First Strike | StarCraft: Remastered (Protoss Campaign #1)


The Zerg Overmind has succeeded in invading the Protoss Homeworld of Aiur and has embedded itself into the crust of the planet.

Now, as the agents of the sinister Overmind spread chaos and destruction across the face of Aiur, the stalwart Protoss defenders prepare themselves for the coming onslaught.

The Invasion of Aiur | StarCraft: Remastered (Zerg Campaign #9)

High Orbit: Terran Dominion Border World Char

Cinematic: The Warp.

Tassadar and the Dark Templar Zeratul survived Kerrigan’s vicious attacks, but their Templar armies have been decimated.

Kerrigan, left behind to hunt down and eradicate the remaining Protoss warriors, begins to scour the burning wastelands of Char for her elusive prey.

Meanwhile, the entirety of the extended Zerg Swarm teleported through space-time and began its long awaited invasion of the hated Protoss Homeworld of Aiur.

Eye for an Eye | StarCraft: Remastered (Zerg Campaign #8)

Overmind: Behold, my long silence is now broken, and I am made whole once more. The cunning Protoss have dared strike down that which was immortal. For the Protoss who murdered Zasz are unlike anything we have faced before. These Dark Templar radiate energies that are much like my own, and it is by these energies that they have caused me harm.

Yet shall their overweening pride be their downfall. For when the assassin Zeratul murdered Zasz, his mind touched with mine, and all his secrets were made known to me. I have taken from his mind the secret location of Aiur, the Protoss Homeworld.

At long last, my children, our searching is done. Soon we shall assault Aiur directly.

Daggoth: For now we must ensure that the Dark Templar can cause no more harm. Cerebrate, you shall set a trap for our foes. Kerrigan will lead them to you.

The Culling | StarCraft: Remastered (Zerg Campaign #7)

Kerrigan: Insuferrable Protoss coward! Tassadar cannot evade my wrath forever! I shall find him and–

Daggoth: Kerrigan, Zasz is dead!

Kerrigan: Oh? It is a pity that Cerebrates cannot truly be killed. I expect that the Overmind will reincarnate him soon.

Daggoth: No. He will not! The Protoss have devised some new attack. An attack powerful enough to nullify our reincarnation and give pause to the Overmind itself!

Kerrigan: So Tassadar’s plan was merely a diversion. I should not have underestimated him so.

Daggoth: Without its master, Zasz’s Brood has run amok and even now threatens the Hive cluster. Cerebrate, you must eradicate the rampaging Brood and stem any further damage it might cause. I shall deal with the Protoss myself.

The Dark Templar | StarCraft: Remastered (Zerg Campaign #6)

Dominion Science Vessel Amerigo

Special Demolition Squad

Mission: Demolition of Compromised Vessel

EDITOR: Cinematic plays onscreen. Terran Dominion soldiers dock into the Amerigo science vessel to deploy a timed nuclear bomb.

Marine: Thank God for cold fusion.

Marine: Hey are we really gonna blow this place?

Marine: Only if we see a Zerg.

Marine: Yeah I got your Zerg right here.

(Drinks a beer. A Hydralisk blade impales his skull from behind).

Marine: What the hell is happening?

(2 Hydralisk crawl through the corridor toward them).

Marine: Go go go!

Marine: Behind you!

Marine: We’re all dead! Blow it! Blow it!

The Amerigo | StarCraft: Remastered (Zerg Campaign #5)

Kerrigan, the newest and most powerful agent of the Overmind, has arisen from her embryonic Chrysalis, but her formidable powers are still not fully functional.

Kerrigan must now seek to unravel the Ghost conditioning that keeps her powers in check. Once done, she will lead the Overmind’s minions to complete domination over the unsuspecting Protoss.

StarCraft Cheat Codes

Press ENTER while you are in a StarCraft mission as if you were sending an onscreen message. Then type any of the Starcraft cheat codes listed below and press ENTER again to send the message.

black sheep wallReveals the entire map.
operation cwalAll structures and units are built almost instantly. The AI too.
power overwhelmingAll your units and buildings are invulnerable.
show me the money10,000 Minerals and Vespene Gas
food for thoughtNo supply limit. You won't have to build Supply Depots, Overlords, or Pylons to build more units.
medieval manAll research abilities are enabled.
modify the phase varianceYou can build any structure without restrictions or pre-requisites.
nogluesProtoss Templars can't cast Psionic Storm
OpheliaAllows you to jump to any campaign and mission. For example: Type ophelia. Press enter. You will see the message onscreen: Cheat Enabled. After that, type Terran 1 to jump to the Terran Campaign mission 1. Or type Zerg 1 to jump to the Zerg campaign mission 1. Or type Protoss 1. Each campaign has about 11 missions. So you could type Protoss 11 to jump to mission 11 of the Protoss Campaign. You only need to type ophelia once. Typing it again will disable the cheat code.
radio free zergNOTE: This only works in the Brood War expansion and only in the Zerg campaign. Type radio free zerg. A song plays with the Overmind and Daggoth. Music needs to be enabled in the game settings. Otherwise, you won't be able to listen to the song.
something for nothingAll upgrades are enabled for free.
staying aliveContinue playing after the Victory message appears onscreen.
the gatheringAll units' research abilities are enabled for free.
war aint what it used to beNo fog of war.
there is no cow levelInstant victory.
game over manInstant defeat.

Agent of the Swarm | StarCraft: Remastered (Zerg Campaign #4)

Zsaz: Cerebrate, be warned. While Daggoth is occupied with the forces of the Dominion, the emanations of the Chrysalis have called even more of our enemies to Char!

Overmind: These too shall be eradicated by your hand, Cerebrate, for you grow more cunning with each passing battle. Indeed, you are a testament to my will and the fury of the Swarm.

Yet first must you stay your wrath, and watch over the Chrysalis a while longer. For the very hour of the sleeper’s rebirth is at hand, and soon my greatest creation shall be loosed.

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