The Trump Card | StarCraft: Remastered (Terran Campaign #8)

Adjuntant: Commander, our position has been discovered. As of two hours ago, a large Confederate strike force arrived on Antiga Prime and established a base camp within our defensive perimeter. Arcturus Mengsk is calling a meeting.

Mengsk: Greetings. I know you’re all concerned about the Confederate strike force, but first we have a grave matter to discuss. It seems our data discs didn’t hold weapon designs after all. Lieutenant Kerrigan will explain.

Kerrigan: You all know that the Confederates run a program for psychically gifted humans, training them to be Ghosts. Those running the program found that the Zerg are attuned to the psychic emanations of Ghosts.

Raynor: So the Zerg are here for you, darlin’? This keeps gettin’ better and better.

Kerrigan: Shut up. There’s been a lot of secret Confederate research surrounding Ghosts and the Zerg. What we stole was a small but critical piece of the puzzle: designs for a Transplanar Psionic Waveform Emitter. The emitters broadcast the neural imprint of a Ghost, but at a much greater magnitude. These things reach across worlds.

Mengsk: The Confederacy used these Psi Emitters to lure the Zerg into isolated containment areas. Your colony — Mar Sara — Commander, was one such location.

Raynor: What are you saying?

Mengsk: I’m saying the Zerg are a secret weapon developed by the Confederacy. I’m saying you were all subjects of a Confederate weapons test.

Just as they destroyed Korhal with nuclear weapons to establish dominance a generation ago, they would use the Zerg to put an end to their other rivals. Only this time there’d be no outrage; who could suspet the aliens were their creation? No, they’d be lauded as heroes for coming in and destroying the Zerg. It’s time the Confederacy paid for its crimes.

And I just know the way. Lieutenant Kerrigan is going to plant an emitter at the Confederate base camp. Commander, you will provide her with an escort. When the Zerg arrive, they’ll break the blockade for us and we’ll make our escape. Now get moving.


Secret Staging Area

Antiga Prime Colony


  • Bring the Psi Emitter to the enemy base.
  • Kerrigan must survive.


You start with 147 Minerals and 22/50 .

Buildings already available:

  • Starport with Control Tower and a Terran Science Facility next to Kerrigan. She has an SCV with a Psi Emitter, and 2 Marines.
  • 3 Marines and 2 Supply Depots on the center-south of mini-map. There is a Vespene crater there.
  • At the base, to the south, there are 4 SCVs, 2 Vultures, and 2 Marines. A Command Center, 2 Barracks, 3 Supply Depots, a Refinery, an Engineering Bay, a Facatory, and a Bunker.
  • A Science Vessel.
  • There are three Missile Towers in the southern coast.


Kerrigan: I’m having doubts about this, Arcturus. I just don’t think anyone deserves to have the Zerg unleashed on them.

Mengsk: I know you have personal feelings about this, but you can’t let your past cloud your judgment. Carry out your orders, lieutenant.

Click the Science Facility and press L to Lift Off . Move it to your base to the south. Do the same for the Starport. These will be attacked in the next few minutes otherwise by enemy tanks.

Move Kerrigan, the 2 marines, and the SCV to your base.

Command all marines to enter the bunkers, immediately.

Go to the Command Center and train 7 SCVs as minerals become available.

Send some SCVs to the Refinery.

Click the existing Factory and build a Machine Shop .

Click the Starport and build a Control Tower addon .

Build a Terran Academy.

Plant a few Spider Mines with your existent Vulture north of your Command Center. If you get attacked, use the fast Vulture to lure them to the Spider Mines.

Train an 8th and 9th SCV.

Research the Siege Tech at the Factory’s Machine Shop (150 / 150 )

Train a 10th, 11th, and 12th SCV as resources become available.

Build 2 Supply Depots.

Train a 13th and 14th SCV.

Build a Siege Tank.

Build a Comsat Station at the Command Center.

Train your first marine in Barracks #1 and another marine in Barrack #2.

Build a second and third Tank.

TIP: Science Vessels and Missile Turrets can be used to detect cloaked foes. The Scanner Sweep on the Comsat Station can also be used for detection.

Around 4:30 a cloaked Wraith might attack your Factory or Bunker. Move your Science Vessel to reveal the cloaked Wraith.

Build a second Factory.

Build a fourth Tank.

Move a tank and Vulture to the Mineral patch east of your base. Put the tank in siege mode. Move the vulture in front of the tank. Move your Science Vessel to provide vision above the ramp. The tank should kill the 3 marines standing there. Use the Science Vessel to press D to cast Defense Matrix on your tank.

Click the Factory’s Machine Shop and Research Ion Thrusters to increase your Vultures movement speed.

Train a new SCV.

Move two tanks up the ramp (east of your base), and put them on siege mode to destroy this enemy missile turret and marine. Bring Kerrigan, an SCV (to repair the tanks), and a few marines too. Use Kerrigan to lockdown a Wraith that is going to aggro after attacking the Missile Turret. Kill the Wraith with your marines, or Goliaths if you have them.

Build a new Command Center east of your base.

Build a new Supply Depot.

Build an Armory.

Build a new Supply Depot.

Train a couple of SCVs at the second Command Center.

Add a new Refinery to the second base and send SCVs to gather Vespene Gas.

Build a Bunker near the second Command Center and stack it with 4 marines just in case attacks come from the north via the ramp.

Build 2 new tanks.

At the Armory, research Upgrade Vehicle Plating .

Build a Comsat Station at the second Command Center.

Bring your 4+ tanks, marines, vulture, scv, and science vessel a bit to the east. Let the science vessel reveal the high ground. Kill 2 marines standing up there.

Around 8:00 an enemy Wraith will travel along the river to the east, and standby on the water. You should probably add more Missile Turrets around the south coast to account for an assault from the water; and also a couple of turrets at your second Command Center in case the Wraiths decide to attack there.

Bring your tanks and marines further east. Kill these enemies.

Build more Tanks and Goliaths. Rally them to come to your team eastward. You should now attack heavily the enemy base at the bottom-right corner of the mini-map.

Reaching 75/76, you should build more Supply Depots, more tanks and goliaths. Keep rallying them to your eastern troops to continue pushing through the enemy base.

Use the Comsat Stations to reveal the enemy base north of the bottom-right corner of the mini-map to give you a sneak peek of what to expect.

Click the Armory and press W to Research Upgrade Vehicle Weapons .

Build more SCVs at the second Command Center until you have about 14 SCVs there.

You should have about 4 Vultures, 8 Goliaths and 8 Tanks (or more) attacking the enemy base — with at least one or two SCVs to repair.

Build more SCVs and Supply Depots to go past the 100/100 capacity.

Build more Factories and more Goliaths. Now you are going to encounter a Battlecruiser as you approach the beacon (Mission Objective). You can use Kerrigan to lockdown the Battlecruiser to destroy it while trapped.

Make sure to have the Science Vessel with you. There are ghosts here too.

You don’t have to clear the entire map. Once you have cleared a path to the beacon, bring the SCV holding the Psi Emitter to stand on top of the beacon to complete the mission.

Kerrigan: Psi-Emitter in place. Just promise me we’ll never do anything like this again.

Mengsk: We will do whatever it takes to save humanity. Our responsibility is too great to do any less.


  • Sons of Korhal
  • Antiga (Confederacy)
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9. Shadow Hunters10. Eye of the Storm11. Cinematic: The Death of the Overmind
Episode 4: The Stand (PROTOSS CAMPAIGN)
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9. Cinematic: Fury of the Xel'Naga
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5b. Emperor's Fall (Birds of War)6. Emperor's Flight7. Patriot's Blood8. To Chain the Beast
9. Cinematic: UED Victory Report
Episode 6: The Queen of Blades (ZERG CAMPAIGN)
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