Project Blackstone – Mysterious Cargo

The StarCraft-themed Project Blackstone transmedia continues the saga this week with more Twitter entries.


March 25

Major Lee Treicher: @Adjutant3327 What’s the ETA on our supply frigate?

Adjutant 33-27: @LeeTreicher The captain has estimated they will arrive within the hour.

Major Lee Treicher: @Adjutant3327 Good, my team and I are heading there now.

Adjutant 33-27: Security code received.

Adjutant 33-27: Gate 03 online. Pressurized adapters and berthing arms prepped for arrival of frigate, “Palomino”.

Adjutant 33-27: Frigate “Palomino” docked at Gate 03.

Adjutant 33-27: Gate 03 airlock engaged.

Major Lee Treicher: @Adjutant3327 Inform the crew that they are not yet authorized to board the Palomino.

Major Lee Treicher: @Adjutant3327 I’ll need to oversee this arrival directly due to the nature of the arms aboard.

Adjutant 33-27: @LeeTreicher Yes Major Treicher. The maintenance crew will be notified to unload on your command.

Major Lee Treicher: @Adjutant3327 Shipment credentials have been authorized.

Major Lee Treicher: @Adjutant3327 Unlock Gate 03 and provide the maintenance crew with path lights to the garage.

Adjutant 33-27: @LeeTreicher Confirmed. The maintenance team has been notified.

Major Lee Treicher: @HelekBranamoor Dr. Branamoor, the shipment is being unloaded to the garage. I have a sec team escorting the crew and payload now.

Major Lee Treicher: @Adjutant3327 Inform the Palomino they are clear for departure.

Adjutant 33-27: LeeTreicher Yes Major Treicher.

Adjutant 33-27: Frigate “Palomino” uncoupling from Gate 03.

Adjutant 33-27: Frigate “Palomino” away.

New: March 26

Dr. Pamela Foster: @RedellQuinton Nice to be back in the lab. Finally.

Red Quinton: @PamelaGFoster I’ll join you in a few, sweetheart. I hear that ship brought us something new to chew on.

Dr. Pamela Foster: @RedellQuinton Big new toy. You’re going to love this one, Backwood. Orders are to see if we can’t streamline production.

Red Quinton: @PamelaGFoster Production of what? What was delivered? It just says CLASSIFIED CARGO on my datapad here.

Dr. Pamela Foster: @RedellQuinton Tall ugly thing – looks like a relation of yours. Label on the side says “Warhound”.

Red Quinton: @PamelaGFoster Work order says this needs to be shipped out tomorrow. Sounds like an all-nighter. I’ll bring a couple bottles…

Red Quinton: @PamelaGFoster uivxyh

Red Quinton: @PamelaGFoster uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiii

Dr. Pamela Foster: @RedellQuinton Pardon?

Red Quinton: @PamelaGFoster fingers slipped sorry I HAVE AN IDEA.

Dr. Pamela Foster: @RedellQuinton At least put down the bottle before trying to type it out.

Red Quinton: @PamelaGFoster CLOAKING.

Dr. Pamela Foster: @RedellQuinton Huh?

Red Quinton: @PamelaGFoster CLOAKING!

Dr. Pamela Foster: @RedellQuinton Yes, I can read. What about cloaking?


Dr. Pamela Foster: @RedellQuinton Put down the bottle, Red.

Red Quinton: @PamelaGFoster NO NO NO I’m serious. Warhound has power to spare. Bunch of electronics n security wired into it. WHY FINGERPRINT SCANNER?

Red Quinton: @PamelaGFoster Ditch all that and we got POWER to spare. I WANT CLOAKING.

Dr. Pamela Foster: @RedellQuinton Hm…cloaking aside, you may actually be on to something. Do we need all that thumbprint security vs a bunch of nonhumans?

Red Quinton: @PamelaGFoster This’ll free up space/pwr for all kindsa junk. I think. Sending you diagrams now.

Red Quinton: @PamelaGFoster We can fit more guns. More armor. Cup holders. MOTHERFEKKIN CLOAKIN DEVICE!

Dr. Pamela Foster: @RedellQuinton You want to cloak a giant metal walker? You’re drunk, Red. The efficiency gains are worth a look, though. Let me revise.


Go to twitter, and create a new LIST. Title it as “Project Blackstone Crew”. Add all of the Project Blackstone characters to the LIST by visiting their page and clicking the arrow (located left of the “Follow” button) and choosing “Add or Remove from List”. Then check mark “Project Blackstone Crew”.

Project Blackstone Characters on Twitter

Project Blackstone – Redell Quinton Framed?

As we were getting chatty today in Twitter, Eldorian and I (under the Blizzplanet Twitter account name), a series of entries were posted today by a few Project Blackstone characters.

I got an eye-candy alert from Eldorian over chat: “AHHHH SPAM. you followed the Project Blackstone people”

I couldn’t stop laughing.

Patiently, I read through the eye-popping lengthy text to figure out what the deal was. Apparently, security logs show Redell “Red” Quinton (Chief Engineer) has been stealing large amounts of supplies. The Adjutant seems to suggest of the alcohol-type.

Major Treicher has ordered the Adjutant to seal off Red’s quarters. Red is ranting why he has been forcefully imprisoned in his own quarters. His behavior as he attempts to find out why he has been imprisoned, and under what charges seems to indicate the security logs are false.

After you read the entire entry, I will add up my own speculation on what might have really happened here.


Dr. Helek Branamoor: @Adjutant3327 I’m going over supply logs today. Why are we requesting additional filters?

Adjutant 33-27: @HelekBranamoor Dr. Langridge has requested them for chambers 12 through 17.

Dr. Helek Branamoor: @Adjutant3327 The existing stock was intended to last three months! I want a full usage report for the prior lot.

Adjutant 33-27: @HelekBranamoor Yes, Dr. Branamoor. Engineering has allocated 73.2% of the existing supplies. A report of usage has been sent to your inbox.

Red Quinton: @Adjutant3327 My door is jammed this morning. Little red light on the keypad keeps blinking at me like it’s mad at me. What gives?

Adjutant 33-27: @RedellQuinton Please direct all inquiries to Major Treicher.

Red Quinton: @Adjutant3327 Huh? Why?

Adjutant 33-27: @RedellQuinton Major Treicher will be handling your inquiries.

Red Quinton: @Adjutant3327 Great. You’re helpful today…

Adjutant 33-27: @RedellQuinton Thank you, Red.

Red Quinton: @LeeTreicher Hey Major, the chrome-head says I need to talk to you. What’s the deal? Am I locked into my room?

Major Lee Treicher: @RedellQuinton Yes and it’s going to stay that way until this problem has been resolved.

Red Quinton: @LeeTreicher Whoa whoa whoa. What’s going on? What’d I do?

Major Lee Treicher: @RedellQuinton I explicitly warned you not to misuse station resources.

Major Lee Treicher: @RedellQuinton Months worth of activated carbon gone in just a few weeks.

Major Lee Treicher: @RedellQuinton Did you think such an egregious abuse of supplies would just go unanswered?

Red Quinton: @LeeTreicher Egregious? I must be in big trouble if you’re using all them expensive words.

Red Quinton: @LeeTreicher Don’t take this the wrong way, Major, but you’re not exactly qualified to judge my use of engineering supplies.

Red Quinton: @LeeTreicher I’ve got at least six projects on my table right now that use activated carbon. You might have clearance to know about… two.

Red Quinton: @LeeTreicher Now let me out before I actually get annoyed at you. I’ve got work to do today.

Major Lee Treicher: @RedellQuinton The Director and I disagree.

Major Lee Treicher: @RedellQuinton So, I’m going to make this very clear to you.

Major Lee Treicher: @RedellQuinton You are officially under investigation Mr. Quinton and, until my investigation is complete, you are restricted to quarters.

Red Quinton: @LeeTreicher Okay, fine. Tell me what you’re investigating. What exactly did I do?

Major Lee Treicher: @RedellQuinton After the scanner debacle, it’s painfully obvious what you’re doing.

Major Lee Treicher: @RedellQuinton Mr. Quinton, if you come clean and admit what you’ve done…

Major Lee Treicher: @RedellQuinton I promise, as Head of Security, that I’ll go easy on you.

Red Quinton: @LeeTreicher Easy? For what? Using more activated carbon than you expected? Give me a break.

Major Lee Treicher: @RedellQuinton The official accusation is “misuse of critical Dominion resources.”

Major Lee Treicher: @RedellQuinton Or to be clear: I know you’ve built a distillery in the engineering bay. We’ll find it soon enough.

Major Lee Treicher: @RedellQuinton I’ll say it again: Come clean right now and things will go much easier for you.

Major Lee Treicher: @RedellQuinton It’d be stupid to end up in jail over a bit of moonshine.

Red Quinton: @LeeTreicher A distillery, huh? Interesting theory, major. Couple problems, though.

Red Quinton: @LeeTreicher First and foremost, I’m a whisky man. Proper whisky takes time to age. I ain’t been here long enough to properly age nothing.

Red Quinton: @LeeTreicher Secondly, you think I’m patient enough to wait for whisky to age?

Major Lee Treicher: @RedellQuinton I’m not in the mood for games, Mr. Quinton.

Red Quinton: @LeeTreicher That makes two of us. So this is a paid day off? Fine by me.

Red Quinton: @LeeTreicher Let me know if you find any magical invisible distilleries anywhere in my workspace.

Major Lee Treicher: @RedellQuinton Suit yourself.



As silly as the entire situation might seem, I have a few speculations:

1. A telepath managed to mind-control Redell Quinton. He doesn’t remember doing anything of what he is been accussed of. I can only think of one telepath aboard the Project Blackstone facility who might be able to mind-control … Jacob Ramsey. In the Project Blackstone website (Entry # 5) Jacob Ramsey clearly says he can hear the captive Protoss screaming, and asks Dr. Talen Ayers if he can hear them too.

Dr. Talen Ayers didn’t hear the screams, and actually he had absolutely no idea there were living Protoss specimens held captive within the premises. Hint-hint: Jake retained some psionic abilities from his mind-sharing experience with Zamara (the protoss preserver) — as seen in the StarCraft: Dark Templar trilogy by Christie Golden.

2. Someone hacked security logs to steal the alcohol and framed Redell Quinton. We haven’t heard of any technology hackers among the staff, so let’s pretend this is the case and there is a yet-to-be-revealed character among the Project Blackstone staff.

The only one in the StarCraft universe who has reputable hacking skills are Colonel Orlan (former leader of Deadman’s Port) who last time was seen in Heart of the Swarm under custody of Mira Han-[giggles]Horner. She had to — umm — cooperate with Matt and let Colonel Orlan free to go.

Is it possible? Considering Project Blackstone is a Terran Dominion research center, and we know what happens in Heart of the Swarm, I’d have to discard Colonel Orlan as the one hacking into Project Blackstone computers.

The other expert hacker is known as Lio Travski from Tokyopop manga StarCraft: Ghost Academy. There’s a little problem here though. Lio is a technopath, but he died. He somehow transferred his mind into the datastream and returned as an advanced AI.

Could Lio be playing games with the Project Blackstone staff? I doubt he would have much use to drinking alcohol in his current state-of-being, but framing Redell would certainly serve as a ruse to keep the Major, the Adjutant and Redell busy from their usual duties.

I can only think of these two options to explain how the computer registers Redell as doing something he claims to not have done. What do you think?

Update: New Entries

Dr. Helek Branamoor: @JakeJRamsey Dr. Ramsey, Major Treicher informed me of an incident last night. You collapsed in one of the hallways?

Dr. Jake Ramsey: @HelekBranamoor It was nothing. I just felt a little lightheaded.

Dr. Helek Branamoor: Having to be carried off to your room is the antithesis of nothing. I’m scheduling an examination by one of our medics.

Dr. Jake Ramsey: The concern is appreciated, but unnecessary.

Dr. Helek Branamoor: @JakeJRamsey I’m not asking, Dr. Ramsey.

Dr. Jake Ramsey: Of course not. ‘Asking’ doesn’t factor into the Dominion’s MO. Waking up alone every day is a reminder of that.

Dr. Helek Branamoor: @JakeJRamsey Report to the medical dispensary at 0700 tomorrow.


(UPDATE: Seems I came close to the culprit. Sounds suspicious Jacob Ramsey felt light-headed and was escorted to his room. The typical symptoms of someone straining after a small experimental mind-control session ….

Helpful Links

Lio Travski Bios –
Captain Orlan Bios –

Blizzard Entertainment

Project Blackstone Characters on Twitter

Blizzplanet Weekly: PAX East – World of StarCraft? Project Blackstone Speculation

In this week’s Blizzplanet Weekly, our host Chris Arnone talks about several topics around all Blizzard Entertainment video games. Mists of Pandaria will see no additional 5-person dungeons, Major League Gaming (MLG) in Dallas is this weekend where 32 players will clash to the end to claim the victor prize, Diablo III developers are moving away from the Auction House, and finally — Chris Arnone enumerates what are all the facts surrounding the new game Blizzard is revealing at PAX East, and what it is certainly not.

Will it be something related to Project Blackstone? Maybe a revamped StarCraft: Ghost intermingled with the Heart of the Swarm story? Will it be an MMO or a Mobile game?

Everyone thought the Project Blackstone website was a promotional campaign for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. However, there are still some unlocked content and absolutely nothing is mentioned about Project Blackstone in the Heart of the Swarm single-player campaign.

The Project Blackstone creator, Cameron Dayton (Senior Story Developer), tweeted recently “I think it’s starting to dawn on people that #ProjectBlackstone was more than just a promotional piece for #HotS – this story ain’t done yet” — hmm?

A few weeks ago, I remember Cameron Dayton revealed Project Blackstone’s story took two years in the making. This put me to rethink and ponder … does a website story and the ficticious characters tweeting each other on Twitter take two years to write? Or is there more to Project Blackstone than just a Free online short story? That’s a lot of time and manpower budget.

Watch today’s Blizzplanet Weekly with our host Chris Arnone speculating about PAX East new game announcement here.

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Note: Chris wears a different Warcraft, StarCraft or Diablo T-shirt on the shows courtesy of JINX. Get yours here.


Project Blackstone – Enter: Project Gestalt

Project Blackstone entry log # 6 is Dr. Talen Ayers’ personal journal.

He isn’t comfortable with co-workers Dr. Held and Jake Ramsey and writes down his thoughts about this situation as a way to drain his frustration out.

What I find truly interesting is the continuity nods in this story. I finished the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm single-player campaign, and I have to admit this Project Blackstone is still an enigma to me.

Did Cameron Dayton and the Creative Team meant Project Blackstone to be a StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm teaser? Or is Project Blackstone somewhat related to whatever Blizzard Entertainment is announcing at PAX East on Friday, March 22nd?

Only a week to find out the latter, but I can assure you Project Blackstone and none of the characters are mentioned in the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm single-player campaign.

Back to continuity nods, first Jake Ramsey (from StarCraft: Dark Templar Trilogy by Christie Golden) shows up out of the blue as new member of Project Blackstone. Now Dr. Talen Ayers mentions Dr. Warren G. Held (Xenobiologist, Senior Protoss Specialist) was part of the Project Gestalt!

Now this is EXTREMELY interesting. Project Gestalt was introduced into the StarCraft universe in the pages of TOKYOPOP manga StarCraft: Frontline Volume 3 (Story: Do No Harm by Josh Elder — published on July 14, 2009).

Dr. Stanley Burgess was the Terran Dominion scientist in charge of Project Gestalt, where Dr. Held worked.

Project Gestalt was a Korhal IV Primary Resocialization Center where Protoss specimens were held captive to conduct experiments. Project Blackstone now has living Protoss specimens in captivity too.

Basically, Project Gestalt added spliced protoss DNA and protoss appendage implants on Terran Dominion ghosts with the intention of allowing the ghosts to become powerful warriors with psi-blades and access to the Khala, but under the controlled environment of the Terran Dominion’s neural inhibitors.

There was only one successful specimen: Gestalt Zero — a Terran/Protoss hybrid. He destroyed Project Gestalt and killed Dr. Burgess. Finally, Gestalt Zero joined the Protoss. Nothing has been known of him afterwards either in printed media or in-game. I remember telling Chris Metzen at the Irvine Headquarter this character reminded me of Rexxar, but there are no plans to bring him to StarCraft II as a character. Who knows, he might actually show up in printed media or future StarCraft-related games.


During our video interview with Chris Metzen, he said the following when I asked him about Gestalt Zero:

Press-only StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Single-player Hands-on event (July 2009)

Blizzplanet: There is an interesting concept played out through the short story Do No Harm by Josh Elder. A Terran Dominion scientist has been capturing Protoss and experimenting with their DNA to create a Human-Protoss hybrid prototype. There have been other previous prototypes, but this one in particular is pretty strong and uses Ghost technology to stealth. The Terran Dominion plans to create an army of these hybrids to protect the core-worlds. Are we going to see a follow-up of this play out into the Single Player? This guy is pretty much the Rexxar of Starcraft.

Metzen: I think that one, for now, is kind more of a one-off. I don’t think there’s any plans to follow up on that theme anytime soon in terms of the game itself, in terms of the game story. But I dig that story a lot that I think it’s more of just a really cool story by itself.


Visit the Project Blackstone website.

Project Blackstone Characters on Twitter

More about “Do No Harm” at StarCraft.Wikia

Project Blackstone – Jacob Ramsey Discovers Living Protoss Specimens

Blizzard Entertainment updated the Project Blackstone website today. Jacob Ramsey (Xenoarchaeologist/Protoss Specialist) has an interesting dialogue with Dr. Talen Ayers (Xenobiologist, Senior Zerg Specialist).


cameron-dayton-1Ramsey complaints the Blackstone team is currently conducting experiments and taking samples from living Protoss specimens held captive.

Dr. Talen Ayers had no idea this was happening. Apparently, Jacob Ramsey’s brain has changed since Zamara’s mind was removed from it. He can hear the screams of the Protoss captives.

I can’t wait to find out where Ramsey has been since StarCraft: Dark Templar trilogy, and why exactly he was transferred to join the Project Blackstone team.

It’s very clear he is against Emperor Mengsk and against the Project Blackstone’s experiments.

Visit the Project Blackstone website to read the latest update.

The Project Blackstone saga isn’t static in the website. The story is expanded also in Twitter where each character has its own Twitter account to interact with each other.

Project Blackstone Characters on Twitter


I wish to take the opportunity to congratulate Cameron Dayton (Transmedia strategist and story developer). A few minutes ago he announced on Twitter that he has been promoted to Senior Story Developer. Congratulations!!!

May the new upgraded pen with +500 intellect and spirit give you the wisdom to write even better Azeroth / Kropulu / Sanctuary stories.

Project Blackstone Getting Better … Enter: Jake Ramsey

The Project Blackstone website was launched on February 6th as we reported earlier. The password login has been removed allowing easy navigation. I am still uncertain on what the purpose of Project Blackstone is. It’s a very different way of storytelling what the Creative Team assigned to the project is introducing to fans. Fun and amusing in a way. Makes you want to read more as weeks go by.

Blizzard developers involved in the Project Blackstone website content: Cameron Dayton, Matt Burns, Robert Brooks, Cate Gary, Evelyn Fredericksen, Micky Neilson, Sean Copeland, Justin Dye, Cynthia Hall, Katherine Joplin, Kevin Johnson, Justin Parker. Micah Whipple (Bashiok). I’m sure you know some of these illustrious names.

This is what Cameron Dayton posted a few days ago on Facebook:

”The transmedia campaign that I have been building with our creative development team over the last two years is officially LIVE. It’s a combination of short stories, blog posts, science journals, and twitter accounts that tie exciting, agile storytelling in with the gameplay that has made StarCraft an international gaming phenomenon. Stay tuned for more excitement at and


The method of storytelling is through social media. The Project Blackstone xenobiological research team communicates like everyone else does in real life: via email, twitter and facebook-like means.

This ends up in a charming series of silly and elaborate dialogues between the characters throwing in some comedy lines and investigative talk.

Project Blackstone is an undercover top-notch laboratory sponsored by the Terran Dominion. There is still much to learn about this lab, its director and its research team.


In the latest Twitter-like entry found in the Project Blackstone website, a new member has joined the Project Blackstone team. His name is briefly mentioned, but I find this enough to classify it as a massive cliffhanger. I recommend everyone to keep visiting the Project Blackstone website in a weekly basis … Jake Ramsey is the new member.


Now I know many fans might not know who Jake Ramsey is. StarCraft lore fans know the name vividly, and I bet they felt a thrill going through their spine. Jake Ramsey — or — Jacob Jefferson “Jake” Ramsey is one of the top Terran Dominion archeologists hired by Prince Valerian Mengsk to investigate Xel’Naga temples across the Koprulu Sector.

While Jake Ramsey didn’t appear in any fashion in the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty‘s single player campaign, his archaeological work did influence the outcome of its story. It was Jake Ramsey who determined what the Xel’Naga artifacts collected by Jim Raynor’s team would do to Kerrigan the Queen of Blades in the final mission. His archeological work is what led Prince Valerian Mengsk to offer Jim Raynor a deal to use the artifact on Kerrigan.

starcraft-the-dark-templar-firstborn-front-coverThis character debuted in the StarCraft: Dark Templar — Firstborn by New York Times Bestselling author Christie Golden. This was by far the best StarCraft-themed novel trilogy.

Jake Ramsey found a Protoss Preserver named Zamara in a Xel’Naga temple. She had slowed time around her to remain alive until she could transfer her vast knowledge and a secret — that spells doom to the entire universe — before her demise.

What’s a Protoss preserver? This caste of protoss functions as a living archive of every single protoss mind that ever existed — including Adun, Khas, and Tassadar’s memories.

With Jake disabling the time bubble, Zamara quickly touched Jake, transferring her mind and all her knowledge into Jake’s brain. This caused his brain to quickly evolve and adapt to the countless knowledge invading his mind. Thus he gained ancient knowledge through the eyes of Khas and other protoss characters in history.


To make the story short, Jake Ramsey is a key character in the entire StarCraft universe who we should keep a close watch on now that he has emerged back into the lore. Jake was able to accomplish something we have never seen in StarCraft. In a desperate moment, while Terran Dominion ships chased his vessel, Jake triggered a Khala mindwave linking all Terran minds as one. This was an amazing feat.

I won’t go into detail here considering those who haven’t read the trilogy. The preserver Zamara left Jake’s brain at the end of the trilogy having secured her knowledge and her dire secret would be preserved by the protoss, and Jake Ramsey ended up returning home with Prince Valerian Mengsk — who we know has ties with the Moebius Foundation and its founder Dr. Emil Narud.

With the introduction of StarCraft II: Flashpoint by New York Times Best Selling author Christie Golden, we also learned Prince Valerian was deceived. The Moebius Foundation had secret ties with his father, Emperor Arcturus Mengsk. The Moebius Foundation created the Hybrids.

Thus, one has to ponder what exactly is Project Blackstone, and what is its connection with the Moebius Foundation. Why is Jake Ramsey joining the Project Blackstone team? What has he been up to all this time since early pre-“Wings of Liberty” time-frame?

That’s something we shall find soon or later by visiting the Project Blackstone website.

Note: If you encounter problems with Firefox, the website works better on Internet Explorer. Love Cameron Dayton’s stories? Give him some sweet words at @CameronDayton on Twitter and follow him.

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Project Blackstone Characters on Twitter

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm – Project Blackstone Revealed

Project Blackstone has been revealed. For weeks, it was rumored Blizzard Entertainment acquired the Project Blackstone domain name. Speculation was split between whether this was related to the Next-Gen MMO Titan, the unannounced MMO or even Diablo III expansion (considering the name hits close to the Black Soulstone).

Our host Chris Arnone discussed this rumor a few weeks ago (December 17th) in the Blizzplanet Weekly videocast.

All speculation is now crushed. Blizzard Entertainment launched the Project Blackstone website with a cryptic login text-field.

Fans who perused the HTML code found the correct password to access the page is: Y7_$0>0k_3<$m

One doesn’t need to be a genius to figure out what Project Blackstone is related to. No need to even enter the password. The background shows you the StarCraft II Terran Insignia. Sounds like someone at Blizzard loved The Avengers Nick Fury and its S.H.I.E.L.D. logo a lot.

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm will be on sale March 12. Exactly 5 weeks from today. Blizzard will update a new teaser each week from what I can see in the links to Twitter and Facebook (within the website). This teaser is named week 1.

From what we can read in the images, Project Blackstone is a secret organization within the Terran Dominion involved into genetic research. One of the images seen in a classified email is a Zerg Larva.

In addition, there are a few real-life Twitter accounts based on Project Blackstone characters continuously tweeting roleplaying dialogues or comments. You can read all of their tweets here.

This whole vibe reminds me of something revealed in StarCraft II: Flashpoint by Christie Golden.

Spoiler Alert

Emperor Mengsk freed Tychus from jail to infiltrate Raynor’s Raiders. It was Dr. Emil Narud’s Moebius Foundation who paid Tychus Findlay for the missions Jim Raynor completed.

All those Xel’Naga artifacts collected by the Raynor’s Raiders were helping the Moebious Foundation to create the Xel’Naga stone that neutralized Kerrigan the Queen of Blades.

Dr. Emil Narud (who many fans speculate might be Duran) is the leader of the Möebius Foundation. In the Flashpoint novel, it is revealed that Narud is actually involved with Emperor Arcturus Mengsk without Valerian’s knowledge. Narud was who created the Zerg/Protoss hybrids in the Space Station Prometheus located within the Kirkegaard Belt. Narud is an expert in Xel’Naga and Zerg matters, seems to have psionic powers and a Xel’Naga amulet that grants him the ability to cloak himself.

Is Dr. Emil Narud behind Project Blackstone? Only time will tell.

What the novel revealed has a domino effect on all the plots found in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. Think about it. What was the real intention behind neutralizing the Queen of Blades? Mengsk orchestrated that through Emil Narud. I can’t wait to play through the single-player campaign.

Pre-order your copy of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Collector’s Edition or the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm (Standard Edition). (Release Date: March 12, 2013)

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