GamesCom 2017 – New StarCraft II Co-op Commander Dehaka

Blizzard Entertainment announced the next StarCraft II Co-op Commander Dehaka. Dehaka is a highly customizable commander who can gain size, strength and new abilities you can mutate into over the course of the game by collecting essence.

His abilities are: Leap, Intimidating Roar, Devour, and Scourching Breath.

Leap allows him to land on enemies causing area of effect damage.

Intimidating Roar slows enemy attack and movement speed.

Devour will cause Dehaka to swallow a single target in one gulp, absorbing temporarily the ability of the enemy digested.

Scourching Breath deals area of effect damage in a straight line, and stores 3 charges.

Among the passive abilities he may gain throughout the game, he may have a heal aura, and detection of stealthed units.

Dehaka can also evolve zerg units into more powerful versions of themselves.

Primal Pack Leaders: Glevig, Murvar, and Dakrun.

Before the Swarm, there was Zerus. Home of the primal zerg. Monstrous creatures who existed only to collect essence and evolve. Though few remain, Dehaka lives on as one of the last pack leaders thanks to his cunning and will to survive, two qualities that made him a valuable ally to Kerrigan.



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