling and Hydralisk.

Kill the Ultralisks as fast as possible with a sizeable army of Zerglings surrounding them and Hydralisks with upgraded ranged attacks.

Continue to build more Hydralisks as Minerals and Vespene Gas allows.

Build 2-3 Queens. Upgrade the Broodling ability at the Queen’s Nest.

Send new units through the Nydus Canal to assist your main army.

Once the Zerg base is destroyed, build a new Hatchery there, and a new Nydus Canal to rally new units here.

As soon as you build the Hatchery and bring reinforcements, bring a Queen to cast Broodling on this Siege Tank. Now you can safely begin the assault on the UED main base.

First get rid of the Sunken Colony protecting the UED base. You can probably build a few Scourges to help with the Battlecruisers and Science Vessels, but if you have pretty good Hydralisk army, it is probably not needed.

Build a Ultralisk Den to add a few Ultralisks to your army.

If the mission doesn’t end when you destroy the main UED base, you should look around for unexplored areas like this portion of the UED base. Every building, including Missile Turrets and Spore Colony needs to be destroyed.

This mission was completed in 20:26 minutes (as shown in the video).

Kerrigan: Excellent work, my Cerebrate! The UED’s defenses are broken. Arcturus, you may take possession of this world with my blessings.

Mengsk: Don’t be snide, Kerrigan. This was part of the deal, remember? I’ve earned this… I am Emperor of the Dominion again. I’ll be sending General Duke to establish my base of operations in Augustgrad.

Kerrigan: I hope you make the most of your reign…


  • Zerg Swarm
  • Jormungand Brood (UED Slave Brood)
  • UED Planetary Garrison
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