Starcraft 2 Questions March 3 2009

Karune and Cydra answered around a dozen questions about StarCraft II units today.

Blizzard Quote:

What is the current role of the Protoss Phoenix?

The Protoss Phoenix has anti-gravity now and it is great at harassment, especially with more than one Phoenix in a pack. These harassment groups can easily lift workers and other strategic targets like Queens to be taken out while floating in the air.

Karune, does this ability render the Phoenix inoperable for a short period of time? Or can it lift units into the air and attack them afterwords?

edited: The Phoenix in the latest build uses energy (4 per second) when casting anti-gravity, thus the same Phoenix is not able to attack the target it is lifting with anti-gravity.—source

Blizzard Quote:

Let’s take the following scenario:

A group of immortals are leading a charge against tanks followed by a pack of zealots. When the immortals are in range they all line up and begin to fire.

What will happen when the zealots are given an attack-move command towards the tanks? Will they part the wall of immortals and walk in between them while the Immortals are attacking, or will they be forced to walk around the entire line of immortals to reach their targets in melee range?

In that scenario, Zealots will walk around line-ups of Immortals and will attack Siege Tanks.—source

Blizzard Quote:

If you’ve got a mothership to cloak your base, and you have like 4 dark pylons that you use to constantly cloak your mothership. Would this be possible, this way you could hide an expansion with use of permanent invisibility?

You can cloak your Mothership with your Dark Pylon’s Null Shield.
In this case, the enemy can’t see anything in your base without a Detecting unit—source.

Blizzard Quote:

Once the game comes out what are you going to do?

We will be playing the game on the BattleNet? winksource

Blizzard Quote:

The Overlord has been going through ALOT of changes lately and i was wondering what it’s current abilities were?

Is the Changeling still around, does the overlord have the ability to transport again?

Has the Overseer gotten any new abilities?

Overlord has the Generating Creep ability after Lair and the Transport ability after researching at the Lair.

Overseer has Detecting ability as passive and Healing ability on the biological unit or structure. and Overseer can spawn the Changeling.

How many hit points does the Overseer’s healing ability currently restore?

200, currently.

Cydra, when you said “initially”, do you mean Overlords get to use Creep from start of the game, or still unlocked after Lair?

Sorry for the confusion. You can get Generate Creep ability after the Lair.—source

Blizzard Quote:

Fans have been asking: How does it currently work?
What buildings are used?
What units are used?
Any energy costs?
Any resource costs?
Any cooldowns?

You need the Lair to build Nydus Network.
You can mutate your drone into Nydus Network with 150 Mineral and 200 Vespene Gas.
From your Nydus Network, you can summon multiple Nydus Worms at any place on the creep and each Nydus Worm cost 100 Mineral and 10 seconds build time.
Units can enter a Nydus Worm or Nydus Network and exit through any other Nydus Worm or Nydus Network.

Another question: Can Nydus Worms be “retracted” (i.e. moved somewhere else?)

No, you can’t move Nydus Worms once you summon them.

1. so this means there is no longer an overseer spawning nydus worms, or do they coexist?
2. can you use the queen to lay creep tumors in areas without any creep, thus indirectly creating space for a nydus worm?
3. during the 10 seconds of nydus worm creation, what does the animation look like (building egg or creep shakes and worm emerges)?
4. what is the interval between units entering and exiting the worm (i.e. how many “units per second” can leave the worm)? do they exit one-by-one or in packs? how is the order chosen (i.e. if you select a large group of units to exit, will the smaller ones leave first or will the order be random)?

1. No, Overseer does not have Nydus Worm spawning ability any more.
2. You can build Creep Tumor from the Queen only on the creep to expand it.
3. It just looks like other Zerg buildings while it is being summoned and the worm bursts out of the creep when the summoning is done. Hard to describe the animation of the popping up;;
4. Yes, units are coming out of the Nydus Worm/Nydus Network one-by-one and they come out in the same order they entered in.—source

Blizzard Quote:

When i first saw planetary fortress, i was surprised at the fact that the command center’s door(?) at the front closed when it upgraded.

Could this mean that if command center is upgraded, it cannot produce SCVs?

In the current build, you can train SCVs at all three regardless of the upgrade.
You can load SCVs up to 5 into Command Center and Planetary Fortress.
Command Center and Orbital Command can be lifted off, but Planetary Fortress can’t be lifted off.

Does the CC have to land before it can unload the SCVs? Or can it drop them like a shuttle/dropship?

You can also load and unload SCVs while your Command Center is lifted off.

Hey Cydra, can you build SCVs while lifted off (stocking them in the loading slots) or not?
Also.. can you “undo” or “salvage” the upgrades an return to an original CC? or do you have to salvage the whole building? or you cant salvage the CC at all?

No, you can’t build SCVs while lifted off;

No, you can’t downgrade the Command Center back.—source

Glynnis Signing at 2009 Irish Fair and Music Festival

Glynnis Talken-Campbell has a public appearance at the Irish Fair and Music Festival.  The event will take place at the Fairplex in Pomona, California on Saturday, March 7th. If you wish to meet her you can find her at the Tea & Sympathy booth signing books. Attendees who send us a photo with Glynnis will get a Starcraft Comic Book Poster.  Simply send your photo at the following email.

In case you missed the recent news update, Glynnis won’t reprise her role as Kerrigan in StarCraft 2. Many fans have shown their sympathy and support, regardless of Blizzard’s decision to undertake a different voice direction.

Glynnis said: “…It’s been an honor serving as your Queen!  I’m terribly flattered by the fans who’ve come forward in my defense and posted such kind compliments.”

Fairplex at the Pomona Fairgrounds
1101 West Mc Kinley Avenue, Pomona, CA 91766

Saturday, March 7th 2009
10:00am to 6:00pm

Ticket info here.

StarCraft II – Glynnis Not Reprising Kerrigan Role

This is a very sad news to hear. Glynnis Talken confirmed to SCLegacy that she won’t reprise her role as Kerrigan. And not for lack of interest. Some time ago, Glynnis told me she was interested in voicing Kerrigan in StarCraft II.

Robert Clotworthy had told me in our interview some time ago that he would also love to repirse his role as Jim Raynor. However, as reported last november Blizzard contacted several agencies in search of candidates to audition for Kerrigan and Jim Raynor roles—clearly dispatching the former voice actors despite the wish of many fans of welcoming Glynnis and Robert back into the fold.

New actors may be hired and probably be somewhat good at the roles, but Glynnis and Robert can never be replaced. They are unique. They gave life to the characters not just with their voice, but with their passion, humor and convincing performance. I will personally feel a sense of loss when playing the game.

Win Starcraft II Beta Keys With Blizzard Theme Park Art Contest

What would you do if you could design the Blizzard Entertainment theme park of your dreams? Here’s your chance to show Blizzard! Blizzard is inviting you to illustrate your own original Blizzard Entertainment theme park, complete with rides and attractions based on the Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft universes. The most creative and fantastic designs will receive prizes including StarCraft II beta keys, a chance to have their entry displayed at BlizzCon 2009, and more. For more information, head to the contest page or read the official rules.

Blizzard Quote:

Award Categories

Best Overall Blizzard Theme Park
(incorporating StarCraft, Warcraft, and Diablo)
“Grand Prize

POLL: What do you think of the new mechanics?

Blizzard has been incredibly active with StarCraft II updates after the release of Q&A Batch 49. It is a very good sign that their internal closed beta date is very close. Today, Cydra posted a new poll to find out your feedback. We encourage all our visitors and long-time loyal followers to participate in this official poll that aims to research your overall opinion concerning the recent game mechanics and model overhaul.

Blizzard Quote:
Vote for the new game mechanics

The StarCraft 2 team has made a number of changes in each of the races and the new game mechanics are expected to provide players with more strategic options and chances.

Here are the new game mechanics for gathering resources and building up army. And you can check more changes in each races at the latest StarCraft II Q&A – Batch 49(StarCraft II Q&A – Batch 49) as well. So, what do you think of this new game mechanics change?

Protoss Dark Pylon:

Starcraft 2 Batch 49: Screenshot and Model Updates

The StarCraft II Team has deployed a lot of goodie screenshots and details about their model changes. This shows they are polishing the game in preparation to closed beta. Awesome work on the units.

Art Updates

The StarCraft art team have been making massive updates to the Zerg faction, adding various new animations and improving even further on the textures of Zerg units and buildings. A picture is a thousand words so check out the updates for yourself!

Zerg Drone (Before/After)

Zerg Overlord (Before/After)

Zerg Hydralisk (Before/After)

Zerg Overseer (Before/After)

Zerg Baneling (Before/After)

Throughout the development process, the team is constantly reiterating and improving on the game in every way. As mentioned before, the Infestor too is getting a makeover, becoming much creepier and intimidating

StarCraft Q&A – Batch 49

The latest Starcraft 2 Q&A is available, and this time it is giving Zerg players some love.

Blizzard Quote:
1. I am very curious… previously, SCVs, Drones, Probes, Vultures, Archons, and Dark Archons hovered above the ground so they were not hit by mines. My question is simple: Are there any hovering units in Starcraft 2? If there are, can they hover over shallow water? -Ancientdefender (

If Spider Mines stay in the game, then there will be hovering units. Shallow waters are currently just a visual effect and will not

Starcraft 2 Beta and Battle Report 2 FAQ

Dustin Browder prepared a brief FAQ concerning Closed Beta date and the upcoming Battle Report.  There is no ETA on beta, but the Battle Report was finished last week. They are adding some video of the latest graphic improvements to some units. There is no date for the Battle Report, but it sounds like we will have some love in upcoming weeks prior to beta.

Blizzard Quote:
I see lots of questions about timelines. Here is a little FAQ.

Question: “Why hasn’t Blizzard released the Beta?” or “WTF have they been working on, I played it at Blizzcon last year and I thought it was done!”
Answer: Solo campaign is under heavy construction as is Battlenet. When these things have enough work done that we know when our release date is going to be with strong confidence we will announce the Beta. Unless something crazy happens, the Beta is going to happen this year.

Question: “Why don’t you just give us your target dates if you don’t know the final date? We promise, we won’t get mad if Blizzard misses target dates.”
Answer: Let’s be realistic. Our target dates are not something we hit more than half the time. Putting those out there would be pretty close to lying to the fans. We are not going to do that. We want to be able to give good info, not info that we know is suspect. We’ll give target dates when we think it is very likely that we will hit them.

Question: When can we have the next Battle Report?
Answer: We were waiting on getting some improved graphics in (some of the new stuff looked REALLY rough). That was finished last week and we are now playing and looking for a good game. Once we get that game the process is reasonably quick to get it out. Once we go Beta, you guys can do these and put them up. When that happens I’m sure there will be a ton of them and I’m sure the quality of the games played and the announcing will go way up.

Question: “I notice that you haven’t actually given us any dates….”
Answer: Yeah. Sorry. We don’t want to lie about the Beta, and we don’t even want to lie about the next Battle Report. When we know a date (for anything) for certain, we’ll let you know.

Hang in there. We’re in the final stretch.—source

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